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For Naruto: Hero



Naruto had always known that he wanted a life of a hero, as Hokage. He just did not fully realize the path he must go on to reach his goal. He knew that he had to be strong and fearless. He knew that he needed to spill gallons of sweat, blood and tears. Just one problem with his path to his goal—actually scratch that a whole lot of problems with his path to his goal—Kyuubi no Yoko, Orochimaru/Kabuto creature thing, Sasuke, Team Hebi, Akatsuki, and the people of Konoha who loathe him with every fiber of their being.

Naruto wanted to vent sometimes about these things and say what he really felt.

Kyuubi is a complete bitch.

Orochimaru/Kabuto creature thing is wrong on so many levels.

Sasuke is freaking obsessed with revenge for his deceased clan and the emo fucking prince or king or whatever. Naruto swears that Sasuke does not want to be happy, the damn douche bag.

Team Hebi, hell, Naruto has never met them but he is sure that they are Sasuke's bitches. And he really does not need that right now.

Akatsuki are a bunch of freaks. Thank Kami-sama that Sasori, Kakuzu, Hidan, and Deidara are gone. Itachi, Kisame, That Leader, That Chick, the new kid Tobi can go fuck themselves for all Naruto cares. Why can't they just get power the normal freaking way like he is!?

The people of Konoha are just going to have to get over the fact that he contains Kyuubi because Naruto will be Hokage someday. Of course getting rid of Akatsuki and the Orochimaru/Kabuto creature thing is first, followed by getting Sasuke's ass back to Konoha so he and Sakura-chan can be together and have mini-Sasuke and mini-Sakura running around the village and call him 'Uncle Naruto', then getting Team Hebi to go somewhere and finally gain the acceptance of the people of Konoha.

Naruto paused to think about this for a moment.

This is going to take years. But Naruto is up for the challenge—to be the hero. So as Naruto is staring down Tobi, the next step of his journey to becoming Hokage is up.