Hots For Justin Timberlake

"Montana?" Danny asked from his spot on the couch. Lindsay popped her head into the living room.

"Yeah Danny?" She asked. Danny looked up from the TV.

"Am I more attractive than Justin Timberlake?" Danny asked. Lindsay put down her cake and walked into the living room.

"Now… what brought on this question?" Lindsay asked. Danny pointed to the TV, so Lindsay walked over to the couch and sat down.

"IT'S MY beep IN A BOX!" Came the melodic voice of Justin Timberlake from the TV. Sure enough, the SNL skit 'Dick in a Box' was on. Lindsay rolled her eyes and got off the couch. Danny's jaw dropped and he chased after her.

"So he IS more attractive than me? You're just too nice to admit it!" Danny exclaimed. Lindsay rolled her eyes.

"Dan, are you seriously going to make me answer that question?" She asked. Danny raised his eyebrow.

"Which question?" Danny asked.

"Danny… sure I have the hots for Justin, but he's got this, girlish charm about him…" Lindsay said.

"So, you ARE more attracted to him than me!" Danny exclaimed, cutting her off. Lindsay groaned.

"Danny, if I were more attracted to him, I'd be on my own couch drooling after him, instead of eating chocolate cake in your kitchen…" Lindsay explained.

"And having sex in my bed?" Danny asked. Lindsay grinned.

"Exactly." Lindsay said. Danny grinned and walked up to her.

"I love you." He said, putting one hand on her cheek, and the other on her swelled abdomen.

"And we love you too… more than Justin Timberlake." Lindsay said with a grin. Danny bit his lip and kissed her lightly.


"Shut the frickin TV off and go put your dick in a box, will ya?" Lindsay said through clenched teeth. Danny grinned.

"Will do, little lady." Danny said.