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"Bet ya 140 Gil I nab her first." Reno smirked at the other Turks, throwing a day's wages worth of notes down on the table and whistling at the barmaid.

After six drinks each, nab was anything from kissing to a quick grope to all the way. But, considering the girl in question was Cloud's girlfriend, anything above a kiss was gonna be hard.

Rude smirked, emptying his wallet on the table.
"You're on." He knew Reno couldn't afford to lose more money, and after all, a pretty girl was a pretty girl. And if he won, Reno could find a better way of paying him back. A roll of eyes and Tseng's day's pay landed on the table, bringing the total to 460 Gil.

All three men looked up in surprise as a fourth pile joined theirs. 600 Gil.
" can't!" Tseng muttered.

"You're a girl." Reno explained.
"So are you." Elena rolled her eyes. "Is the bet on or not."
"I'm in."
"So am I"


"Can I try first? Being a girl and all?" Tseng agreed and Elena walked up to the bar, out of earshot of the guys. She leant across the bar and winked at Tifa.
"What do you want?" Tifa asked, one eyebrow raised. The Turk girl had clearly had a little too much to drink.
"How'd ya like to make 200 Gil?" Elena's words were slightly slurred.

Tifa was surprised. She had been offered money before, but not so much, and not by a woman.
"How?" she asked, slight nervousness showing in her voice.
"We..." Elena pointed to herself then the other Turks "have a bet on who can kiss you first. We put today's wages in. If I win, I'll split the profit with you. Someone will win. It's either me or them."

Tifa considered for a moment. That was more than she normally made a night, and only for one kiss...
"Deal". She leant across the bar and shook Elena's hand, scanning the bar for impressionable children. Finding none, she walked around the bar to Elena.

Elena wrapped her arms around the older woman, one hand stroking her hair, and lifted her face to Tifa's. They kissed with passion, false only on Tifa's part. Breaking apart, Tifa blushed. It had felt kind of nice.

Elena swaggered back to the table.
"That was hot 'lana" Reno gasped, Rude's hand balanced on his leg.

Elena smirked, picking up the notes. She walked back to Tifa, slipping a third of the notes under her shoulder strap. Tifa's blush deepened as Elena kissed her again.

A subtle cough and the girls spun around to see Barrett and Cloud staring open mouthed.