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The Escape

The winter festival.

A celebration for winter, needless to say. An annual festivity accompanied with the tremendous downfall of snow from its long months of successfully refraining the world of its enchanting white beauty, signaling the upcoming yuletide season.


The season everyone had looked forward to all throughout the year. The time of sharing, loving and merrymaking. An episode of small children caroling, bands parading the street, and gift exchanging. It's an occasion where all people in every nation must forget the heart aches and plans for future domination. The period of forgetting the past and looking forward for another year. A moment to lay down the grudges and resentments felt inside your chest.

A month to love.

A month to cheer.

And a month to...curse?

"BULLSHIT! That cant be true!" two creatures fumed and barked at an old lady sitting harmlessly across her small table.

"B-but...children, that is what my crystal ball foresees," she was mercilessly calm and seemed very genuine in everything she said that both persons couldn't help but gawk at the words she said earlier.

"De-demo! I have lived my life long enough to know myself from my toes to the last strand of my hair and never did I EVER envision myself to fall in love with…with HIM!" she threw the man a nasty look and added, "Boy, I haven't felt or even thought that I would be worshipping the ground he's standing on!" her tone was that of desperation and disbelief.

The man beside her glared at her, hard. "Don't get too excited, monkey, it should be I who should be saying that and not an unattractive piece of tomboy-with-no-admirers like you," the silverhead glowered despite his vain attempts of trying to suppress his temper at her.

"Ha! What do you call Raiha-chan then and all of The Fuuko Kirisawa Fans in the UBS?" Fuuko raised her chin up on him, mocking him to answer.

Tokiya Mikagami frowned and almost had a painful expression on his face as though that fact offended him. "That ninja guy is actually courting you?" he turned his crumpled face towards hers and she was almost taken a back at his reaction.

But she replied with a rather proud voice. "Why? You're jealous?"

He stared at her dumbfounded and his face soured more as he uttered an audible 'no'. "I'm actually surprised. Given his good looks, I had thought he would go for someone of his own level of attractiveness. Why, I'm even half-presuming he would hit on me. But since we both know I'm not the same level as his', coz I'm higher, he was reluctant to try. I didn't expect he would like you, it's beyond my imagination," he looked indisputably amused of Raiha's preference for a mate that Fuuko wasted no more time and lunged on him and pummeled his face with her Harisen Fan.

"You narcissist! Die, die, DIE!!" she continued bashing his head until they finally heard the old lady's silent laughter, which unceremoniously halted Fuuko's bashing and Tokiya's cursing.

She cleared her throat and said gently, profound amusement evident in her hoarsely pronounced words. "I knew my crystal ball never lies, so indeed, what I have foreseen was true. And I can see that you two appear to be so fond of each other," half of her face was covered by the old dark hood she was wearing, probably for more effect, but both Hokage members can see the warm smile she deliberately showed.

"Wait!" Fuuko was frantic. "Are you sure it's what that damn ball says? Maybe you can review it again? It's prediction might not be for us but for the individuals before us!" she leaned her palms on the small table and kneeled before the old woman in despondency.

"Please, have mercy!" she clamped both hands together and sniffed at the woman.

To both women's surprise, they found Tokiya also kneeling beside her, his face was seriously solemn and obviously desperate for the truth. "Obaasan, I would appreciate it if you would repeat the fortune-telling one more time. I don't mind paying you again."

The fortune-teller gazed at the two's determined face and she spoke quietly. "Alright, dear children, I would redo it after you respond to this question honestly."

Both nodded their heads.

"To tell you the truth, I couldn't see any future damages or any grieves that will come before you given that what I foresaw would really be true. I have seen that you two would be very happy, contented and blessed. What confused me is why you seemed to be so against fate?"

Fuuko opened her mouth to answer first but Tokiya beat her on it. He cleared his throat and answered steadily, meeting the dark shadow concealing the old woman's eyes. His pale azure orbs were both firm and somber.

"I don't have any reason to go against what fate had planned for me if its for my happiness, contentment and blessing. I am just not so sure that I can attain those blissful things if I have the monkey as my companion. We can't even breathe the same air and be at the same place without knocking each other's head. How am I to achieve happiness if I can't achieve peace first?" he raised an eyebrow as to question the elderly but she just shrugged her shoulders in reply.

Fuuko gave him an icy look before looking helplessly at the woman. "I simply can't imagine a life with him, living with the house mouse might even be much more appealing than me and him dining on the same table. And can you imagine his dirty hands touching my delicately flawless skin?! It's a catastrophe!" she babbled her own concerns while Tokiya widened his eyes as she progressed on her speech.

The old woman thought it was impossible for her to sweatdrop but she did. She shook her head in amusement at her two customers. Sure, she had catered more people who had been much more bewildered on their future but it was normal of them to act that way since their future doesn't really hold a good life for them or to someone they loved. Not unlike these two whose futures promised a life of abundance and full of love.

"Obaasan," Tokiya called and she brought her attention back to the expectant couple. "I guess its time we do the process again," his face and tone had reduce to calmness and the old lady smiled at them.

"Alright then, we'll start with you Tokiya," she said.

Fuuko had to look sideways and silently admire his unruffled tranquility. It was amazing how he can immediately turn calm amidst the hell-freezing news that struck on them a few moments ago. As the old woman instructed them the same things awhile ago, she saw Tokiya's angelic contour relaxed successively as he closed his eyes. She sighed, exhausted from all her outbursts.

"Now, bring one hand forward," the woman instructed and Tokiya obliged. The woman held his hand, guiding it towards the crystal ball's cold surface. His palm cupped the solid thing while the old woman gazed intently at the part of the sphere facing her.

Fuuko heard the woman uttered some words she doesn't really understood so she shifted her attention to the closed-eyed ice man in the person of her old companion whom she haven't seen for quite a few years after SODOM, the one and only Mikagami Tokiya.

She let her eyes roamed at the wonder of his porcelain skin and the thick dark lashes fanning his cheeks. It had been what? Three, four years? And when she thought it was mortally impossible for someone as beautiful as himself to even gain much more beauty, she was surprised, no, astounded that he was even way more beautiful than the devil himself. And she had never seen the devil so add that to the compliment.

His hair was shortened, she had noticed that earlier, but was still long enough to reach his thorax and was now styled in a braid behind his back. His brows, which had always gone together with his death-glares, had seemed to thicken and were more prominent. His eyes might have probably changed too, but she didn't really notice it earlier in their encounter and she doesn't have the chance to see it now since he has his eyes closed. Years had totally changed his appearance but it didn't reach the point that he was undistinguishable. Even when his jaw had perfectly chiseled and gave him that more authoritative look, she still recognized him the time that she was happily muttering about what the same fortune-teller said about her future to herself and found him to be the one outside the fortune-teller's tent.

"Well, dear, I guess it's your lucky day today since what you have been dreaming about will soon come true," the old woman said.

"Really? How soon?!" Fuuko fought the hardest not to squeak.

"I cant be specific but I can see it is very soon," the woman smiled.

"I hope it wouldn't be a bother but will you tell me what the guy looks like?"

She heard the woman chuckled before answering. "Let's see…handsome, silver mane, blue coat…I cant really see him well, he's pretty blurry."

"Handsome…silver mane…blue?" A picture of someone very familiar struck Fuuko's mind but she waved it off quickly. Well, it can't be him

"Someone matching the descriptions?" the old lady said in a teasing manner.

"Naaa, I do remember someone but I'm sure it's not him," she grinned at the woman. "Well, one last question, and don't worry, I'll pay you enough," Fuuko paused, then readied herself for her last question. "When will I meet this guy, whom you said, I'll be sharing the rest of my life with?"

"Uhmm," the woman glanced back at her crystal ball and her eyes widened. "Wait.."

Fuuko leaned forward as though trying to see what the woman was seeing but to no avail. All she sees is a shiny solid transparent sphere. "What is it?"

"He's comin…,he's outside the tent!" the old woman gave her a frantic gaze and Fuuko gaped at her. She can feel her heart hammering faster and hastily got up, flipped her shoulder-length hair and flattened her wrinkled uniform. She took her purse from the table and handed her payment to the fortune-teller who, in return, bowed gently and murmured an audible "goodluck" on her way. Fuuko winked and breathed deeply as she walked outside to greet her unknowing futuremate.

Her pulse was crazily pumping and her brain almost dizzy with anticipation. Then she shoved the cream colored tent's door and it, indeed, revealed the three descriptions.


Silver mane…

Blue coat…

"Mikagami Tokiya," she whispered, her voice almost squeaky as she gasped.

"And now, Kirisawa-san?" she was awaken from her drifted thoughts when the old woman spoke up and gestured her to close her eyes and do the same as what Tokiya did.

She hesitated, for some reason she felt like it was useless to repeat the act, and found herself asking the person beside him. "What did your future tell?"

Tokiya glimpsed on her but the elderly answered her question. "I wont tell until I foresee yours too, dear. I have to make sure your futures match."

Fuuko nodded and closed her eyes. When the woman asked her to raise her hand, she felt it being dragged towards the solid ball.

Tokiya contemplated on her slender fingers touching the ball's form. Unknowingly, his vision wandered from her hand to her endless arm and lastly, to her quiet face. She looked like she was really concentrating on trying to change her destiny (if the destiny said by the old woman was true) and he cant help but feel a little bit hurt by the gesture. For the first time in his glorified existence, never in his life has he imagined someone, especially a woman, to indirectly tell him he was undesirable.

Sure, she was his old comrade, and he believed she was a tomboy even if she's now wrapped in feminine clothing. But even tomboys never resist him, he had proved it when he received a scholarship and got the chance to study in London. Damn, call him conceited but he knew he had made half of the tomboy's population in their university realized their genders and they're all girls again. And members of his die-hard fan club too.

Then why on earth is Kirisawa Fuuko trying very hard not to be affected of his sex appeal and make herself an exception from his exponentially growing admirers?

Is she blind?

He looked at her closed eyes and shook his head disagreeably. How in the world would she be able to aim her trademark weapon Harisen Fan if she can't see his head? But certainly, she must be having some sort of sensory impairment if she's so immune of his charms. Her nose, perhaps? Cant smell much of his pheromones?

He shook his head. If that's the case, she's probably dead from oxygen deprivation. What he was thinking was beyond mortal thoughts and he's feeling a bit unnerved that he's starting to act dumber than Domon. And Domon is like a perfect example of a walking airhead.

Then he surveyed another part and to his surprise, his eyes landed on her lips. And it wouldn't leave even if he tried averting it away. How the hell did four years mold her lips into a delicious pair of cherry mounds? He bit his lower lip, imagining his mouth devouring those luscious fruits. It must feel like heaven.

Then suddenly, he blinked, realizing what he just thought and moved his eyes away.

Whatever, the fortune-teller must just be fooling around anyway. Because in the first place he didn't come here earlier to see what the future holds for his lovelife.

"So am I going to find a job here or it was better that I stayed in London and accepted the Dean's proposal to be a part of their faculty?"

The old woman smiled and answered him calmly. "Your success is in here, both career and lovelife."

"Lovelife?" he found himself asking even though he knew he was less interested on it.

"Yes, you'll meet her today, fall in love before the holidays end and you'll get married next year," the woman said all of that declaratively that she seemed to be too certain of what she slipped out.

"The last thing I would dream of having would be a wife," he answered, tossed his payment on the table and got up, ready to depart.

"But," she blurted and he paused. "If you do want to see her at least, I advice you to come back at two in the afternoon. She will also be here to have her future read."

With that, Tokiya nodded and leave, although he knew he doesn't really have plans of coming back.

Tokiya was a good mile away from the place of the winter festival and he sighed exhaustedly as he aimlessly threw himself on his couch. It was lunchtime and he's supposed to be eating lunch as what a normal person would be doing but he succumb to sleeping and decided to have a late lunch after he regain his strength. Afterall, he just arrived from his long hours of journey from London and he didn't really have a good period of sleep. Not when you have a music junkie as a seatmate inside the plane, his ears are very sensitive to rock music. After he arrived in his apartment, he found out that there was nothing in his fridge so he decided to go to the annual winter festival to buy his lunch there since they give good discounts during festivities, probably just a burger and coke, and probably to look around as well.

That was when the fortune-teller tent attracted him and decided to try it even when God knows he doesn't believe those craps. What would he loose? He's not coming back there anyway.

After an almost two hours of sleeping, he woke up and washed his face on his kitchen sink. He yawned and went to his dining table when he found out that something was missing. I was sure I bought my lunch earlier. Where the heck did it go? He asked himself as he tried remembering the whereabouts of his fateful lunch.

And then it hit him. He left it inside the fortune-teller's tent!

He slapped his forehead with the back of his hand and marched towards his apartment's sliding door. Unknowing that it was almost…two o'clock.

Tokiya paid the entrance fee and hurriedly looked for the tent. He was looking right and left but the sight of the cream-colored tent was still invisible in his eyes and so he diverted his gaze to his wristwatch.

It says, 1:58 pm. It's almost two and he wondered if the fortune-telling tent was still open for business. What if she also takes late lunch like me? He knew most of these kinds of workers take dining time later than everyone else so he quickened his speed through the assorted booths and gift items to find the tent.

After a minute of looking, he finally found it and has to question his mind how it seemed to have changed its place but decided to lay it down and walk directly to the tent's door.

He was approaching it and was about to open the door when another hand shoved the cream synthetic cloth open, revealing a pair of cerulean eyes and the oh-so-familiar purple hair.

"Mikagami Tokiya," she gasped, like she saw a dead corpse roaming around the carnival premises. He raised an eyebrow at her before she hurried herself back inside the tent. He followed her inside, intending to get his forgotten food but was greeted by her cry of misery.

And that was how the peaceful tent of fortune-telling was bombarded with screams of disapproval and complaints. But now that the fortune-teller had finished her work on Fuuko, she looked at both of them, eyes pensive and unreadable. They waited with heart subconsciously pounding, both expectant and hopeful.

"Well?" Tokiya broke the silence and the fortune-teller sighed loudly. The elderly smiled and both don't know if they would be relieve or be dead.

"What is it?" Fuuko's persistent voice echoed and he nudged her elbow to silence her.

"It was as clear as my crystal ball, sweetings. You are meant for each other…"

The revelation was simple, clear and bold enough to blind her and turn her world upside down literally. She was sure the woman was still chirping about when they are gonna wed, how many children they'll have and other things she wasn't able to digest as Fuuko landed on the ground and fainted.

One thought remained inside her head though.

"How the hell can I marry someone who can't even catch me when I fall? And on this hard solid earth for that matter. Ouch."

And she lost consciousness.


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