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Chapter 1

The Arrival

She walked normally on the pavements beside the large academy. The chatter of the students began to get louder and louder. She turned to the gate and saw a group of unfamiliar faces, with a banner beside them.

"Freshmen." Sakura Haruno read to herself.

She walked up to the group of teens chatting away like there was no tomorrow. She saw one particular group that stood out the most.

"Shut up loudmouth!" A girl with long blonde hair with a high ponytail shouted. "You already had eight bowls of ramen before coming to the academy. Why would you get damn hungry?"

"Don't' know really." The blonde who was getting scolded said innocently.

There were other people who were in that group. She saw a brown haired girl and she had her hair in two buns. There was another girl with short hair, pearly white eyes and looked shy. She saw a guy with pineapple shaped hair and always putting his hands in his pockets. There was a long brown haired boy, the same eyes as the shy girl. And last but not least, she saw a raven haired boy with a blank look on his face. There seemed to be girls drooling and staring at him from behind.

A blonde woman and a black haired woman walked up to the group of freshmen.

"Alright, settle down everyone." The blonde woman announced.

"When we call out your name please come and get your timetable sheets." The other woman spoke.

Each and every one of the students came up to the teachers one by one. Sakura had found out what the people's names in the group. In Sakura's mind, she saw a list with the description and names of them.

Blonde girl, high ponytail: Ino Yamanaka

Blonde guy: Naruto Uzumaki

Brunette, two buns: Tenten

Short hair, pearly white eyes, shy: Hinata Hyuuga

Guy with pineapple hair: Shikamaru Nara

Long brown haired guy, pearly white eyes: Neji Hyuuga

Raven haired guy (with a style of chicken ass): Sasuke Uchiha

Sakura then snapped out of her tiny reverie when her name was being called out. Shw walked up and finally recognised the two women.

"Tsunade-sama, Shizune-san?"

"Sakura, good to see you again!" The black haired woman said who Shizune was.

"Sakura, come to my office after first period, okay?" The blonde who was Tsunade informed.

Sakura nodded and read her sheet. She went inside the academy to look for her first class. When she entered the classroom, there were names of the students on the desks to tell them where to sit. She pondered for her name tag and found it at the back of the classroom. There was no name tag beside her seat so she sat alone. Then she saw the gang from earlier.

'So they're my classmates.'

A few minutes later a silver haired man walked in.

"Alright, settle down class. I am your teacher Kakashi Hatake." He announced.

After the class she dashed to Tsunade's office.

"Take a seat, Sakura." Tsunade insisted.

"What do you want me here for?" Sakura asked, sitting down.

"I signed you up on the kendo club since you seem to be good at it. Do you want to join it or not?"

Sakura's eyes sparkled. She loved doing kendo. That was her favourite thing to do. She nodded her head vigorously which meant that she accepted.

"Okay then, auditions is at lunch. Here is a map to it." Tsunade handed her a piece of paper. She thanked her and skipped out of the office. She looked at her schedule.

"Okay P.E next." She said and with that she headed towards the gym.

Lunch finally came and she followed the map to the kendo club which was just outside the football fields. She entered the hall and was filled with happiness. Kakashi then walked up to her.

"Kakashi-sensei, you teach kendo?"

"I guess I do. Change into your gear over there." He pointed to a door with a sign that had women on it.

A few minutes later she got out and the auditions started. It was her turn first and she faced a blonde opponent.

"Begin!" Kakashi announced. Sakura dodged her enemy's attacks. She had to be careful with her foot work or her attack wouldn't work. She leaned forward and raised her shinai.

"Men!" She shouted as she hit her opponent's head.

"Head strike!" Kakashi announced as he held up the flags.

The battle continued for a few minutes and Sakura won. Thirty minutes passed and Kakashi dismissed them. Sakura came out of the dojo. She fought without breaking a sweat. She then took her bento and ate outside, where she had spotted a cherry blossom tree with a bench she noticed when looking for the kendo club.

The end of the day came and Sakura hadn't made friends yet. Usually she was quiet and never spoke to anyone unless she wanted to. She was poor but Tsunade enrolled her to Konoha Academy where rich, brainy high school students go.

Sakura entered her quiet and lonely house. She took off her shoes and looked at the picture at the hallway. She took it and ran upstairs to her room. She took out her diary from her secret hiding place and ran outside to her beautiful garden. No-one could hear her or se her so it was perfect for her to write a diary. She sat down under the large cherry blossom tree where she would always write on her diary. She scribbled some words as the petals land on her book and through the wind.

'Okaa-san, Otou-san and Onii-san in heaven,

Tsunade-sama has enrolled me to Konoha Academy as you should already know from the past entries. I still have no friends but pray that I will have some soon. I saw a group of people when I entered and they have the same classes as me. I'm sure they won't let me be my friend since I have no idea about friendship and love. I have no experience in it since you have died. Tsunade-same also has joined me into a kendo club and I am having much fun there. I hope I make it so I can try and make new friends when I am there. I have to go now; time is running short I will meet you tomorrow.'

Sakura stopped and shut the book and gazed at the scene around her. She watched a cherry blossom petal slowly blown on the peaceful pond.

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