Rhys' hand slowly ran up her arm and stroked her shoulder, She shivered with pleasure and they kissed.

Beth woke with a start, she looked around her, studying the wooden cabin-hotel that she was staying at, she turned over and looked at Gilly who was lying next to her, a look of pure happiness on his face, he looked so peaceful, it was so beautiful here in Switzerland, but for all its beauty, its magnificent mountains and cool, crisp, refreshing rivers. Beth was missing Rhys terribly. She thought back to when they first met, he'd ran over her in his car while on the phone, she smiled as she thought of the way she was so hostile towards him and yet how considerate he had been, she had snapped at hime all the time, after all, he was the reason she wasn't able to play guitar for weeks! She smiled, remembering how thoughtful he'd been and how open he'd been with her, including the fact that he wasn't as nice as this usually!

An when they slept together, it felt just perfect everything slipped into place, she had never felt so happy, then that day had come, that terrible day, at her father's funeral, beth had been intrigued to learn that she had an older half-brother, suddenly, as she came face-to-face with Rhys, she suddenly wished that she had not been so curious. She didn't even here her Uncle Neville's words as her world came crashing around her. It was sod's law that Noel would ruin everything for them, and so, she had tried to get over him by dating Rhy's best mate Gilly, but, although he was nice, he was too nice, she needed fire and passion like she had with Rhys. Rhys then got back together with Sarah and Beth was in turmoil, feelings of jealousy and hurt came rushing through her and she couldn't keep away from him any longer, once again they both succumbed to a night of passion and it was the most romantic, satisfying experience she had ever felt, however the territory was getting extremely dangerous as the chemistry became more and more electric. She couldn't bare to imagine the sort of rejection and disgust they would both experience from their family, and so, when Gilly announced that he intended to go travelling, she spotted her way out and went with him, although she instantly regretted her decision, if Rhys was her, they would be rambling all over the place, climbing trees and taking risks, whereas Gilly, was too much of a gentleman and was to sensible or cowardly to take any risks. As Beth lay there, tears streaming quickly down her face, she realised that she could bare it no longer. Rising quietly, she packed her things and slipped stealthily out the hotel, paying her half of the room, a taxi was waiting for her, as it pulled away from the hotel, her tears stopped and she began to feel better, after all, no-one could say that she hadn't tried.

It seemed to take for ever, but at last she arrived back in Hollyoaks, after paying the taxi driver (with probably the last of her money) She raced as fast as she could to the Ashworths, it was very quite, everyone must have gone out, she nervously knocked at the door, It was opened by Rhys, her Rhys, 'Beth?' He asked, she could tell he was surprised, without any explanation whatsoever, she began to kiss him passionately which he returned and as they closed the door behind them, she knew, she'd truly come home.