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Right after sasuke is hit by those neddles in the neck.

You kill him you kill sasuke. And when that word came out of his mouth he start to shake and his hair start to grow down to his back and it turn grey he got triangle marks under his eyes and because of his charka coming of him in waves his shrit goit rip and the masked boy could see marks all over his chest(and no i'm not gay).Finally when he look up his Eyes were red.

Kyubbi thoughts Th-th-this power I haven't felt it since I faces Raizen and then I barely got out of the fight with my life if he is a descendant Yōkai Clan then kit will make one hell of a ninja and demon.

Haku slowly back away from naruto afarid what he was going to do but before he could run his head just got his head smash into the bridge then he got kick all the way to were Kakashi and Zabuza which made then stop fighting and wacth as naruto came running out of the fog and start pounding on haku then when he got up he throw haku all the way to were gato just apperaed from.So the mighty Demon of the mist being taking down by a group of little kids and a srawcy man. But the girl does look like she could be use for some fun. Now naruto was in his demon form he could still understand what was being said. So when he spoke everbody froze. So the mighty Gato doesn't rellay look like much. and with that he was clawing throught the people that was proecting him but what was really scary was that he was laughing after he killed him then once he reachs gatohe start to rip of body parts slowly strating with the legs, then moving to the arms then the ripping of his head the stuck his claw hand right into gato heart bring it back out the crushed it.To everybody that was wacthing it seem like a massacre and plus he had a look of evil in his eyes. But once he turn around and start to walk towards the his friends he pass out. And was in side his mind but that wasn't the werid thing it was There were Two people there but who were they.