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Ace wonders what the marines would think if they could see the image the White Hunter makes right now

Sweat dripping off pale, smooth skin as toned muscles work under it. Lungs, heaving with the strain of pleasurable exertion, expand the broad surface of a solid chest and cause firm shoulders to shift with each breath.

Grey eyes hooded, focused with an intensity that threatens to drill holes in his soul, lit with a feral pleasure that also induces the usually scowling lips into a smug, almost predatory smirk. Hair the same color, surprisingly soft for so strict a cut, slicked to skull and neck with sweat and occasionally lifted by his wandering fingers.

Strong arms that bracket his head, well defined stomach rubbing him on each thrust of the equally well defined hips his legs are wrapped around, and sturdy legs that help press him down into the mattress.

Then again, considering that the image Smoker makes right now will be jerking off material till the next time he finds his way back to this ship, he's sort of glad it's an image only he ever gets to see.