- Chimera of Life -

- Chimera of Life -
Story One: Mutual Conquest
Chapter One
By Heartfire


"They say eternity- as though real.
Is that eternity?
The sweetest thing in the world-
To hear him admit that he treasures me.
Maybe then I will feel eternity.

I do not have eternity.
Just forever yours."


(Heartfire's Note: Hello readers. I hope you will enjoy my fiction. This is a SAGA, very much like KIT's own- where I got the idea.
I want you all to know that if it weren't for two individuals, this tale would never have come to be:
First off, KIT. Without her time and effort, I would never have come about and this would literature would never be. I would say that I'd like her to be a co-author but she decided that I should take the spotlight.
Readers, if you know her, sorry to inform you that she wouldn't be writing any time soon… I quite tired her out. Gomen ne, KIT.
Secondly, to ENYALIS, who pushed me to write, continuously, patiently let me ramble on and on, among other things. Arigatoo, dear friend.
Alright, let us go on with the story, shall we? Disclaimers and Warnings for this whole saga: Expletives, Lime scenes, candy sweet instances, and more later on. You've been warned.)

Duo screeched into the office, his feet burning the rubber soles of his new sneakers as he scrambled to get his balance back and to push the door shut at the same time. His chest went up and down with each consecutive, haggard breath while his head fell backwards, eyes closed, and a soft thunk whispered as he hit the wooden door.

From behind her desk, Hilde looked up, ready with an eyebrow raised as her gaze traveled from Duo's still steaming shoes, to his black trousers, and ragged white dress shirt underneath a black overcoat. "Duo, how many times do I have to tell you to wear your dress shoes in here?" She didn't care about her reprimanding tone. She had offered her services during those first few times that Duo came into her office in such a state but she was so used to it now that it didn't really affect her anymore—well, her nurturing side. However, it does affect her thirst for vengeance, slash, jealous side.

"Aw, c'mon Hilde… Gimme a break…" Duo opened his eyes to give Hilde a pitiful look. "I just did a ten-mile marathon-"

Hilde leaned back in her tan, leather chair, barred herself from Duo's 'take-pity-on-me look' then interrupted his deplorable excuse. "Who was it this time? The blonde, the redhead, or the brunette?"

Duo grimaced. "All of them." The woeful look he had on his face just seconds ago turned into a contemptible one. "I was just walking down the street, minding my own business when," Duo placed his hands on his chest. "Duo! Oh Duo!" His voice came out high-pitched and Hilde forced herself to keep the stern look she had on her face.

Coy voices from outside her office seeped into the crack between her door and the floor, and Duo's eyes widened. Hilde almost laughed out loud. The Gundam pilot was afraid of a bunch of girls! She watched as he gave her an all too familiar look, coupled with mouthing the word- 'HELP!'

Hilde let him simmer in his boiling pot of water just for the fun of it. "I thought you liked the publicity. Let me see… how did you phrase it? 'Its good for the company', I think that's what you said."

Duo shook his head and clasped his hands together to beseech her assistance as she had done so before. All right! So, when the article about him being in the top ten eligible bachelors came out in that magazine, his ego was stroked. He liked the compliments. He liked the attention. Hell! He liked the girls that doubled around him! But being a celebrity was more tiring than work! The only upside of this situation was the exercise he got out of running away from them! Was there something wrong with him that not one girl he'd been out with had held his interest? Made him want to please her and make her forever his?

She let him mouth the words 'Please' and 'Help' for a minute more before she stood up and walked around the desk. Duo's eyes lit up like a firecracker in the middle of the night and she shook her head, disgusted at herself. She should have let him handle this on his own. He should just tell those girls he didn't want to see them, but no… He… well… he was too nice for that, dammit. "I'm just going to get your shoes. You dropped them off on Jake's desk again, right?" Duo nodded and she continued, "Anyway, I'm not going to do anything but get your shoes, so by the time I come back in here, I want to see you presentable."

'THANK YOU!' Duo mouthed the words and brought his clasped hands above his head as he bowed consecutively.

Hilde rolled her eyes. "You do know that this wouldn't have happened if you hadn't slept late again, don't you?"

Duo nodded. At that moment, he would agree to anything she said, just to get those suffocating girls outta his way!

A sigh escaped Hilde's lips. She really should stop being such a softie to him… Minutes later, she walked back inside her office only to see Duo pacing back and forth, the epitome of solemnity with his hands crossed over his broad, muscular chest with his eyebrows drawn together. Her intuition rang a thousand chiming bells of danger at the sight.

Duo stopped and turned to her the moment he became aware of her presence. "Hey, thanks Hilde. You're a real pal."

Hilde stopped a grimace. 'Yeah… a real pal. That's all I am to you, you stupid mammal.' Instead, she just walked to her desk, and pushed the pair of shoes into his hands just as she passed him. "Put these on before one of our clients walks in."

Instead of following, Duo just dropped the shoes on her desk and started pacing once again. She couldn't help but stare. It was so rare to see him this serious that it was just a pleasure.

"Hilde, this has got to end!" Duo stopped in the middle of her office and faced her.

Hilde shrugged. "Well… If you hate it so much, why don't you just write to the magazine and tell them to shut up about you."

Duo made a face. "If I do that, I might make them mad and put MS Industries in a bad light, not to mention that its an indirect slap in the face."

She could see the ideas roll one by one on his expressive face. He kept on seeing so many flaws in them though- that was until… He turned to face Hilde and a wild, ingenious idea started to form… it was so wild that it just might work!

Once again, danger bells rang in her head and Hilde felt the urge to slowly back away and get out of her office. She started edging toward the door as she gave Duo an uptight frown. "I don't like how you're looking at me… Whatever it is- no! Playing girlfriend so that you could break up with some of your girls was already harsh enough."

The wide smile on Duo's lips didn't leave. It was as if she never said anything at all! And actually, he did hear her but he chose not to think about it. Selective hearing, as Hilde always told him. The thing was, the plan really might work!

Hilde turned around when she felt the door. Her hand reached for the knob, the want to get out of her office tore at her so badly it was suffocating.

Duo quickly went to her side to stop her. She was the only one who could play this part with him! She was the only one who understood him and who would willingly play this without asking for something more afterwards.

His hand went around hers on the knob and Hilde's heartbeat skipped. Already, she knew she was cornered. She was preparing herself to say 'NO!' to him when he spoke.


His breath against her ear sent tingles down her spine and almost made her melt like jelly under the hot summer sun. Why did God give him that stupid, sexy voice that makes her feel as if she'd just ridden a roller coaster when he takes it down a notch like the way he was doing so right now?

"Let's get married."

Authoress: Heartfire