Rage Against The Coke Machine

Rage Against The Coke Machine

Dedicated to those people who have ever ran into a vending machine that didn't give out our sodas and took our money.

"Okay…just need a drink, here…" Selphie mumbled, flipping open her wallet. Pulling out a wrinkled bill, she slid it into the dollar slot…which popped right out.

"Okay…no problem…" Selphie grumbled, smoothing out the gil and sliding it into the slot again. But yet again, the machine refused the bill.

"C'mon you piece of shit…fuck." Selphie was starting to get pissed, she REALLY needed some caffine! "I'm fucking dying of thirst…"

The machine didn't accept the money again, and Selphie was starting to lose her top. "C'mon you mother fucking piece of shit!" She cussed angrily, wringing out her only gil and jamming it into the machine…which only got rejected again.

"Son of a bitch!" She slammed her fist against the side of the machine and shoved the bill into the slot…this time it worked.

"Yes!" Selphie sighed. She tapped the pepsi button, waiting for her drink to pop into the receiver, but the drink didn't appear. "What the…"

"Aw fuck you! It took me an hour to get the fucking money in and now you won't give me my shit?!" Selphie yelled, tapping the button fiercely. However that didn't work so she started punching the machine over and over again. "What the fuck's up with THAT?!"

"Fuck! C'mon mother fucker!"

"FUCK!!!" Selphie screamed in rage, as she continued to slam her fist into the vending machine.

People in the cafeteria were starting to stare and a few screamed in horror as the vending machine shattered under the beserker's assult.


A very pissed Selphie whipped out her nunchakus and continued to hit the vending machine with her weapon as pieces of glass started to fly. "DIE PIECE OF SHIT! DIE!"

Mechanical parts spilled to the floor, with glass starting to hit people in the face. However Selphie was still not calmed. "FUCK!"