Title: Rejection? Why?!
Author: Sireylithy
Summary:Hinamori finally confesses her love to Hitsugaya. However, Hitsugaya rejects her. Why the hell did he do that?! Hitsugaya has to suffer the consequences. HitsuxHina. TwoxShot

Author's Note: I made Ichigo captain of the fifth squad! Anyway, this is the beta of it. I will ever try to improve it more, but not on this moment xD. I had to have this done before the 20th of December for cherryblossom's contest. It wouldn't be that good xD Anyway, Please enjoy!

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17.39 pm
Hitsugaya's office.

Hinamori walked into Hitsugaya's office and saw Hitsugaya working on his paperwork. She smiled while she walked to Hitsugaya.

"Neh neh Hitsugaya-kun." Hinamori said all of the sudden out of the silence.

That startled Hitsugaya. He turned his head to Hinamori and glared at her. "It's always Hitsugaya-taichou." He said annoyed.

Hinamori smiled and Hitsugaya sighed. "Alright, what do you want?" He asked.

"Well actually I wanted to ask you out for dinner." Hinamori suggested. "I mean you hardly go out. I don't know how you are going to survive if you don't go out once in a while."

"Can't. Got paperwork to do." Hitsugaya said bold. Then he turned to his paperwork again.

Hinamori cocked an eyebrow. "Why do you have so much paperwork if you are always doing paperwork?" She asked. "Isn't paperwork done if you work so hard?"

Hitsugaya sighed and looked at Hinamori. "You can't finish your paperwork if that damn Matsumoto doesn't do her work." He said.

Hinamori bended a little. "Do you need some help?"

Hitsugaya blushed a little by the little bend. "No it's alright. I can do it myself." He said.

Hinamori raised an eyebrow again. "You sure? You don't want to have dinner with me? Because I want it." She grabbed another chair and shoved it next to Hitsugaya. Hitsugaya blushed slightly. "Ba- Baka! I can handle it myself. I'll go another time with you." He shouted. He quickly faced his paperwork again.

Hinamori went to sit next to Hitsugaya. She grabbed a pile of paperwork and read it. "It's okay." She said without looking at Hitsugaya. "The faster you're done, the faster we can go out for dinner." She continued.

Hitsugaya still blushed and he stared at her for a few minutes. "Geez, she never gives up…but…it does seem…well you know." he thought.


19.25 pm

Hinamori stretched herself by putting her arms in the air. She moaned a little. Then she turned to Hitsugaya. "We're finally done." She smiled. "You know what that means?"

Hitsugaya put his pencils away and looked at Hinamori. "Fine. I'll go to a restaurant with you. Sheesh you really don't have anything else to do." He sighed.

Hinamori walked to Hitsugaya and bended her head to Hitsugaya's head level. "Mou... Can't you be nice some time? I will treat you."

Hitsugaya blushed and quickly looked away. "Fine. Treat me."


22.53 pm

Hitsugaya and Hinamori just came out of a restaurant and Hitsugaya was bragging about Hinamori.

"Sheesh, why do you have that less money when you treat someone? I can't believe I needed to pay for the meal." Hitsugaya sighed.

"Mou... I just wanted to go out once in a while." Hinamori pouted.

"Next time go with Koutetsu, Ise or Matsumoto or something. I have work to do." Hitsugaya said.

The two stopped because they were at a road with two detractions. One to the tenth division and one to the other divisions. Hinamori turned to Hitsugaya. "Guess I have to say goodbye. Sorry I let you pay the bill." Hinamori said. She walked away without looking at Hitsugaya."I should have told him just now..." She was lost in her thought. "Hitsugaya-kun..." Hinamori whispered.

"What's wrong, Hinamori?" A voice appeared behind Hinamori. A boy walked next to Hinamori. It was Hitsugaya (Off course.) "I'll bring you home." He added. Hinamori smiled. "You shouldn't be so nice to me all the time."

Hitsugaya looked at Hinamori. "Why shouldn't I? Besides. What do you mean with nice…" Hitsugaya stopped talking when he saw Hinamori's face coming closer. "Hinamori what are you doing?" Hitsugaya asked shocked.

Hinamori putted her hands above Hitsugaya's ears and she leaned closer. Hitsugaya's eyes were widened. Hinamori looked in Hitsugaya's eyes deeply. "Hina-." Hitsugaya felt uneasy and turned his head the other way and he stepped backwards quickly. "I'm sorry Hinamori." He said with his face turned the other way. Hinamori stared at Hitsugaya.

"Hitsugaya-kun." Hinamori said.

"Let's go home." Hitsugaya walked with Hinamori without facing her. Hinamori did not look at Hitsugaya either. The two walked silently and they didn't face each other for the rest of the escort…but then, at the end something did happen.


In front of Hinamori's room.

"Thanks for walking me to my room. Shirou-chan!" Hinamori said happily.

"Ah. Hm." Hitsugaya said while looking the other way. He didn't even go against Hinamori by calling him that way?!

"Shirou-chan?" Hitsugaya looked from his eye corner at Hinamori. "Hm?" He still didn't have the courage to stare right into her eyes.

"I really like you…"

Hitsugaya blinked several times. "What did you just say?" He asked.

"Please, don't make me repeat that."

Hitsugaya turned around. "Alright then. I'll go home then." Then he took off and really quickly.

Hinamori stood there watching Hitsugaya walk away. Shocked.

"Was I rejected just now?"

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