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The next day.

Hitsugaya came back from Hinamori's room and he walked into his office. He yawned. What a night. He went to sit on his chair and grabbed some paperwork. Once again, Matsumoto stormed into the office, but this time with a grin.

"I knew you could do it Taichou!" Matsumoto smirked. She patted on Hitsugaya's shoulder. Hitsugaya didn't reply.

(Mission 1; Revenge on Matsumoto)

"What's wrong?" Matsumoto asked.

"You're the worst." Hitsugaya said angrily.

"Ah yah. Why should I be the worst?" Matsumoto asked. "You already forgot the person who slammed the door against Hinamori's head?"

Hitsugaya froze. That was right. There was indeed a person who he had to kill for slamming the door against Hinamori's head, but first…

"Matsumoto." Hitsugaya got up.

"Nani taichou?" She asked curiously.

"Did you ever, ever sit on this chair?" Hitsugaya pointed at the chair where he had sat. It sounded like something very sarcastic, but you could hear it was a serious question.

"No taichou." Matsumoto replied.

Hitsugaya smirked. "I will never bother you about paperwork if you sit there and make one piece of paperwork."

Matsumoto didn't believe her captain. Something was wrong. Why was her captain being so…considerable? However…Ah what the heck? Nothing could go wrong so why not? Matsumoto went to sit on the chair and looked at her paperwork, which was still one paper.

Matsumoto widened her eyes. She definitely didn't believe what the paper said. The whole paper was almost empty, except for one word.

Got you.

Matsumoto immediately wanted to stand up, but she couldn't. Something was holding her in one place and Matsumoto knew what it was. A binding spell.

She looked at her captain. "What is this?" She asked. Hitsugaya smirked.

"Nice huh? This is for the things you said and did yesterday." He said, still with a smirk on his face.

"You don't mean…!"

"High level binding spell. Unable to break it unless you're a captain level." He replied. He turned around and put his hands on the back of his head. "However…" He looked at Matsumoto. "You aren't captain-level, are you?" Then he walked away.

(Mission 1; success.)


Hitsugaya began his daily walk and he walked through the third division's training ground, where he suddenly heard a voice calling for him.

"Hitsugaya-taichou!" Renji called.

(Target 1; Abarai Renji[Starting Mission 2; Humiliate him)

"What's wrong?" Hitsugaya asked annoyed.

"I heard you still didn't apologize to Hinamori." Renji said angrily.

Hitsugaya sighed. "You're still with that?" He murmured.

"Abarai-kun!" Kira ran to Renji with Hisagi following him.

(Target 2 and 3; Kira Izuru, Hisagi Shuuhei.[Part of Mission 2)

"Hm?" Renji replied.

"We don't have time to talk with Hitsugaya-taichou. My new squad members are waiting for us to demonstrate!" Kira shouted.

Renji looked up. "That's right." He looked at Hitsugaya. "Don't forget." And Renji walked with Kira and Hisagi away.

Hitsugaya's eye twitched. "These guys are feeling all high and mighty because of yesterday. Sheesh." He walked far behind them. He had a plan.


Renji, Kira and Hisagi paced in front of the new squad members through each other.

"Off course you have learned everything at the academy, but there are a lot of things you should know about being an officer." Kira began.

"We won't fight against little hollows anymore. This is the real thing. No practice." Renji proceeded.

"No one will rescue you. You may be happy if one of us even is able to save you." Hisagi finished.

Kira stopped pacing and he faced the squad members. "Off course you'll be interested how we vice captains work with fights."

"Because sometimes, you don't have a choice but to fight against your kind. A Shinigami I mean." Renji stood still too.

"So for today. We will give a demonstration." Hisagi smirked.

"Off course. We don't have the rights to release our zanpaktous. So you won't see them." Kira said smartly.

"I would like to take part today's 'lessons'." Hitsugaya made his appearance.

"Hi-hitsugaya-taichou!" Renji shouted in surprise.

People were whispering to each other immediately. They were very enthusiastic by seeing a captain. Off course.

Kira knew what was happening. Hitsugaya wanted to own them very badly in front of his officers, but what could he do? Those people were very excited seeing Hitsugaya... "I guess we don't have any choice…"

Renji and Hisagi sighed. They were so going to be humiliated.

And yes. They got owned and even very badly.

The three were lying on the ground. Everyone had left except for Hitsugaya.

Hitsugaya walked to the three and smirked. "Glad to work with you."

(Mission 2; success.)

Hitsugaya had left the three behind in the third divisions training ground and he walked to the fifth division. He wanted to see Hinamori. He walked into the office and saw Hinamori sitting there doing paperwork. He stood there silently and watched her how she made her paperwork.

Hinamori noticed Hitsugaya in the room and looked up at him. She smiled. "Good day Hitsugaya-kun."

Hitsugaya smiled and then he looked around, but his smile quickly faded away. "Where is Kurosaki?" Hitsugaya asked.

Hinamori smiled. "He doesn't like to do paperwork. You know that. Teenagers don't like to do home work and besides, paperwork and homework…no difference." She said happily.

"Hmph." Hitsugaya suddenly remembered something. "Hinamori?"


"Who slammed the door into your face yesterday?" He asked.

"…" Hinamori didn't say anything. Hitsugaya blinked. "Would you be angry at the person then?" She asked hesitating.

"Off course I would." Hitsugaya said.

Hinamori looked the other way. That made him curious. "What?" He said. "You're not going to tell me anymore?"

"Well actually I wouldn't tell it in the first place, because I know you would flip and get angry." Hinamori said. She was still staring out of the window.


Hinamori responded to her name and looked at Hitsugaya, where she got to see Hitsugaya's scariest glare ever. "Eh..." Hinamori sweat dropped.

"It was me. Alright?" Kurosaki appeared out of nowhere and said that. "That's no way to treat your girlfriend."

Hitsugaya startled and blushed. Hinamori blushed too. "Baka!" Hitsugaya said anxiously.

"So…She isn't your girlfriend?" Kurosaki asked nonchalantly.

Hitsugaya looked at Hinamori for a moment and knew that, if he said the wrong answer. He could upset Hinamori. Again. "Well…She is." He said with a red head.

Ichigo looked at Hinamori, who was blushing insanely. By that he smirked. He did hear things from Renji and the others about Hitsugaya getting revenge. By the sight of this situation, he wouldn't get humiliated or punished.

(Mission 3; Kill Ichigo with something)

Hitsugaya realized it that Ichigo said that he was the one who slammed the door against Hinamori's forehead. Off course he couldn't kill this guy, because it would be against the orders. "Well, I guess I need to think about something else…Wait…"

(Mission 3; Failed or maybe not?)

He faced Hinamori, which caused them both that they immediately blushed. "Hinamori. What day is it today?"

Hinamori looked at the calendar, which was standing on the desk. "It's…the 24th of December." Suddenly she froze. Crap. Almost Christmas and she didn't have a Christmas present.

Hitsugaya on the other hand got an idea. "We do have a Christmas banquet don't we?"

Hinamori nodded. Ichigo was puzzled. "What?"

Hitsugaya turned to Ichigo. "Oh that's right. This is your first year being a captain. Well we have a Christmas banquet every year and that's today." He smirked.

"So where will this banquet be?" Ichigo asked.

"Well. Now you say so…I have the responsibility of this year's banquet. Hmm…I guess the real world will be nice." Hitsugaya said.

Hinamori smiled. "Let's go to the Crystal Rose!" She said enthusiastically.

Ichigo recoiled. "Hinamori. That's the most expensive restaurant in whole Karakura town!"

Hitsugaya turned to Ichigo and smirked. "Oh yeah that's right. You commoners don't go to fancy restaurants."

"What does that supposed to mean?" Ichigo's eyes narrowed.

Hinamori tried to cease the fire and began to calm Ichigo down. "No, Hitsugaya-kun doesn't mean that. Anyway, I hope you'll have a good time at our banquet."

"Hmph. I'm going to my office." Hitsugaya walked to the door opening and suddenly he got an idea. "Oh and Kurosaki." A grin appeared on his face. "You'd better dress up classy." He said that while smirking and then he walked away.

Ichigo looked at Hinamori. "Do we really need to dress up? With that smoking and stuff?"

Hinamori smiled. "Well if Hitsugaya-kun says so and he is in charge of this year's banquet. So I think we really need to."

"He isn't kidding right?"

"No I don't think so and besides, I will dress up too."

"Well…Toushirou wouldn't humiliate Hinamori so it shouldn't be that bad if I did get humiliated…"


In front of the Crystal Rose.

Ichigo found everyone in their normal clothes even Hinamori and he felt very…humiliated.



"Why aren't you in your formal clothes?"

"Aya…You didn't get the message from Hitsugaya-kun? That we were going to gather in front of the Crystal Rose and then we would go to a regular restaurant?"


"Toushirou you bastard!" Ichigo yelled at Hitsugaya.

(Mission 3.5; Humiliate Ichigo. Succes.)


Everyone was sitting in the restaurant Night Life and waited for the soup to come. The soup came. It was separated in two colors of plates. A gold for the captains and silver for the vice captains. The waiter walked to Hitsugaya and whispered in Hitsugaya's ear.

"We only had to put extra hot peppers in the silver plates, didn't we?" The waiter asked.

Hitsugaya nodded and the waiter walked away. Everyone was taking a sip of their soup. Hitsugaya looked at Hinamori who was almost drinking her soup, when he suddenly realized that she had a silver plate.

"Hinamori! Don't drink that!" Hitsugaya stood up. However it was too late. Hinamori did drink from her soup and the others with the silver plates realized it too.


Everyone ran into the toilets. Hinamori did want to run to the toilets but Hitsugaya grabbed at her wrist.

Hinamori was almost crying from the heat. "Hitsugaya-kun." She said with her eyes filled with tears.

Hitsugaya gave her a glance and he looked around. "Waiter! Give me some milk! Or some sugar!" He yelled. He faced Hinamori again. "I'm sorry Hinamori."

The waiter came immediately with some milk and sugar water. "You asked for this?"

Hitsugaya nodded and he grabbed the glass of milk and fed it to Hinamori. Hinamori drank it quickly and felt that the hotness was getting away. Then Hitsugaya gave Hinamori the glass of sugar water. "Here. It will cease the last bit."

Hinamori smiled. "Thanks Hitsugaya-kun. I'm lucky having you here. Or else I would still be drinking water."

Hitsugaya blinked several times and felt a bit guilty. It was part his fault that she was suffering like this, but on the other side…

(Mission 4; Payback time with the hot peppers. Succes.)


Back in Soul Society and in Hinamori's room.

"Heh?! They did what to you?!" Hinamori asked shocked.

Hitsugaya just explained why Hinamori got sabotaged along with the others. "Hmph. It was nothing." He said tough.

Hinamori glared at Hitsugaya, but then she smiled. "Huso." (Literally: Lie, but translated in a good sentence it would be: That's a lie) She said while smiling. "Why else did you get revenge then?"

"Shut up!" Hitsugaya yelled while blushing. Why was she embarrassing him that much? "It was probably your fault, because you talk too much to Matsumoto. It'll kill me some day."

Hinamori kneeled down before Hitsugaya and looked up in his eyes.

"Eh?! What is this rumbling feeling in my chest?" Hitsugaya blushed. "Wh-what's wrong?" He asked shyly.

She smiled again. "Don't worry about it too much. I was just teasing you." She leaned on Hitsugaya and they both landed on Hinamori's bed, kissing.

After a while they broke apart. Hitsugaya looked into Hinamori's eyes and Hinamori did the same at him. "In case it bothers you, I was just teasing you too."

Hinamori's eyes widened, she didn't understand what he meant but she didn't like the thought of him teasing her.

"Mou! Shirou-chan!"

"Oi! Don't call me that!"

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