The Second Meeting

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Chapter 1: Class and The Debate

Chihiro sighed as she looked out the window of her classroom, gazing at the clouds. I wonder how they're all doing, she thought to herself sighing again.

"Ms. Hishakuyo, is my class that boring to you that you can't pay attention?" Chihiro's professor snapped, "You may be acing this class, but you need to show some respect and pay attention!" The class was snickering at the bored, dazed expression crossing Chihiros face.

After a couple more minutes, the teacher gave up trying to get Chihiros attention, and went on with the lesson. A few more sighs escaped Chihiros mouth as her brows wrinkled and she put her head down in her arms.

School was pointless after she came back from the spirit world with her parents, whom were none the wiser. They had had a little trouble realizing they were half a year behind everyone else, but once her parents got used to it, they forgot about it.

Chihiro, though, they never forgot. Their daughter had changed over that time period. She didn't complain or act childish anymore. Sure she was still outgoing and had lots of friends after the first few weeks of school, but every once in awhile, when their daughter thought no one was looking. She would get an unbearably sad, painful look in her eyes. Every now and then a tear would fall, making her parents worry about her even more.

Her parents noticed after a year at school Chihiro didn't have to study anymore either; she just knew everything that they tried to teach. Exams weren't hard for her and her grades were perfect across the board now. She went from being an average B and C student to a straight A student in the time they were gone.

When she got to college it was the same way Chihiro had decided to go for a Master's, and then a PhD. in Ancient Japanese Mythology and Culture.

What her parents didn't know was that Chihiro remembered everything they forgot. Especially Kohaku.

Haku, you promised we would see each other again one day, but it's been almost ten years now. Chihiro thought trying to figure out why he hadn't come. He probably forgot all about me after I left. I'm just a human after all. Of course she had had this thought before, but she knew it wasn't the truth.

The bell finally rang and she got up to leave. Her friend Ruka was walking over to her with a grin on her face.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here," Ruka said, "Somebody was sighing an awful lot in class today. Come on, you can tell me all about it when we get back to our dorm room."

Maybe, maybe not. You'll never know with me," Chihiro responded with a slight smile, hiding her true emotions from her eyes.

Chihiro had finally grown into her legs, so she wasn't tripping over everything anymore like a newborn colt. Other things had accompanied her growth spurt five years back as well. She had an hour glass shape now, with a nice full chest helping it along. Her eyes had turned from a brown-mud like color to a chocolate and her hair had created some natural streaking of a dark golden shade. Her body had become toned from the work she did at the local supermarket-running errands and pushing carts in the parking lot, plus the daily newspaper route she held helped quite nicely as well.

"You're thinking about him again aren't you?" her friend burst out once the door was shut and locked-you never knew who could come in if you didn't.

"Yes; I had a dream about him again. He had finally did what he said he would and I ran up to him. It was so life-like Ruka," Chihiro said despair sounding in her voice as tears gathered in her eyes. After the first week of dorming with Chihiro their freshman year Ruka told her to forget the –san and –chan junk and just call her by her first name.

"Oh," was all Ruka could manage before she came over and gave Chihiro a comforting hug, "its okay."

"By the way," she added jokingly, trying to lift her friends spirit, "if I ever meet this guy who did this to you, remind me to slap him."

It worked; Chihiro pulled out of the comforting hug and smiled even as a couple tears rolled down her cheeks. "That's sweet, but I don't think you'll get the chance," she replied.

"Oh, we'll see about that," Ruka murmured loud enough for Chihiro to hear and burst out laughing.

Chihiro had tried explaining to her mother and father where they had been for that half a year, but they didn't believe her. So, she had clamped her mouth shut about what had really happened and vowed to never tell anyone again. Ruka knew some of Chihiros experience, but she would never know all of it.

"So," Chihiro continued, "you want to hit a party with me tonight?" It was the week of finals, and therefore she already knew the answer, but she asked it anyway.

"I swear Chihiro," Ruka said cracking up again, "you are the only person who would ever party the week of you college finals."

"Okay then, miss the party. You'll wish you had been there anyways," Chihiro laughed debating whether that was really where she wanted to go herself.


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