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Chapter 8: Marriage?!

Chihiro and Kohaku sat on the couch in her parents living room. An awkward silence had descended on the group.

"Mom, dad…" Chihiro said trailing off, not sure where to start. Kohaku squeezed her hand that he was holding and took over.

"Mr. and Mrs. Hishakuyo," Kohaku said addressing them politely, "I'm Kohaku. Chihiro and I decided that we wanted to get married and-" Chihiro cut him off rapidly throwing him a look of apology.

"And we were hoping for your blessing." Chihiro finished, trying not to hyperventilate. She was very nervous about this; it had come out of no where and all anyone could expect from that was shock.

Silence once again descended on the small group of four as Chihiro's parents came out of their shocked stupor.

"What?!" Her mother screeched finally finding her voice, "We didn't even know you were dating anyone! Then you disappear and then reappear with a stranger at your side saying that you're getting married?! Of course we can't give you our consent, let alone our blessing!!"

"Oh." Chihiro said, inside she was sobbing her heart out, but she placed her mask on and added shock to cover up her true feelings. "Well then, I guess we'll take out leave. Since there is nothing more to say, good-bye mother; father. I'll come and collect my stuff sometime in the future." She continued quietly standing up with Haku and walking to the door. Her mother's face was tight with anger and regret, while her fathers face was filled with sorrow; but they stood firm.

Kohaku looked at Chihiro worriedly. He knew what this meant to her and he could see her repressing her own emotions in order to stay in one piece. Haku stopped at the road leading back to their home and picked Chihiro up. Silent tears were making their way down her face, but she held her head high and wouldn't start sobbing out loud until after they had gotten back into their room.

"Hey, it's gonna be okay. Everything is going to be fine." Haku said holding the broken girl close, providing what comfort he could.

"I-I know. It-it's just, they-they're my par-parents!" She cried out, the cries coming harder.

After piling some pillows against the headboard of the bed, Kohaku settled down ready for a long night.

As it slowly passed by Chihiro cried herself out and fell asleep. Haku stayed up a little while longer before falling asleep as well, trailing hi hand through her hair.


A few days later Chihiro went to collect her belongings from the college and her house; explain and inviter Ruka to the wedding; and collect her diploma.

Weeks passed and the wedding drew closer, the ceremony was explained to Chihiro, invites were sent out, RSVP's were sent back, and outfits decided.

When the day finally came, everything went off without a hitch, the only people missing from the party were Chihiro's parents.

The after party was fabulous and after everyone went home Chihiro and Kohaku went back to the bath house. They were leaving the next day for a week long vacation in the human realm. Leaving Lin in charge of the bath house while they were gone.

"This was the best day of my life!" Chihiro yawned, settling down to sleep.

"Well, you can have more 'best days' in the future." Kohaku replied. He kissed Chihiro's nose and she snuggled down into the bed, resting her head on his chest.

"Yep, and some of those days are coming up this week." Chihiro sighed out. She glanced up and leaned up to give Haku a quick peck on the underside of his chin. Kohaku saw this coming and caught her lips with his in a short, sweet kiss before both of them settled back down and fell asleep. They were both looking forward for the days-and years- to come.

The End.


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