By Katie

a/n: I was just thinking about how Jake Ryan's real name is Leslie. And well...this is the turnout. This one's Cadence' Christmas present. Because she's pretty awesome.

Dedicated to Vrai Amour

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He'd lied.

He hadn't wanted to be just friends. In fact, he found the whole "just friends" thing to be overrated and cliché.

When did "just friends" ever work?

He wanted so badly to be her one in a million again. He wanted to kiss her senseless and...and a million other things. He just wanted to be with her. Was that so much to ask for?

But oh...it was. Because his name just happened to be Jake Ryan. Slash Leslie Ryan.

And her name just happened to be Hannah Montana. Slash Miley Stewart.

Every time he saw her as Hannah, he wanted to be Jake Ryan. He wanted to upstage her and prove to her how great he was. He wanted to live up to every expectation she had ever held of him.

Being around her as Hannah Montana made him WANT to be great.

And he was okay with being Jake every so often. But when he saw her at galas and movie premieres and God only knows what other Hollywood functions, he couldn't help but feel a little guilty.

Because he knew he wanted her for the wrong reasons when they were Jake and Hannah. He only wanted her so that he could impress her.

He wasn't sure he liked that she kept one part of her life completely isolated and secreted from the other.

Maybe because he didn't like to see her freak out when she accidentally slipped up as Hannah every so often.

He wished she would just take a break from pop stardom.

Because he loved her.

God, did he ever love her.

He especially loved her as Miley.

He could put on a hat and sunglasses and take a stroll on the beach with Miley without worrying about anything at all.

Miley loved getting ice cream cones on their walks. She'd get two large chocolate ice cream cones and take a lick out of both before deciding which one was hers and which one was his.

("To see which one's more chocolate-y," she had explained.)

He didn't really mind. He'd never liked chocolate ice cream that much anyway.

The only time he had really liked chocolate ice cream was when Miley got it all over her lips and asked him to kiss it off.

But that hadn't happened in...in a really long time.

On their walks, he didn't have to act like a movie star.

He didn't feel like he had to be anyone but himself. He felt free to be...

To be a normal kid.

...To be Leslie.

So maybe the Jake part of him wanted to be "just friends" with Miley.

But the Leslie part of him?

The Leslie part of him was going to get her back.

Because the Leslie part of him found the who "just friends" thing to be completely overrated and cliché.


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