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Hyuuga Hinata was never late. She had perfect attendance and all A's. Never before had she set foot on the proclaimed 'delinquent' section on the senior lawn. And she will never, ever, get that oh so frightening red mark on her permanent record.

All of these were qualities that her father was proud of and boasted to his business partners whenever he could. And to make sure that these statements remained true, he personally drove his daughter to school every morning. And every morning he'd not so subtly remind her how disappointed he'd be if she ever changed.

Hinata looked herself over in the mirror again, her pale white eyes giving herself a quick once over. She took in her long indigo hair and smooth face. She never wore makeup, her father told her she looked like a tramp and her hair was a simple straight cut with bangs that shaded over her eyes. Her body frame was small, only rising to be about five foot four, and she was lean. She had a nice hour glass shaped figure with a solid c-cup chest that fit nicely into her small form.

Basically, her body was flawless, another thing her father didn't like about her. What would he do if some gangster saw how beautiful his daughter was and decided to take her for himself? And because he disapproved, she settled to wear clothes that hid her shapely body from the leering eyes of the public.

Grabbing her things she walked downstairs to see her father already waiting in the car. Sliding into the passenger seat she mentally prepared herself for the conversation she knew was coming, the same one they had everyday.

"Good morning Hinata." He said politely, giving his daughter a curt nod. She knew that was his equivalence of smiling so it didn't bother her.

"G-good morning father." She replied, flashing him a small smile.

"I looked over your schedule I noticed that you have a French and Chemistry test today." He glanced at her and they drove down the road. "I trust you studied for both." It was more of a statement than a question but she knew he expected an answer.

"O-of course. I also have a quiz in English w-which I studied for." She replied. She also knew that he was aware of her English quiz and was merely testing her to see if she would lie to him.

"That's my girl. Always prepared." They continued on the road in silence until they reached the school. This was the part she always hated.

Stopping the car her father turned to her with a series look. "Remember Hinata, nothing but the best is accepted with in the Hyuuga household so take those tests and don't disappoint me." Hoping to get out soon, she grabbed the handle and twisted, jumping out of the vehicle.

Just before she could successfully close the door her father said one last thing, the one part she always hated. "And don't talk to any of those boys the girls are always staring at. They're only bad news and would just drag you down."

"Y-yes F-father." She stuttered, closing the door not a moment after her reply. That was the one thing she had trouble with. The studying she didn't mind, she didn't have much of a social life to distract her so it was fine. The pressure of her family name she could handle. But that last thing was what she lied to her father about everyday.

Hyuuga Hinata, the perfect example of a girl good, had a crush on Uzumaki Naruto, the illustrious player and bad boy of the school. She had liked him since eighth grade and couldn't help but keep her crush on the cute blonde all the way through her junior year.

Although she had never actually spoken to the boy, she hoped to. And that was the reason that she hated her morning talks with her father.


Spiky blonde hair blew gently in the wind as Uzumaki Naruto stepped out of the sleek black sports car he had been riding in. Turning to the school he let out a contented sigh as he gazed upon it with his shocking blue orbs. Behind him, his best friend, Uchiha Sasuke, stepped out of the driver's seat, reaching back in to grab his things.

"Isn't it great Sasuke? Thing beautiful place you see before us is a place where we are gods and filled with people who wish they were lucky enough to serve us." He smiled at his own statement. Sasuke merely rolled his coal black eyes at his friend.

"Idiot." Was all the spiky black haired boy said before leaving his friend behind.

"Hey! Sasuke, wait up." Screamed Naruto running to catch up. His yell got the attention of a group of girls and within a few moments, the entire school was aware of their arrival.

What Naruto had said, was pretty much how it was. He and Sasuke, both standing at an easy six foot two, with nice toned bodies and sharp distinctive features, were their schools equivalence of gods. While Naruto was tanned and eye catching with his blonde hair and blue eyes, Sasuke was a smooth cream color making his dark eyes and hair that much more attractive.

Girls flocked to them, hoping to get to date one of the hottest and popular boys in school. Naruto, the bubbly and energetic one, was a playboy. He loved the female body and made no effort to hide it. He jumped from girl to girl, seeing which things he liked better, and which he didn't. He was the typical user. Everyone knew it and yet every girl threw themselves at his feet.

Sasuke was practically the complete opposite. He was quiet and brooding, snapping at any girl who got within a two foot distance. He was known to cut classes and back talk to anyone who annoyed him. He had even been suspended a few months back for getting in a fight. But these things just made the girls believe he was actually deep and sensitive on the inside, making them love him all over again.

They walked through the crowded halls on their way to the senior lawn. No, they weren't seniors, but even they wouldn't stop the two from sitting there.

Naruto would occasionally stop to talk to a girl or flirt and Sasuke would continue walking, leaving him to catch up. They arrived at their usual spot and sat at the table, sitting across from each other. They sat in silence for a moment, until Naruto spoke up.

"I'm tired of them." He sighed, pulling on a bright blonde lock.

"Of what?" Monotoned Sasuke, not bothering to lower the book he was currently reading.

"Of girls." Shrieked Naruto. At this, Sasuke looked up. Never had the blonde been tired of that particular thing.

"Seriously? You're tired of girls?" He mused. Naruto didn't seem to pick up the humor in his voice though and continued to talk.

"I'm tired of jumping from one slut to the next. They're all the same. They just want me for my body." Naruto put on a sad face, drawing attention to his lack of fulfillment. Sasuke just rolled his eyes.

"And you can seriously say you don't want the same exact thing?" he scoffed. A devilish smile flashed over the other boys face before disappearing.

"That's not the point. I want something else. I want to try…a new flavor, if you will." Only Naruto would refer to a girl as a flavor. "I'm sick of superficial and stuck up. I want to try something new. Just to see if I like it."

"And what kind of new do you want to try?" Sasuke asked, turning his eyes back to his book.

"I don't know. Maybe a Goth. I hear they have the best parties." He mused, playing with a leaf that blew onto the table. "Or an artsy chick. They're creative….and normally very flexible." A sly smirk stretched over his tan face. "Or maybe the shy type. I've never dated one of those. But, she'd have to be innocent too. Someone I could enjoy corrupting."

"Anyone in particular come to mind?" Sasuke asked, barely listening.

"Well, there is one girl. The shy type. She blushes when I come within five feet of her and she can't help but stare at me when she thinks I'm not looking. She's actually pretty cute, and I can just tell she's innocent. I have so much I want to teach her." He fantasized to himself what he would turn her into and what they would do. "Hyuuga Hinata. I think she'll be the perfect target for my new experiment."

"Whatever man, you've got issues." Naruto looked insulted hearing this.

"Yeah. You're the one who ditches and mouths off to the teachers, but I've got issues." He mocked, leaning back in the chair.

"Well at least I don't sleep with the teachers." Snapped Sasuke, his onyx eyes narrowing.

"At least now I'm passing." Quipped Naruto. He seemed proud of his come back as he smirked.

"Idiot. Shut up before you make an even bigger fool of yourself." The two sat in silence as Sasuke read and Naruto thought of ways to persuade the quiet girl to be his.


Hinata carefully placed the things inside her bag. The lunch bell had just rung and everyone was gone. She was the only left in the class, even the teacher had left her behind. Pulling the zipper on her overly large jacket higher, she walked out of the room, her eyes on the ground.

"Hey, Hinata!" A voice shouted behind her. Her eyes widened in shocking seeing the smiling Uzumaki running up to her.

"N-n-naruto." She stuttered in surprise. He was talking to her. The Uzumaki Naruto was talking to her. And he knew her name. Her heart beat picked up and hammered inside her chest. A heavy blush settled over her pale face as he neared, turning her cherry red.

"Hey. I was wondering," Naruto flashed her a smile, making her heart beat even faster. "if you would like to have lunch with me." He held his hand out as a gesture for her to take it. But she froze. It was all too much.

Naruto was getting nervous now. He had thought this girl was into him. I mean, who isn't? But here he is, offering himself to her, and she's not responding. She's just staring at him with a blank face. That weird little blob of a girl was rejecting him. Well, he'd see about that.

"Please, Hinata-chan?" He asked sweetly, moving a little closer to her. "I'll make it worth your while."

Hinata had finally come out of her daze at hearing his voice again. "S-s-sure. N-naruto. I'd l-l-love to have l-lunch with you." A smile spread over his face as he grabbed her hand and lead her to his car, gabbing the whole way about this and that. But Hinata wasn't listening. All her attention was focused on their intertwined hands. And on her promise with her father.


Hinata raced down the hallways of the school, her blush still sprayed over her cheeks. She had spent the last hour or more with Naruto. Sure, he might have done most to all of the talking, but she just enjoyed being in his presence. He had even given her a kiss on the cheek before she had dashed off in embarrassment.

Stopping before the door she realized just what was happening. She was late. For the first time in her life, Hyuuga Hinata, was late. Hopefully her teacher wouldn't be too mad. Gently pushing open the door, she found her hopes to be unfulfilled.

"Hyuuga. How nice of you to join us." Her teacher said, directing the class's attention to the embarrassed girl. "What, might I ask, was so important that you had to skip my class to do?"

"I-I-…umm….I.." She stuttered, her ears and cheeks burning red. Her teachers mouth twitched hearing her stutter and stood from her desk, bringing with her a small pink piece of paper.

"Detention for you Miss Hyuuga. I hope whatever it was, was important." Taking her seat Hinata stared at the paper in despair. She had never gone to detention before. What was she going to do?


"I don't get it. Why isn't she falling at my feet?" Vented Naruto. He had just gotten back with Hinata and found Sasuke loitering on the staircase, a book lazily covering his face.

"Aren't you the one who wanted something different?" Asked a bored Sasuke.

"Yes. But this is…too different. She didn't talk to me, she always moved away when I got too close and she could barely even bring herself to look at me. I even tried to kiss her when we got back, but she flinched so I got her cheek instead. Then she ran away from me. She's too much work." His yelling echoed in the small metal stairway they were residing in and it hurt Sasuke's ears.

"Well, I'm sure not every girl can be lucky enough to have you as their type." He remarked. Naruto could practically feel the sarcasm but chose to ignore it.

"Shouldn't you be in class, Sasuke?" Naruto yelled.

"Shouldn't you?" Was the raven haired boy's calm reply.

"Naw. I've got Ms. Neil right now. I think you know how I'm passing that class." A sly smirk made its way on his face, giving him a suggestive and cocky look.

"What about your date?" Sasuke asked, sliding the book into his pocket.

"What?" Naruto gave him a confused look.

"The girl? Hinata? Isn't she going to be in trouble?" Sometimes, Naruto could be so slow.

"Shit. She has that hard ass Fookigo right now. Damn it. She always gives out detentions." Naruto contemplated some things in his mind for a second. "Will she last in detention?"

"Nope." Sasuke answered, leaning casually against the wall.

Grabbing the front of the dark haired boy shirt, Naruto brought his face close to his. "Then make sure nothing happens to her."

"Are you crazy? Why would I spend my time looking after some stupid chick you're just going to dump in two weeks?" Sasuke pushed Naruto away, readjusting his collar. "Besides, I thought she wasn't worth it."

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto. Ranked number one in the school only tied with you. I never lose a girl. She will be mine, even if it takes weeks. And I'm not letting some detention punk steal the one thing I want from her away." He seethed.

"And that one thing would be?" Sasuke questioned, beginning to walk down the hall. School would be over in a minute, and he preferred to be outside when that happened.

"Her virginity of course. I've never had the pleasure of taking someone's before. I hear its fun." He ran a hand through his golden locks, earning a squeal from a group of girls walking out of the bathroom.

"What do you expect me to do?" Asked Sasuke, taking shelter in the shade under a tree.

"Just watch over her. Basically, make sure nobody touches what is going to be mine." He turned to leave, calling out to the stoic boy over his shoulder. "Besides, you practically live there. It's not like it'd be out of your way."

Sasuke stood there for a while, watching the people disperse. Hearing Naruto's words in his head he mentally cursed and headed to the detention room. He had to go there anyways. What Naruto said was true. He did spend the majority of his time there.


Hinata stared in despair at the door marked detention before her. If her father ever learned of this he'd be furious. Then he'd ask why she was late in the first place and she'd have to explain about Naruto. That was something she definitely did not want to have to do.

But he would never find out. If she didn't want this to go one her record, which of course she didn't, all she had to do was finish off her sentence of detention. A couple days and she was done. She could handle that.

Ok, so she couldn't handle it. She had never even been this close to the door before and it freaked her out. They would tear her apart. But it was almost three o'clock. The time detention started. And as earlier stated, Hyuuga Hinata was never late.

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