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"I swear to God Hanabi, Give. Them. Back." Hinata seethed, her eyes narrowed and fists clenched. Hanabi just stared up at her, her big doe eyes filled with confusion at her sister's current mood.

"You said I could borrow it. Don't flip a lid, sis."

"I said you could borrow it for your date three weeks ago, now give it back." Hinata made a quick attempt to grab the small girl, but missed.

"What's gotten into you? You never used to yell." Hinata couldn't help but feel a little guilty for yelling at Hanabi, none of it was her fault. But for the past few weeks Hinata had been kept occupied with her father wanting to spend 'quality bonding time' and Gaara always pulling her aside for quick 'lessons' just incase their parents decided to quiz them on each other. This, according to past experiences, he claims is totally likely to happen.

And between all of this family drama she had found absolutely no time to spend with her new, hot, and insanely awesome boyfriend. The only source of communication between them being late night phone calls and the usual detention. Hinata had become quite the badass, being late for class, talking without raising her hand; anything to get a detention just so she could have a little quality time with her boyfriend.

"I-I'm sorry Hanabi, you're right. I'm just a l-little stressed." Hanabi rolled her eyes and threw open her closet, pulling out the shining black boots that had caused all of the problems.

"Here, just take 'em." She threw them in her sister's direction who barely caught them. "Now, no offense, but get out; my boyfriend's on the phone."

Hinata gave a quiet thank you as she backed out of the room, obviously embarrassed about her little temper tantrum. However, she soon found herself smiling again as she thought of tonight and how it was her and Sasuke's first secret date. She was so nervous and anxious that snapping at her sister seemed like an almost natural thing to do.


"You're late." Hinata accused, her soft eyes staring pointedly at Gaara's bright green ones. As part of their plan he would drive her to the party, and pick her up around midnight to have her back by one.

She had argued that her dad wouldn't care how late she was out as long as she was with Gaara. But he had merely shook his head and said that he couldn't have her out all night, doing who knows what with who knows who.

"Yeah, sorry about that." His apology sounded so fake. She wondered how it was her father fell for all of his lies. "ready to go?"

She suppressed a 'duh' and only nodded, already walking to the car.

The ride was relatively peaceful, Gaara talking her ear off and her practicing her new method of tuning him out. She found that picturing Sasuke doing all kinds of things to her worked quite well. Although, you can't blame her for these images, if anyone asks, she'd instantly say it's all because of Tenten. Which, to anyone that knows the girl, doesn't seem like very much of a stretch.

"Are you even listening to me?"

"Nope." She had learned a lot of things from Gaara within these last few weeks; the most important ones being how to lie and how to not give a damn. She was becoming especially good at the second one.

"Just don't do anything you'll regret in the morning."

"Don't worry. I've got Sasuke with me."

"That's what I'm worried about." She glanced at him, but he wasn't looking at her. Shrugging, she sat quietly as they drove.


They pulled to stop in front of a large house. Hinata could feel the music shaking the car as she got out. She turned to say her goodbyes to Gaara but stopped.

"I-I thought you were leaving." He smiled, locking the car and starting up the walkway.

"What? And miss this great party? I don't think so." Hinata did her best to glare at him, but her anger went unnoticed by the redhead. Taking a deep breath she followed him up the path and into the house.

The music was deafening inside. Squeezing her way though the crowd she tried not to trip as she searched for Sasuke. She had managed to make it to the stairs when a hand landed on her shoulder. She smiled seeing who it was.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Naruto asked; a bright smile on his handsome face.

"I'm supposed to be meeting Sasuke, have you seen him?" She had to scream to be heard. Naruto smiled and nodded his head. Grabbing her hand he led her back through the crowd.

Hinata thought back to the previous weeks and all that had happened. Naruto and Sasuke had talked and were no longer fighting. This made Hinata happy because she didn't want to see either boy loose his best friend over something so stupid. Not long after the two had reconciled, Naruto started hanging out with them more and with time he and Hinata had become friends. Although, sometimes, it did get a bit awkward.

"So where's your husband?" Naruto yelled over his shoulder. He had started calling Gaara that weeks ago. He also took to calling Sasuke her mistress, much to the Uchiha's displeasure.

"He's around somewhere, I'm sure." He nodded as they turned down a hallway. Hinata didn't know whose house this was, but she felt very sorry for them; these partiers had no problem wrecking an otherwise nice house.

"He's in there." Naruto motioned towards an archway at the end of the hall. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some girls to dance with." He left her, his eyebrows wiggling suggestively as he moved to the dance floor.

The music was quieter over here and she could hear voices as she approached the room. A small group of people were inside what appeared to be the kitchen. Her eyes searched for Sasuke. A shy smile spread across her lips when she saw him.


Sasuke leaned against the counter leisurely, wondering when his date would arrive. He had been looking for her minutes before, circling the party. But he had been dragged back to the kitchen by Kakashi.

Lazily he watched the people around him, already drunk and stumbling, laughing and sharing stories. It was starting to give him a headache.

A movement in the archway caught his eye and a smirk stretched across his lips. He sent a quick appraising eye down her, a slender brow rising seeing her in dark skinny jeans, knee high leather boots, and a grey tank top. Not exactly your everyday Hinata style.

Downing his drink he walked over to her, their eyes locking. She blushed as he neared, her hands clasping behind her back in embarrassment. She was suddenly very aware of how she looked and who was watching.

"I like the clothes." His whisper sent a small shiver down her spine as his arm snaked around her waist.

"W-well, it's my first party and all." She confessed, large eye gazing up at him. "I wanted to look presentable." A smile stretched across her face as he leaned down, lips brushing lightly against her forehead.

"And who is this?" A man with silver hair gazed down at her. She opened her mouth but Sasuke spoke before her.

"Kakashi, Hinata." He motioned to the smiling man. "Hinata, Kakashi."

"Ah, so this is the infamous Hinata. You're the reason everyone's been acting so weird lately." Hinata stuttered out an apology, looking down in embarrassment. Kakashi only laughed, pushing a cup of clear liquid into her hands. "No need to apologize. I think it's adorable how Sasuke pines after you."

Sasuke scowled at the man, not saying a word. Kakashi just smiled back. Hinata didn't notice; she was busy inspecting the cup and trying to identify what exactly it was. She tasted it, scrunching up her nose. It tasted like rubbing alcohol.

"Come one Hinata, lets go…mingle." He trailed off, already leading her down the hall. She sent a small wave back to Kakashi, telling him it was nice to meet him. He waved back before disappearing into the kitchen.

They spent the next few hours roaming the house, talking to people that Hinata did and didn't recognize. She had always known that Sasuke was popular, but the sheer amount of people he knew was just ridiculous.

Finally they found their way onto the dance floor. It was loud and hot and crowded and normally Hinata would have minded. Normally, Hinata would have started panicking as sweat drenched bodies rammed into her repeatedly. But Hinata had about three cups of that unidentified liquid and was feeling rather not like she normally would have.

She swayed uneasily, trying to dance to the music. The beat was somehow eluding her. But she didn't care what she looked like, she just wanted to move. She started giggling as she swayed her hips, her arms flinging themselves over her head.

Sasuke looked down at her, his hands reaching out to take her arms. She was thrashing around dangerously, joining in on the raving around them. He hated being on the dance floor. Nothing good ever came of it. Gently, he tried to steer her away, but she jerked free of his grip, darting off in the opposite direction.

He didn't follow immediately, choosing to remove himself from the gyrating crowd before he got sick. He moved along the outskirts of the room, searching for his intoxicated girlfriend. He hadn't meant for her to drink at all, not even noticing the cups his friends shoved at her.

He walked halfway up the stairs, using the height to his advantage. He frowned seeing his girlfriend giggling as she crowd surfed across the room. She fell, but got right back up again, screaming something he couldn't hear. The people around her heard though, and yelled in triumph.

Sasuke sighed, scratching his cheek. Honestly, even a drunk Hinata was absolutely adorable.


Hinata bounced across the room, bright colors and darting bodies fascinating her. A misplaced hip sent her in the other direction and her eyes landed on bright, bright red. Reaching up, she ran her hands into it, feeling it. It was so pretty. Red was, after all, her favorite color.

Hands took her own and she glanced down, seeing eyes and a mouth where there shouldn't have been. Why was there a face near her fuzzy red object? The mouth was moving, forming words she couldn't hear. Either because of the buzzing in her ears or the music she wasn't sure.

She looked into the eyes, a distinctive green color in the dim lighting of the room, and lost herself in thought. Green was Sasuke favorite color. She looked around, suddenly realizing that her boyfriend wasn't with her. Where was he?

She drew her hands back, starting to wander off to look for him, but was stopped by the red fuzzy thing with a face. She noticed, vaguely, that it also had a body; a very tall one at that. She thought that the spark in the eyes and the smirk of the mouth seemed familiar but quickly forgot about it as another song pulsed through the room. She loved this song.

"Dance with me." She yelled, her words clear despite the alcohol in her system. Red fuzz laughed but nodded, pulling her body close and moving to the beat. But Hinata didn't want to dance like that, so calm and contained. Letting out a very unladylike yell, she jumped on him. He caught her, surprised, as she swung from his neck, laughing. He set her down and she hopped up onto the table, hips still moving.

Hinata danced on the table, determined to have the time of her life to her favorite song. She reached out a hand to red fuzz, helping him up onto the table with her, when her eyes caught Sasuke's from across the room. She waved energetically, calling out to him. She let out a laugh as he headed across the room to her. She turned back to her new friend, pointing at Sasuke enthusiastically.

"Look, that's my boyfriend." She smiled goofily, twirling around as the chorus played. "Isn't he gorgeous?" Red fuzz laughed and opened his mouth to say something but she was already jumping off the table and into the arms of her boyfriend who seemed neither pleased nor displeased by her actions.

Sasuke held onto Hinata, more to prevent her from escaping again than to return the hug. He glanced up at the table, scowling. He wasn't at all pleased to see Hinata hanging out with Gaara.

Hinata was bouncing around, her hands running through Sasuke's hair and trailing over his face. She was giggling, babbling on about some red thing she had befriended.

"Hey" Gaara offered, smiling down at the couple. Sasuke gave Hinata an impatient scowl before pulling her hands down; they had been poking at his eyes.

"Hn." It wasn't the most conversational response, but Gaara supposed it would do. Him and Sasuke had been forced to interact quite often over the past few weeks, but they still didn't really get along. He supposed it had something to do with being engaged to his girlfriend. But whatever, he figured worse things could happen. "Thanks for bring her." Sasuke offered awkwardly.

"No big. What did you give her anyways? I think she's gone insane." Sasuke frowned again, mumbling something about irresponsible friends and drunken crowd surfing.

An awkward moment followed where Hinata had again, flung herself at the boy and proceeded to kiss up and down his jaw. Sasuke's arms dropped to his side, surprised.

Gaara watched them, finding the unlikely couple absolutely adorable. Sasuke was all about being tall dark and mysterious, but he was complete mush in the girl's hands. He bit back a laugh as he glanced around the room, pausing for a second on a girl with dirty blonde hair. Her eyes didn't waver from his own and he felt a flutter of nerves in his chest. Well, this wasn't good.

Hinata had stopped molesting Sasuke long enough to glance back at her new friend. A wave of excitement went through her as she jumped back onto the table, taking the red heads hands.

"Look Sasuke, this is my new friend." She yelled. Sasuke just watched, his bored expression having no effect on her mood. "Red fuzz, meet Sasuke. My loooovely, hunky boytoy."

Gaara couldn't help but laugh. Sasuke reached up to pull her down but she danced away, slinging her arms around Gaara's neck and sticking out her tongue. Sasuke managed to grab her though and she laughed, joy dancing in her large eyes, as she pulled him close to her. She kissed him lightly on the corner of his mouth and smiled up at him.

Gaara found himself thinking again of just how cute they were when another flash of blonde entered his vision. Black eyes studied him and he looked away, cursing to himself.

Crouching low on the table he took hold of Hinata's elbow, eyes glancing once again to the blonde walking their way. Yanking her from the dark haired boy's grasp he pulled her close.

"Sorry." He muttered quickly, before descending his lips onto hers. It wasn't an invasive kiss. No tongue was involved. But it wasn't fake. He kissed her for real, his lips moving smoothly over her own.

Hinata let out a squeak and he pulled away after only a second. Green eyes glanced over her shoulder to a scowling Sasuke. He looked about ready to kill him. Gaara pulled Hinata close again, her head blocking his face from a certain blonde.

"Sorry, but I have to keep up appearances and whatnot. You know how it is." The explanation didn't seem to calm the boy any, but Gaara had other things to worry about. Turning to the side he gave a pleasant smile. "Why hello Temari. What a coincidence to see you here." He gestured to the girl still in his arms. "Temari, Hinata. Hinata, this is my sister Temari."

Temari looked at the drunken girl with distaste, her lips pursed in that way she does when trying not to say something nasty; not that it ever really worked. "Whatever. I'm just here to check on your sorry ass. Dad thinks that you're just playing him with this little freak." She glanced at Sasuke. Obviously she had seen something with him and the Hyuuga. "Not that I really care, but try not to fuck up again."

Hinata took that particular time to bend over and hurl, the contents of her stomach splashing against Temari's shoes.

"Ew, gross." She yelled, jumping away. "Take your stupid little bitch home." She stormed off, shoving her way through the crowd.

"Sorry about that," Gaara gave a small smile, releasing Hinata back to Sasuke who quickly picked her up, sending an icy glare over her shoulder. "The only thing she loves more than her credit card is making my life hell. And with the little romance scene you guys were putting on I had to do something to make her less suspicious." Sasuke barred his teeth, looking ready to bite his head off. "Maybe I should just…take her home now." Gaara spoke slowly, hesitating to take the small girl from the Uchiha's death grip.

"I think you've done enough for one night. I'll take her home." It was apparent by his stiff shoulders and harsh voice that the only things holding him back from beating the crap out of the redhead was the sick girl in his arms. Turning on his heels he stormed out of the house, people parting like the Red Sea as he passed.

Gaara let out a sigh, licking his lips. Kissing Hinata had been fun. Maybe he'd have to do it again some time. Shrugging the thought to the back of his mind, he made his way back into the crowds, determined to have a good time. He hadn't quite been acting like himself tonight and found himself pondering just what was in those cups.

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