Uzumaki Aircraft

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Summary: He observed the hawk in flight. He watched as the wind danced across the moors. He saw the leaf float upon the currents. And then, he got an idea. A horrible, frightening, terrible, disturbing, and utterly evil idea. "What if I could fly?"

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In Which Opera is Instrumental By andaandyckas

Orochimaru smiled as he gazed at his Sound Village. Soon, soon Sasuke will be ready and he will have his new body. He looks up to the sky and gave a laugh that secretly traumatized all of his subjects. Suddenly his eyes see a speck at the sky that soon become larger accompanied by a sound of propeller.

He looks at the speck and recognized the Red Fox, that Uzumaki brat aircraft. Orochimaru doesn't worried because he already design some weapon that will slap that ship out of sky like a fly.

" maybe able to buzz this village once, Naruto, but you will not be able to survive." He said, and then sat on his Kage Tower veranda to watch the firework.

Meanwhile, at the Red Fox, Naruto saw Sound Village become larger on his windshield. He grinned when his abnormally sharp eyes, courtesy of Kyuubi, saw Orochimaru. He knew about the defense there thanks to Ero-sennin's spy, but he doesn't worry. After all, He won't be near the defense.

He lock the joystick, then put the seal on his favorite jutsu. 'Heh, let see if Hebi-teme has a defense for this' he thought. Naruto accessed Kyuubi's Chakra, then screamed the Jutsu's name :


BGM : Flight of The Valkyries

Orochimaru's jaw dropped, along with every Sound nin when they first saw the aircraft engulfed by red chakra, and then thousands of craft suddenly materialized on the sky of Sound village. Orochimaru's defense, a device that shot out large balls made of explosive notes and shrapnel around the notes, basically the EC equivalent of flack gun, started shooting. When the ball explode, the flack destroy tens of the craft, but Naruto just create a new one. The device only have small amount of ammo and soon become depleted and no longer become danger for the craft. Soon the sky of Sound village blanketed by legions of The Red Fox. Behind his goggles, Naruto's grin became scary when he gave mental order to his clone piloting his equally cloned aircraft.

Soon, the craft dive to the ground of Sound village by wave. All sound nin panicked when they saw it's act and try to use any jutsu they have on the incoming craft. But the are too many of them, and when first wave craft almost crashed to the ground, in the canopy of every first wave craft Naruto's bunshin grin savagely and said two words, " Bunshin Daibakuha". The first wave explode leaving behind a large crater on the ground. Then the second wave coming, and the process repeat. Third through ten waves became almost obsolete because at that time, Sound village no longer look likes a village, but like the surface of the moon. Massive crater pocked the landmark and no building left standing. In the sky, a lone red aircraft circle the remains of Sound village then fly back to Leaf Village.

End Flight of The Valkyries.

On the Red Fox, Naruto grinned and shut his eyes to savor the image one of his clone sent back. It was a first wave clone that dive to Sound Kage Tower. The Image was of Orochimaru, standing on the verandah, eyes big as Dinner plate, with his mouth forming the words " Oh Shi..." before the cloned craft explode. Naruto Laughed and said to his imaginary Orochimaru, "I said to you that I will kill you and I always keep my word. Dattebayo, Bitch!!!!".

Leaf Village, several hours later

At the Kage Tower, Naruto met Tsunade to report his mission. He gave her his report and then went to Ichiraku to have a bowl or fifty of ramen to celebrate his successful mission. Meanwhile, Tsunade read the report, then massage his forehead. ' I am to old for this shit' she though. Then she go to the cabinet to take a bottle of sake that she reserved for this day, when Orochimaru no longer become the thorn on the village. But before she open the bottle, she took the form for entry of bingo book. At Naruto's form that starting to looks like a small book, she open the last page, and put a new entry :

Uzumaki Naruto
Konoha's Red Storm
Creator of the newest S-class jutsu ' Kamikaze No Jutsu' and SS-class jutsu 'Tajuu Kamikaze no Jutsu' that he used to destroy Orochimaru and The Sound Village

After that she put the form to the outbox to be printed at the new bingo book and distributed. Then she open the bottle and proceed to become drunk. And there is much rejoicing on the EC when the news come out.

- - -

Note: I realize that this chapter is not up to the usual standards of our readers, but with respect to the authors, I try to keep it at true to the original format as possible. If I ended up proofreading a work like this one, I'd end up rewriting it, and that wouldn't be fair to the author at all. However, don't direct your complaints to me. I only wrote the opening omake. Everything else here is NOT mine, only a compilation of short stories written by authors over at TFF.