Sorry, this isn't a chapter and I know how annoying it can be to think someone updated when it's nothing more than an author's note. I'm writing this because I will like to inform everyone that I decided to rewrite this entire story. I'm not very comfortable with this concept anymore. This story was almost complete but I'm going to go back and do some major rewriting for this story. I know some of you like Toki and others didn't like the original characters. I'm going to try my hardest to type the characters in character in the rewrite and take out the original characters. Sorry for those who liked Toki and the other OC's but they will be gone in the rewrite.

The rewrite will share a somewhat same concept like this one did. But I'm going to start the story with them at their current age instead of 12. In case you follow me (have me on alert) you may see a message like this for a few of my other stories as well. So sorry for the spam ahead of time.

So next chapter you'll see from this will be a brand new first chapter. But don't expect to see it anytime soon. I'm very busy in college and writing a novels so I won't be able to update as quickly anymore. But you'll see something from me soon enough.

Also I have a new story out, please check it out. It's called Whispers In The Dark. It's a KakaHinaSasu story. It has three chapters up so far, if you can feedback is much appreciated. x}

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