Title: Sibling Rivalry

Author: Miss Takin

Chapter: 1; Prologue

Summary: Siblings will always fight, but this rivalry's about to get a little more personal.

A/N: I'm doing this for fun. The idea was spurred on by a discussion in the thread Daikari vs. Takari in the forum Digimon 02: The Clash of Love, and I really have no idea where it's going to go right now but I loved the idea so much I just had to run with it. Funnily enough, it has nothing to do with Daikari or Takari, as you will soon see. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Toei owns Digimon and all related names, characters, items and locations. I don't.

At this point in her life, Hikari knew a few things.

She knew her brother was gay. She had suspected this for a while, ever since the rejections started. Being the star of the soccer team all the way through junior high, Taichi found that a lot of girls were able to gather up the courage to ask him out, but he had never said yes to any one of them. It happened so often that rejecting people became sort of a talent, and he could do it without even thinking. Of course, he never had to think about going out with anyone of these girls, because he had never really been interested in the female half of the human race. However, it wasn't until later that he had realized that it wasn't a lack of interest at all, it was just that the interest was somehow "misguided."

This was the word Taichi had first used. Hikari knew that he was a bit disgusted with himself in the beginning, having never known gay men to be anything more than the stereotypes he saw on TV, which were a less-than-desirable future for the athlete to look forward to. When he finally admitted to her, the first person he ever told, it was in a bit of a rage that he had been accustomed to experiencing as he suppressed his inner homosexual.

But now, Hikari knew that Taichi was happy. He was quite publicly a gay man, but still the same Taichi and not the drama queen that he had almost expected himself to become. He looked back on his days of rejections as a bit of a joke now, though at the time he had thought that there was definitely something wrong with him.

Another thing that Hikari knew was that Ishida Yamato was Taichi's best friend. Yamato was the quiet musician type, though very friendly when he got talking. Taichi and Yamato were almost always seen together, and so most assumed that they were "together." Hikari did not assume this.

Hikari knew that Taichi and Yamato were not together, and she knew this for the sole reason that she lived with Taichi. Hikari had known her whole life that Taichi had a knack for complaining, and she knew that his favorite thing to complain about lately was Yamato dodging him around every corner. He mostly did this when he was alone with Hikari, because he still found talking about his attraction to boys with their parents very awkward, and the feeling was mutual. Hikari knew that when their mother's eyes had grown to the size of saucepans upon learning his orientation, Taichi had sworn to himself that he would try not to bring up the subject anytime in the near future. Hikari had shown only a hint of surprise when he finally admitted to his sexuality, and thus Taichi felt quite comfortable talking to her openly about it.

So, Taichi had felt the need to complain to Hikari of all people about his failure to "get with Yamato." Hikari knew that Taichi was ridiculously attracted to Yamato, as he often used such phrases as "damn fine," "hot as hell," and "do-able" to describe him. Hikari had never seen Taichi so intoxicated with one person before, and she sometimes indulged in hearing Taichi talk about him as if he were a sex god.

However, there was one thing Hikari didn't know.

She was about to fall entirely, completely, unquestionably head-over-heels in love with Ishida Yamato.