Title: Sibling Rivalry

Author: Miss Takin

Chapter: 5; Seeking Advice

Summary: Siblings will always fight, but this rivalry's about to get a little more personal.

A/N: I'M SO SORRY! I literally just got my computer hooked up today, and I had all the files saved to it and I just wish I could've done it sooner but... life is hard. Anyway, I hope you like Miyako and Sora and will forgive me after you read this chapter, which I wrote all in one day and is relatively short but that can't be helped. :(

...I am really sorry.

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Letting out a long, almost sensual sigh, Miyako stretched out on Hikari's bed.

"I guess things are going pretty well – y'know, he's a pretty good kisser."

"But other than that?" Hikari asked. She knew from experience that the "physical" part of the relationship was only half of it for Miyako. She was the type of girl that was in it for the long haul, and she always used to talk about how much personality mattered to her.

"Well he's pretty much perfect at being himself. He gets this look on his face whenever he's embarrassed – it's just so adorable."

Hikari giggled a little. "So we've established that Ken is the dream boyfriend," she said, shifting her legs from where she sat leaning up against the bedpost.

Miyako smiled and moved onto her back so that she was looking at the decorated bottom of the top bunk. Hikari had placed numerous photos up there for her to stare at as she went to sleep. In the top left corner was a picture of her and Taichi with Yamato and Takeru – even as an 11-year-old Yamato had been able to pull of that smirk of his that on his eighteen-year-old face made her want to jump him.

"Well, there is one thing…"

Hikari looked up at her friend. "Which is?"

"When we're kissing… he really doesn't do anything… interesting with his hands."

"Ah," Hikari replied, fighting off the urge to imagine Yamato doing some interesting things with his hands. She bit her lip and blushed.

"I think it's just 'cause he's shy, because occasionally he does this little shaky thing where I think he's going to move them, but then he just puts 'em back right where they were."

It was too late for Hikari. She had to concentrate so hard on blocking out her little personal dreamland that she was barely listening to her friend.

"Hikari… earth to Hikari…"

"Uh huh?" Hikari blurted out, turning to look up at Miyako with a furious red tinge on her cheeks.

Miyako giggled. "Got something on your mind? Perhaps a crush you're not telling me about?" she asked slyly.

"No, it's nothing like that!" Hikari insisted.

"Let's see… what guys do you know? It can't be Daisuke – no offense or anything, but… Takeru maybe?"

Oh, how painfully close she was. "It's neither of them," Hikari said, looking Miyako in the eye to make sure she got the message.

Miyako's eyebrows furrowed in thought. "Hmm, then who is it? Iori's still a little young – I mean if you do have a crush on him I guess that's okay but I don't know what to tell you."

"It's not Iori," Hikari said.

"Koushiro maybe? I had a crush on him a year or so ago – he's kinda cute in a geeky sort of way…"

Hikari sighed. "Maybe it's not a Chosen," she said. It wasn't really a lie, but it gave her a bit of a knot in her stomach nonetheless.

"Hikari, how many guys do you know well that aren't Chosen?"

Her lie destroyed, Hikari had to admit that she really didn't talk to that many guys who weren't Chosen Children. She had a few other female friends at school mainly out of necessity, but other than that she was comfortable just hanging out with Daisuke, Takeru and the rest of the Chosen. Hikari sighed in defeat.

"So who's left. You never said yes or no to Koushiro, it can't be Ken" – Hikari briefly thanked all that was Holy that it wasn't Ken – "so that leaves Jyou… and Yamato. Unless you're a lesbian and it's me, in which case I understand perfectly but unfortunately I'm in a relationship at the moment…"


"Okay, so not a lesbian."

Hikari rolled her eyes.

"Jyou or Yamato… hmmm, since I'm pretty sure Yamato's gay and everything, I guess it must be Jyou, which is alright. I mean, he's a university guy and everything, and actually he's gotten pretty hot since he was in high school…"

Miyako was nodding her head, obviously processing this new concept of Jyou's dare-she-think-the-word attractive qualities along with Hikari's supposed crush on the 19-year-old man.

"Miyako," Hikari said, fearing what she was about to say.


"It's not Jyou."

Miyako was kneeling on Hikari's bed so quickly that the brunette barely had time to register the fact that her friend had moved.

"But that means…"

"Well… yeah," Hikari confirmed.

"But Hikari, Taichi likes Yamato."

"Miyako, if you continue to sound exactly like my brother, I'm throwing you out," Hikari said dryly.

"Sorry, it's just a bit weird…" Miyako said, stopping to think for a moment. "Hey, you know who you should talk to? Sora!"

"Really?" Hikari asked, surprised that she had not thought of this herself.

"Yeah, she was with Yamato before, and she knows all about this stuff. I've talked to her tons of times about Ken before."

"Oh," Hikari said, thinking about it for a moment and then coming to the conclusion that talking to Sora would indeed be a very good idea.

Her chat with Miyako left Hikari extremely eager to call up Sora, so much that she thought about talking to the redhead almost more than she thought about doing anything with Yamato, and before she had thought about things like that almost 24/7.

She sat in an anxious daze in school, often finding herself nervously tapping her pen on her desk – which always ended with Takeru grabbing the offending item and giving her an ice cold attempt at a smile while Daisuke giggled in the background. At the end of the day, she managed to rip herself away from Taichi and Yamato, both of whom were headed back to the Yagami apartment, and find her way to Sora's tennis practice. Having to take the train without the protection of the older boys left her feeling a little vulnerable, but Hikari kept her mind on what she would be saying to the older Chosen once they had a chance to speak.

Hikari arrived at the tennis courts a little later than she had expected, and she could see that Sora was just finishing her practice. The older girl was entirely focused on the game, and didn't notice as the Chosen of Light stopped to stand outside the fence surrounding the court. Hikari watched in admiration as Sora put so much power into her swing that the ball whipped past her opponent, who could only make sure to be well out of the way. Sora let out a sigh and called an apology over to the other girl, but soon they were back into the game and she was swinging just as hard again.

When Sora finally finished, picking up her water bottle and running a tired hand through her short hair, she noticed the brunette and sent over a curious smile before walking over to speak through the fence.

"Hi Sora," Hikari said. "I was wondering if we could talk."

"So what is it that you wanted to talk about?"

Despite Hikari's meek protests, the pair had made their way back to Sora's apartment, and just now the redhead was setting down a cup of tea in front of the younger Chosen and falling easily into big sister mode.

"It's a bit hard to talk about…" Hikari said.

"Take your time, it's okay," Sora said sweetly, taking a sip from her own teacup. She smiled warmly at Hikari.

"It's guy troubles," she admitted shakily, avoiding Sora's gaze. Something in those eyes made her want to spill everything.

There were so many ways to start this conversation, but Hikari couldn't pick any one of them that she actually wanted to use. As she kept thinking, the possibilities kept building and building, until finally she blurted out:

"Why did you and Yamato break up?"

Sora made a small "oh" sound and glanced away.

"I'm sorry – I shouldn't have asked a question so personal. I suppose I should maybe just go home…"

"No, that's all right Hikari," Sora said, her voice stopping the brunette from standing up. "It's just that, well, Yamato and I came to an understanding, and it is quite a personal matter, for both of us."

Hikari took a deep breath. "Is he gay?" she asked quietly, almost not wanting to ask, fearing the affirmative.

Sora's smile twitched in amusement. "Even if I knew, I don't think I could tell you. That boy – he has too many secrets much more trivial than that, and if he had bothered to tell me he would have made me swear to secrecy in his own way."

Hikari nodded in understanding. Yamato did seem to be the secretive type, but she at least thought that he was comfortable enough in his relationship with Sora to be a little more open with her.

"Hikari, are you –"

"No," Hikari said, her eyes averting Sora's gazes of their own accord. The lie brought back that knot in her stomach, and she could tell by the way Sora tilted her head and twitched her smile again that the redhead could see right through it.

"You can tell me, you know. We've known each other for ages, and I'm a good secret-keeper."

Hikari smiled at her, but it was that smile that said nothing more than "I can't. I'm sorry."

Sora understood, and she looked down at her tea. "Well, you know what I think? I think the three of us Chosen girls should get together and go shopping one of these days. My closet certainly needs something other than my school and tennis uniforms in there…"

"Miyako would love that," Hikari said.

"Good, then let's start planning."

Though it wasn't quite the talk she was hoping to have, Hikari felt rejuvenated by Sora's excited planning of their girls' day out, and she had a smile on her face as she walked through the door. The apartment was dark – Hikari could see a thin stream of light from their father's office, where he was quietly talking on the phone, but in front of the TV Hikari could make out the distinctive hairstyles of the Chosen Children of Courage and Friendship.

"Taichi, if that happens one more time…"

"What? My arms slipped off the back of the couch…"

"That's it. Move over there."

"But Yamato…"

Every so often, Taichi managed to flirt his way onto the irritable side of Yamato. These were the moments that Hikari was almost sure that the blond was straight, but she had never found so much joy in them as she did now.

"What are you guys watching?" Hikari asked, watching in masked triumph as Yamato shifted away from Taichi.

"Spirited Away," Yamato replied.

"Yamato insisted on it," Taichi added. "I think the witch is creepy," he whispered behind Yamato's head.

"She's supposed to be," Yamato said, turning to Taichi and wincing a little at how close their faces were together. Taichi gave him a wide smile.

"I love this movie!" Hikari said, hopping into the space between Yamato and the end of the couch, which at the fault of Taichi was just enough for her to squeeze comfortably in beside him. She was a slightly upset by his lack of reaction, but Taichi almost made up for it with his glare and she turned her attention to the movie, which of course was interrupted almost immediately by the phone ringing.

"Hikari, get the phone," Taichi said sourly.

"It's probably for you," Hikari shot back.

"Why would it be for me when the person that calls me the most is sitting right here?" he asked, trying as hard as he could not to smile.

Hikari was about to reply when her father called from his office, "Hikari, phone's for you!"

"Thanks Dad," she called back, sighing in defeat as she got up.

"Hikari, it's one of those boys again… you just let me know if you're having any trouble with them and you know your old man will take care of it…"

"No thanks Dad," Hikari said before picking up the cordless in the living room. "Hello?"

"Hikari! Guess what!"

Hikari smiled. It was Daisuke. "What?" she asked.

"Me and Takeru actually got on the ball this time!"

"Oh yeah?" she said, a bit curious, but more amused by Daisuke's enthusiasm.

"We called around, and we're all thinking about getting together this Saturday at my apartment to watch movies and stuff. I called you tonight 'cause… well I know I'll forget in the morning at school. You know me."

Hikari grinned. "Sounds good. I'll be there."

"Great. See you tomorrow!"


Hikari put down the phone and smiled to herself before returning to the couch.

"Who was that?" Taichi asked as his little sister squeezed back into the space between Yamato and the arm of the couch.

"Daisuke. We're getting together this weekend to watch movies."

"You and Daisuke?" Yamato asked, appearing mildly shocked; which, for Yamato, was more than he usually would have shown.

"Oh, no, all of us younger kids," Hikari quickly said. "Not… me and Daisuke…"

Yamato said "oh," and looked back at the television, but Hikari couldn't help but wonder why he had been so surprised. Maybe it was nothing, she told herself, but maybe…

Breaking the streak she had been having, Hikari did not sleep well that night.