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Megaman's POV-

"Lan, no more. I'm tired." Lan was trying to pull me back to the park to play more soccer, but I was exhausted. We had been playing for close to three hours now.

I guess you could say I was really happy to be in the human world; not in a dog's body. I finally felt free. Though, I didn't feel quite like myself. I had to dress like any normal person; in a t-shirt and loose fitting jeans. Lan would laugh at my hair, calling it 'the mop.' It's not my fault that I was programmed to look like this. People frequently saw me as a sixteen year old high school student, and Lan tended to side with them. This was definitely better than being in the cyber world, fighting darkloids, having things explode on you, and getting impaled by swords.

Once we were home and in Lan's room, I flopped on to the bed and stretched. God, I was so tired.

"How was your day at school? Any more bad grades?"

I knew I had hit a nerve when Lan stopped unpacking his school bag. He had been so eager to play soccer with me that he forgot to leave his things at home.

"I'd rather not talk about it."

Ever since Lan told me about his depression and the trouble with his friends, I've been able to read him like a book. I know when something's going on. It's heartbreaking to watch. He suffers everyday, trying to keep what little friendship he has.

Lan seemed too vulnerable right now, so I didn't press the issue. He shuffled over to the bed and lay down next to me. I stretched my arm to the side, resting it against the top of his head. Almost immediately, he rolled on to his side and pressed his face against my arm. I felt my skin get wet and I knew he was crying. There's nothing you could do once Lan got like this. It I tried to move, he'd just cling to me like a Bandaid and not let go.

It's at times like these that I would let my mind wander. The thought of Lan trying to kill himself was always on my mind. I'd been having nightmares every night; dreams of which Lan died because I was a useless fool who didn't care about his feelings. That's definitely not me. I care about him with all my heart. I'd do anything for that furry-headed, curry-loving… wow. I'm thinking too far into this. I'd better stop; I'm scaring myself.

"Megaman, are you feeling okay?"

Lan had stopped crying long enough to speak.


Lan wrapped his arms around my torso and hugged me tightly.

"Lan, I have an idea."

"What're you talking about?"

"I know how to end your suffering."

I hoped this was a good idea. If it isn't, I don't know what is.

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