Megaman's POV-

'Why does my head hurt? I can't organize my thoughts. I hear voices, but from where? This sea of darkness has flooded my vision. Someone's touching my head. Ow, that hurts!'

My eyes snapped open, only for me to be temporarily blinded by the fluorescent lights above me. After adjusting, I managed to see a hazy image of someone standing above me, who turned out to be Dr. Hikari.

"You're finally awake, huh?" he asked, giving a quick tug on the bandages around my head to tighten them. I winced in pain. It's first nature to know that you shouldn't do anything to aggravate a victims wounds, especially on the head.

Dr. Hikari must have seen something in my eyes because he pushed a small trash bin next to the bed as I rolled on to my side and vomited. I had to say, puking is the most vile action the body can produce. My throat burned and I felt like I would lose my stomach. It was dreadful for those ten seconds.

When it was over, I continued to lie on my side. All of the strength I had, which was still very little, had been drained. I thanked the gods I wasn't human. How can they do that three of four times when they have to Norovirus?

"I guess you really do have a nasty concussion. Lan did the same when he woke up."

"Lan's awake?"

Yeah. He's been awake for two days now. You've been out for four."

Dr. Hikari moved so I could see what he was talking about. Sure enough, Lan was lying in bed watching TV. He too had bandages around his head. There was also something that looked like a modified cast around his torso. I guessed this was because of the broken rib inflicted by Dex.

"Can I talk to him, alone?"


Dr. Hikari left the room, leaving the two of us together. I sat up and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I felt a strong wave of nausea wash over me, but I managed to regain my composure. I walked to his bedside and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his head and smiled. I noticed his eyes were glassy, but it was most likely from the effects of whatever medicine he was given.

"How're you doing? Are you in anymore pain?" I asked, sitting on the edge of his bed.

"Not really, at least for the time being. I'm on morphine right now. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Your dad said I only suffered a concussion."

"You're so lucky. Because of my broken rib, I'm not allowed to move around, except to use the bathroom."

I just laughed and looked at the television. Lan was watching… the news!? That confirmed it; Armageddon was imminent.

"Megaman," Lan took my hand and gently pressed my palm to his cheek, "I have to tell you something important."

I just hoped this wasn't going to be like the first time he announced something. That didn't turn out too well. Lan opened his mouth to speak, but he was interrupted when his mother burst through the door.

"Lan, honey, I was so worried about you. I came as soon as your father called me. I didn't want to disturb your sleep, Megaman, so I waited until you both woke up."

Sleep? I was out cold!

"Your father said I couldn't stay too long because you two are still recovering, so I just stopped by to drop off a few things. I believe you wanted these, Megaman," she said, pulling something out of a bag.

She handed me the chocolate and white rose I had requested a few days ago. The rose was still fresh and the chocolates were cold, meaning that she had stored the two in the freezer.

"I suppose I should leave now. I'll see you two in a couple of days, when you're allowed to come home. Bye, boys."

The two of us sat quietly for a minute, listening for anymore footsteps.

"Well, as I was going to say-"

"Actually, Lan, can I say something first?"

"Um, okay."

"I specifically ordered these for you," I said, handing the gifts to Lan, "Because…"

Alright, Megaman. Calm down, relax, and breathe. You're getting yourself all worked up over this. Lan may not even like you. He may reject you. Don't get your hopes up. It could all end in heartache.

"Because I love you. I've never loved anyone before, so I don't know what to expect. Heck, I don't even fully understand what love is, but-"

I was shocked as Lan, despite his broken rib, sat up and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. If I had a real heart, I'm sure it would have just stopped.

"What's the matter? You look surprised," Lan said with a smirk. "You didn't actually think I would react badly, did you?"

"Y-You just kissed me!"

"Of course. It's the reaction most people get when they share the same feelings as the one they confessed to. You really haven't been in love before, have you?"

"Which means-"

"That I love you too."

I sat there, still immobilized.

"Hellooo, Megaman. Are you-Owwww!"

I pulled Lan into a tight embrace, forgetting that he was in pain.

"Stop!" he playfully tried to push me away, without much success. "C'mon, that hurts!"

I let up a little on the hug and laid down next to Lan with him still in my arms. If this was paradise, I never wanted to leave.

We laid in silence staring at each other and, much to my annoyance, letting Lan play with my hair. Even though we had confessed to each other, nothing really seemed to change. This was a good thing because I liked the relationship we shared and nothing would seem right if that disappeared.

We watched TV for a while until Lan noticed that Jeopardy was on next.

"No! Turn the channel! There's too much information and too many big words!"

I left the show on until after only the first question.

"Ow, now my head hurts!"

All I could do was laugh. Certainly, nothing was about to change.

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