Okay. This is quite descriptive, so don't read it if you have a very weak stomach. I wrote the end first, so I know that it won't make much sense. Also, the dying woman is Relena and the woman who is doing this is Ami (I know, I know, she's totally OOC, but she has a good reason to be).

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Slash. My eyes became focused again, looking down with grim fascination at the woman in front of me as her startled eyes widened in pain and her pale blue gown blossomed with crimson flowers. I pulled back; receiving a sickening sound of steel going through flesh, and dropped the dagger with horror. I had just stabbed someone, and not just anyone, the Queen. I didn't mind. I had hated her with my whole heart after what she did to me. My whole life purpose was focused on getting rid of her, and now that I had I didn't know what to do. With Heero in a coma, there was no one to prove that I was the rightful queen; the only person that believed me was too low in social stature to be taken seriously, as she was a peasant and a woman; as was I. I would be beheaded for the assassination of a member of the royal family, and no one could, not that they would anyway, convince the grand vicar to give me a proper trial. I watched the dying queen with a churning stomach, I had never been strong around bloodshed, and her whole life supply of the crimson liquid was quickly flowing through the gash on her belly and pooling around the struggling woman. "I-I don't want to die!" she gasped, watching with horror as I stood looking at her as though nothing was happening, "Please!" She coughed, "I don't want to die!" She looked at me, the hate in her anguished blue eyes barely covering her horrible pain. I looked indifferently down at her; I wanted her to know that I didn't give a damn what happened to her after what she did, and she screamed in rage at me, only to be cut off by the blood that forced its way up her throat and out of her mouth. I desperately wanted to throw up. She tried endlessly to cough up all the blood, but it wouldn't stop coming, and I watched as life gradually left her eyes from the lack of blood and oxygen. She gave a final, rather pathetic in my opinion, cough and glared up at me with her dulling eyes before a shudder ran through her frail body and she fell over, dead. I stared at her for a minute before picking up my dagger and spitting on her corpse. She was dead, finally, after all these years.

"It's not polite to disrespect the dead you know." Said a voice, shaking me to the core. I knew I was dead on the spot, and turned slowly, wanting to at least know whom my killer would be before he sent me of to the land of the dead. When I was facing my intruder, I couldn't believe my eyes. My heart raced as I ran over to Heero and embraced him, sobbing with my built up fear and exhaustion. He held his arms tightly around me, holding me.

"You're out of your coma!" I cried, tears of joy leaking down my face.

"Yes." He reassured me quietly, and I knew that everything would be all right.

Well! *dances around* Relena's dead! Oh, and this is a Ami/Heero fic (not many of those, huh?). It'll make more sense in the later chapters, I promise. It's set in the middle ages, and Heero is the new king. Well, that's all I'm gonna tell you now! Ja ne!

-Sailor Miniji ^-^