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Above the sewers where the turtles sat pondering the rain was still drizzling lightly

Above the sewers where the turtles sat pondering the rain was still drizzling lightly. The storm had passed as quickly as it had come. Dagon sighed, breathing in the strange scents of this new world. The stench of pollution in the air made him slightly nauseous.

His master had bid him to report as soon as he had seen the turtles and where they lived. Their fight in the sewer had merely been a test. He needed to see how strong they were. Though he had to admit the similarities between him and the turtles irked him slightly he had come here to do a job and he would finish it.

He set off running from where he had stood in an abandoned alley way. But first he needed a place to stay.

Dagon leapt up a nearby fire escape and onto the roof of a tall building. He surveyed the area. Oh, what luck. He had picked the tallest building in the nearby vicinity. He could see for miles. All the lights and sounds of this city might have enthralled him if it wasn't for the distinctly human stench to anything and everything he looked at.

He needed a place to stay that wouldn't be full of humans or too far away from the turtle's lair. A building to his right caught his eye. It was old and rundown but it would serve his purpose. He began to run towards it. He was not accustomed to leaping over the tops of buildings, and he almost fell a few times, but he managed to make it to his destination. The building was even more decrepit than he first thought.

His master, he remembered urgently. He walked into the alley way that was to the left of the building and knelt down next to the nearest puddle. He took out a piece of chalk from a small pouch on his belt and began to draw a series of runes around its imperfect perimeter. He muttered a few words underneath his breath before the water began to glow with a brilliant, otherworldly blue light.

Dagon squinted his eyes against the sudden barrage to his retinas, but his face, otherwise, remained passive and thoughtful.

The water rose into the air creating a perfect sphere of liquid, an ever-swirling vortex. The center of the sphere soon began to project a distorted image, like an old television with poor signal. It portrayed the picture of a monstrous snake. The head was armored with millions of jade scales. The piercing eyes were narrowed into an ever-present glare filled distrust, arrogance, and hatred.

"Master Hebi," Dagon began. "I have found the turtles."

"Good," the snake hissed. Its clever tongue flickered in between its fangs with pleasure. "Now you know what you are up against?" Dagon nodded. "And now you know what you must do?" Dagon nodded once more. The snake's ruby eyes glimmered with satisfaction. Revenge and victory were now within its grasp (figuratively, of course).

"Then go."

The image of the snake terminated suddenly and the water from the puddle fell down to the ground and splashed him in the face. Dagon blinked, surprised, but only slightly.

He began to get up but a movement flickered in the corner of his eye and he turned slightly to meet it. A dingy, human male sat a few feet away shivering uncontrollably and currently was trying to meld with the wall behind him.

Dagon sneered. He would have to dispose of this witness.

He got to his feet, leaning cockily to his left side. "Would you like to live?"

The human nodded furiously. Its vocal chords were currently frozen with terror.

Dagon smirked. "Too bad."

And before it could even remember its legs and run the human had a knife lodged in its larynx.

It gurgled for a few minutes, slumping to its knees. It actually managed to dislodge the blade from its throat with trembling, scarlet-coated fingers but, other than that, was able to do little else.

It died.

As soon as the animal was finished twitching in death's throes, Dagon walked over to it and retrieved his knife from its clutching ruby appendages. Its eyes were cloudy, staring into their own oblivion. Horror was still instilled on its face.

Dagon paid it no mind. Instead he walked away, wiping his knife on a cloth he always kept with him for just that purpose.


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