Warning: Sion? Exile? Revan? Atton? Carth? Canderous? Jolee? Kreia? Nihilus? Malak? Saul? Darkside? Lightside? Greyside? Force blind? Mandalorian Wars? Jedi Civil War? Malachor? Leviathan? Star Forge? I don't know what this is- except it scared the crap out of my English teacher.

Hurt me

Burn me, Bruise me, Cut me, Use me

I've had worse

So many people have carved there initials into my skin

It's a wonder I still bleed

But I do

Pry open my chest- my heart still beats

Take it out and squeeze- I'm still alive

And after I kill you, I'll take it back

And place it back in its dusty cage where it belongs

Unused, unnoticed, atrophied

I've had worse

What use do I have for a heart?

Maybe I'll let you keep it

A memento, of the time we spent together, or the time we fought-

I'll fight you

I'll fight you, I'll fight the world, I'll fight the galaxy, I'll fight the darkness

It's what I do

I fight, I struggle, I resist, I remain

I never succumb. I never give in. I never die


I don't know- and I don't care

Apathy is death?

I've had worse

Worse than death

Life is conflict, life is pain

Then life ends

Dreams don't need to die, but mine did

Fight me- I'll win

Don't fight me- You'll lose

Shadows dance between us

Flickers of doubt, of past, of pain

I've had worse

Your life, your death, your dying scream

I've had worse

You won't- I've seen to that

Be grateful

I've had worse