I haven't tried my hand with a drabble before, but I felt inspired by that delicious collection of Hiei/Kag drabbles that SadBrokenWings put up. You should check it out, -- it's called "Sure." So, I thought I'd give it a whirl. (I may just be too verbose to do a good drabble. LOL!) Most of these will be Hiei/Kag, but believe it or not, I actually have a couple of other pairings in mind to try. The first ones will be holiday-themed in honor of the season, but I hope to keep adding to the collection, hence the title. (And yes, I really am still working on the next chapter of "Black Widow Miko," and will try to finish it and get it up ASAP. But I wanted to do something Christmassy. )

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Kisses: Mistletoe or No


This was getting ridiculous. It was bad enough that he had let Kurama drag him to this little get-together without him having to watch her walk around in that shameless, skimpy little excuse for a dress. Her shoulders were bare, and there was plenty of cleavage showing above that irritating white, fuzzy stuff. She was going to catch a chest cold. He added some extra heat to the room.

Then there was the skirt of it. It was so short, he could swear he'd seen her undergarment, -- a tiny, piece of red cloth with two white bows on the sides, -- when she had bent over to pick up a napkin someone had dropped. Those white socks and long, fingerless gloves weren't really hiding anything, either. No, they just emphasized the fact that she wasn't wearing nearly enough clothing. Damn onna.

He didn't care what the fox said about it being fashioned after some Western version of a mythical being of good will and generosity, he'd bet her mother hadn't seen her in it. If she had, she shouldn't have let her out of the house. Can't trust anyone.

But that wasn't the worst of it. Far from it. That damn Keiko had decorated the restaurant with all kinds of lights and greenery, and apparently there was some insane ningen tradition that said a male could just grab any female that was standing under those little twigs with the white berries and kiss her, whether he had any intentions towards her or not. And they were all over the place! He'd watched Kurama kiss her. And Koenma. Then Yusuke. Even that idiot, Kuwabara, had dared to kiss her. At least he had sense enough not to put his lips on hers, and had kissed her rosy pink cheek instead. It was infuriating. Damn ningen and their stupid damn traditions.

Then Chuu, Rinku, Jin, and Touya had shown up. There were too many damn males at this party. Sure, all of the girls were getting kissed, even Yukina, which was also annoying, but she was getting kissed twice as many times as the others. Why didn't she ever look up to see whether she was under one of those damn, stinking little branches before she stood still for a few minutes?!!? Every youkai in the place had already catalogued the exact location of every one of the damn things, and was just waiting to pounce on her. He could see it in their eyes. He was getting a headache.

He turned to see Keiko greeting three new arrivals, -- Shippou, Kouga, and Inuyasha. Who the hell had invited them? He heard Keiko giggle and saw her point out the pieces of mistletoe as she explained the tradition to them. Then he saw their eyes take on a predatory gleam as all three of them turned their attention to the object of his extreme agitation. Oh, HELL NO!

He had had enough. He stalked over to her, and ignoring her startled look as he pulled her against him, he captured her lips in a bruising, possessive kiss. Gentling his hold on her when he felt her arms encircle him and her hand cup the nape of his neck, he let her soothe his frazzled nerves when she slid her lips along his and pressed several small, soft kisses of her own to his mouth and along his cheek. He could feel her smile against him, and her breath was warm in his ear when she whispered, "It's about time."

His grip on her tightened again when he heard Yusuke laugh and yell, "Hey, Hiei! You can't do that, man, -- Kagome's not standing under any mistletoe right now."

"Real youkai don't need mistletoe," he snapped back. "And you," he glared at the girl in his arms, "will stand right here for the rest of the evening or I'm taking you home."

"That suits me fine," she smilingly agreed, slipping her hand in his.

"Well, at least we can still look at her," Kouga said, in a loud whisper.

With a pointed glare in the ookami's direction, Hiei whipped his cloak off and fastened it around Kagome's shoulders. If she thought she was going to wear that dress next year, she was sadly mistaken. At least, she wasn't going to be wearing it where anyone else could see her.


A/N Lady Shieru is actually doing a Christmas picture for me of Hiei and Kagome, and she sent me a sketch of it. I tried to describe Kag's outfit from that. You should check out her gallery on DeviantArt if you want to see it when it's done. I was expecting a sweet, warm moment between them under the mistletoe, but her picture is smoking hot!!! Woo hoo!!!