When you were young

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Chaper 1

My story

5 year-old Bella Swan was alone after her parents died of an airplane crash. Bella the only survivor, until Edward Cullen saves her from her loneliness and brings her into the Cullen family.


I was 6 when my parents died in an airplane crash, even though I was young I could still remember the screams, anguish and fears of those who were on the airplane with me. My parents held me as tight as they could. We were going to California for the summer, I was so happy like any kid would be. Why? Why us?

After I heard the last words my mother said to me; "We love you, Bella."

I blanked out. I woke up several hours, blinking, trying to remember what happened and where I was. I shifted my gaze and caught a pair of topaz eyes staring at me, his eyes full of sadness. Once he saw me staring at me, he smiled a crookedly smile.

"Why, hello there little one" he said.

His voice was so lovely, like musical notes.

I could barely talk, my throat was hurting, but I managed a whisper

"hi." I smiled at him, but my face was filled with pain as I smiled

He looked worried as he saw my pain, but managed to still smile. He got up from the chair and walked slowly up to me, bended down to my height, as I lay on the hospital bed. At first I couldn't fully see his face, but now I could see it. His whole body was pale, his face so beautiful. Even for a six-year old, I knew that. I would continue how handsome he was, but I need to finish my story.

"My name is Edward Cullen" He lifted his hand and waited until I would shake it.

"My name is Isabella Swan, Bella is what I like better" I told him, feeling comfortable with him, I slowly lifted my hand up and shook his. Shivers ran down my neck as coldness hit me. He was freezing cold, but I didn't let it bother me.

He chuckled lightly as I told him my name.

"Where are my mommy and daddy?" I finally croaked. I knew where they were before he it left his lips.

He looked at me. I could see in his face, he was debating weather to tell me the truth, or a lie.

"Your mom and dad are gone" he finally spilled out. Even though I knew the truth, tears spilled out of my eyes. I could feel inside of me breaking down, shutting off. I sobbed silently to myself, forgetting Edward was there.

Suddenly, I felt cold strong arms wrap around me as I cried. He stroked my hair as I continued to sob silently.

"Shh…it'll be alright, I'm here." I heard him say in my ear.

This continued on for a while, until I stopped crying.

"Edward.." I said, when I was done crying my heart out.

"Will you stay with me? Forever?" I said…Clinging on to him, my face buried into his stomach.

"I will Bella, forever and ever"

"Promise? You'll take care of me. I'll take care of you"

He chuckled lightly, letting me go and staring in my eyes.

"Promise! Cub scout honors" he said as he smiled widely.

A knock on the door startled me and we both turned to the door. A man entered. He too was beautiful and looked similar like Edward.

"Hi Bella, my name is Carlisle" he smiled at me and walked to me as he checked me up.

"How is she, father?" Edward asked, still holding me as I sat silently.

He was Edward's father?! He looked so young!

"Fine…she can go home today" Carlisle said happy.

I looked at the ground. I didn't have a home, or a family.

"I have no home…or any family" I blurted out as I hugged Edward tighter sniffing lightly.

I could see both of them had concern on their faces.

"Well that's a problem" Carlisle said softly.

Edward turned to me and then to his father.

"I could be her guardian, I can take care of her." He said with determines in his voice.


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