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Kurogane: How the hell is that Christmassy?

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Our favorite ever-grupy ninja was unexpectedly awoken by our favorite ever-energetic manjuu, the manjuu liking the idea of jumping onto the ninja's head.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP, SLEEPYHEAD!" Mokona called out while bouncing.

"Graaaah, what the hell is it shiromanjuu?(1) Get off me!"

"We're invited to a party!"

"Wha? Who cares, you all can go without me, unless that's where the feather is or something. Let me sleep, dammit."

"Kurogane must still be sleeping; we found the feather yesterday, Kuro-pipi! And nope! Kuro-chuu has to come because we're crossing dimensions to go there! It's Yuko's Christmas present! Up, up, everyone else is ready to go!"

Kurogane's eyes widened. The dimension witch was able to transport them all back to her world…and never damn well told them?! He twitched, an evil grin forming out of his scowl. (2)

"Ok then, let's find out what the witch wants this time. Now get out so I can get dressed, damn manjuu!"

"Kurogane's scary!" Mokona cried, bouncing back out of the room, making Kurogane wonder how the hell a meat bun could close his door for him.

Kurogane rolled his eyes and got his things together and his familiar armor and cape back on, and joined the others outside his room, scowl back in place.

The two teenagers smiled at his arrival, and the mage giggled.

"What's the matter with you?"

"It just looks like it really is better to 'let the sleeping dog lie', eh Kuro-wanwan? You look like you rolled out of bed like that," the blond exclaimed, trying not to laugh too much at the ninja.

Kurogane gripped his sword, his killing aura appearing like it usually did when the mage made fun of him.

"MOKONA MODOKI CAN'T WAIT!" the fluffy creature cried triumphantly, stopping the ninja's assault by opening the portal to another dimension.

"Damn manjuu," Kurogane muttered.

He really wanted to tear the manjuu apart when they landed inside the witch's shop, and not only was the landing bad as usual, but the manjuu even had the nerve to deposit a blond mage exactly in his lap.

"Off!" the ninja grunted as he shoved Fai away before Kurogane glared at the ever-cheerful ball of fluff.

"Kuro-pii's so rough with me, whatever shall I do?"

"I happen to know a couple great curses designed for abusive boyfriends, Fai-san, though I don't know if you need the help if you don't object," Yuko winked, entering the room.

Fai had the decency to blink and blush before he laughed.

Kurogane, however, glared furiously at the dark-haired dimensional witch.

"Witch, your head is still attached only because I am sure you were not referring to me just now. I'll also forgive you if you just give me my sword back!"

Yuko blinked and smiled easily. "Oh? I wasn't? I have a few books on denial too, Mr. Ninja. And sorry, no can do. No refunds, no exceptions, and besides, you have a perfectly good sword right with you, why replace it?"

"Aah…Y-Yuko-sama, we were happy to accept your invitation but I must admit I have the feeling there are other reasons you had Mokona bring us here?" Syaoran spoke up, a bead of sweat rolling down his temple.

Yuko sighed, her silent agreement to stop teasing the ninja and the mage. "Point taken. Please make yourselves at home."

She gestured to the side of where they were standing and two sofas were comfortably waiting. Kurogane blinked. He hadn't seen the furniture before, had the witch merely conjured them? It was pretty likely. He supposed not too much harm could come from the witch offering them seats summoned with magic…pfft, who was he kidding, knowing the little bit he know about that woman. Unfortunately it was too late, as Syaoran and Sakura had already taken their seats and the mage was approaching the seat next to them. The ninja sighed, sheathed his sword, and took a seat.

"Comfy? Good," the witch smiled happily, "because I have a favor to ask, and I assure you the reward will be great for agreeing to a tiny little request of mine."

"What would that be?" Syaoran asked, curious.

" to say this…I want to ask you to be my guests for the holidays, so for about a week. It just won't be the same celebrating with just Maru, Moro and Mr. McGrouchyPants. Though I suppose he might ask for time off with his boytoy, but who knows?"

The tall, dark-haired youth the group (minus Sakura, who was sadly unconscious at the time) recognized as the witch's assistant of sorts, finally entered the room in the middle of Yuko's rambling, arching an eyebrow.

"Yuko-san, do I even want to know who you were referring to as a boytoy? That's rather rude, you know."

"Awww, I had no idea how protective you've become of your precious Doumeki, Watanuki-kun."

The teenager blanched, sputtering, "D-DOUMEKI?! You think he's my-…GAH that's so disturbing! How can you even joke about such a thing?! Why do you treat my love life or lack thereof like your personal entertainment, anyway? If this was any type of legitimate business you'd be brought up on harassment! Hmph! Now what did you want?"

"I see nothing wrong, considering we're such friendly people, with encouraging your supposed 'lacking' love life in a teasing manner. And I asked you to come in here to escort our guests to their rooms."

"You didn't even tell us what you wanted yet, witch," Kurogane crossed his arms.

"I didn't? I invited you to be my guests so my holiday wouldn't be so lonely, I told you that, Kurogane-san."

"That's a load a crap, and you're worse at keeping up an act than this guy," Kurogane jerked a thumb at Fai, who only paled a little bit at the implication.

"It's not an act, but if you insist, I will expand upon my request. You see, it's my own fault really; I didn't plan ahead, and I wasn't able to get tickets to see a live performance of my favorite Christmas show, you see. I've learned my lesson, but the gods of Hitsuzen have been a little harsh on me."

Watanuki rolled his eyes.

"Something to say, Watanuki-kun?"

"Just curious if this has anything to do with the liquor cabinet magically being locked up?"

"Hmmm you're too perceptive for your own good. You should work more hours so I can grant your wish and you lose your talents sooner."

"I'm sure you'd like nothing more," Watanuki shot back wryly.

"So true. As I was saying, I asked for a small bit of mercy, and I have a deal. I will be your host and I will make sure your Christmas presents appropriately repay you, if you'd all agree to act out a popular Christmas tale for me and my little family here. It'll be fun! Besides, you all get to relax, read, spend time together, and we'll help you and teach you the story and the songs, even! Is it a deal?"

Fai glanced at the mildly nervous, but curious teenagers, and then at the brooding ninja to his left, and smiled at the witch.

"Love to! I'm sure we could all use a break, and celebrating a holiday like this should be fun!" he smiled warmly at the teenagers when he spoke of using a break, and they each returned a small smile back at him.

"Wonderful! Thank you. And if you would, Watanuki, you may now escort them to their rooms."

"Allright, Yuko-san," Watanuki shook his head, walking over to where the travelers were now standing.

Kurogane glared intensely at the back of Fai's head. The blond finally turned and smiled cheerfully.

"Yes, Kuro-myu?"

"Just contemplating how to spend this little break, but apparently you like to decide FOR me."

"Of course!" Fai grinned.

"MAGE!" the ninja roared, and the usual chase-the-mage-while-brandishing-sword routine ensued that their younger companions were sadly accustomed to watching. Watanuki, poor guy, jolted and instinctively stretched protective arms in front of the younger teens, thinking the stressed ninja had actually lost his mind.

"This could be a long week," Syaoran and Sakura thought to themselves.

"Every Who down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot, but the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, did not! The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season! Please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason. It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But I think that the most likely reason of all May have been that his heart was two sizes too small." Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas

(SNOWFLAKES! Or not, oh well)

1) I'm not entirely sure that's the right spelling and all of the words for "white manjuu" that Kurogane always uses, so if anyone knows different, please let me know.

2) My, my, Kuro-tan's acting like the green meanie already, isn't he? evil laughter

AN: hehe, that was fun. First (eventual) KuroFai fic I've actually put together, but another, non-holiday one is in the works, so fear not. Just thought a shorter fluffy holiday bit would be a good way to start. Hope you all liked it, please review! Though if your response will be negative, I ask that you please provide constructive criticism, as in helpful. Not "this is garbage" "how dare you insult Dr. Seuss by tying his classic piece with such nonsense!" Oh yes, and for those wondering what on earth this has to do with the Grinch, just wait, because if you didn't figure it out, what Yuko tried to get tickets for was the stage musical version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which I haven't seen but I know the basic way it's presented after the Broadway cast sang "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" for the Thanksgiving parade a couple years ago. Maybe just last year, I don't remember for sure. Point is: this will get better, I promise. And end with Kurogane in a Grinch costume, I mean, come on, that's hot (Ok I'm kidding, but hopefully I'll manage to let it be as funny as it deserves to be.)

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