OK here somthing new am tring hope you like it!!

I do not own vampire knights

xxpaitxx: Hi there everyone I got this idea from Kitty and Sk8erGrl Chan and Mew Somomo!! so thank you!!!

Kim: ya ya come on Ana (real name) lets get this show on the rode!!

Alyssa: wow Kim your boss today.

xxpatixx: shut up am talk here!!

hit both Kim and Alyssa on the head.

Kim and Alyssa: that hurt!!

xxpatixx: now to what I was saying we have taken some of the vampire knight guys and you will be able to asked them questions or dares and they have to do them. this is brought to you by the cheese Nazi's which is me xxpatixx or also know as Ana

Kim: and me the cheese Nazi leader!!

Alyssa: and don't forget me the pimp of the group Ana and Kim are the whose!!

Kim and me hit Alyssa with a hammer.

me and Kim: you're the whore!! you loser

Alyssa: what ever you wish...

me: don't want to go there. on lets get the guys back in!!

Zero: were the hell are we?

kaname: shut up you embarrassment of a vampire.

Aido: ya do as kaname-sama saids


headmaster: now now boy we all got a letter from Yuki to come here so let's try and get alone.

both zero and kaname look like they could kill the headmaster


they finally make it

Zero: where's Yuki?

both Alyssa and Kim come running and hugged zero and the headmaster



me going up to them and pulled them away from them.

ME: sorry about that but my friends at supper fan of yous.

Kaname: them why them?

me: no clue their just crazy like that.

Kain: why are we here?

Me: will I'll have to tell you since Kim and Alyssa are still in shook form meeting zero and the headmaster.

I turn and gave them an eviler smile on my face

Me: we have kidnapped you all and you are all on TV and we will be taking questions and dare from all of the fan girls.

Aido: YAAA!! the girl just love me!!

Zero: Are you all crazy!! you can do this we're stronger then you!!! we can get out of this!

me: we're not crazy just misunderstood threes a big difference.

Kaname: hate to say it but I agree with zero we are stronger then you and Yuki will get worried.

Kim: ur no she won't.

Headmaster: what do you mean by that?

Alyssa: we mean that she the one that help us get you here. and you can't hurt us!

IchjioI: why not?
me: how would it look at all you fans if you all hit 3 girls who do nothing but make other life a hell o?

all of them have sweat drops on their heads.

Me,Kim Alyssa: that and how can you hit us if you are all tie.

we say as we snap our fingers and they are tie in and on the flood

all of the boys: how did you do that?

Me: we're witches no Pip down and let me talk, there you have it we have the boys of vampire knight

Kim: so if you want to asked something or dare them to do something

Alyssa: then review and have your wish come true!

Me him Alyssa: Thank you so now review!!