Me: hi there everyone we are back with a shout show.

Kim : today we only have zero and Kaname

Alyssa: since in our next show there will be no zero since he has his day off

Kim: so today we will have the dares that we left out last time

Me: the first once up is from vampire knight 411

it was good i want Aido and yuki 2 kiss in front of kaname and zero then yuki has to kiss every guy except kaname and zero

Kim: OH nice let being Aido in and call Yuki!!

While I call Yuki they bring In Aido and make him drink something

Yuki: hi there what do you guys need?

Aido walks to Yuki and kiss her while we being in Kname and zero who ran at him and stare to bet him up

Kaname: Aido! What do you think your doing you know Yuki Is off limits

Zero : Ya frst you take her blood and now this!!

Kaname and zero: you die!!

Both bet the crap out of Aido

Kim: wow now this is fun to watch

Me: ya it better then a movie

Alyssa: ya what do you think Yuki?

Yuki: Aido a good kisser…

Me, kim and Alyssa all fall anime style

Me: Ok why don't we pull them apart

Yuki, Kim and Alyssa: OK

Me and Kim took Aido and ruse him out of the room. While Yuki and Alyssa hole kaname and Zero

Kim: wow now that was fun

Me: ya you think I thought kaname was going to kill the guy

Yuki: all because of a dear

Alyssa : yap we'll have to make it up to him later

Kaname: am going to kill him!!

Zero: I'll help you with hat I never like him that for such

Kim: that so sweet Zero!!!

Kim kiss zero on the cheek as he looks like he want to smack her

Me: ok the next's one is from Aeonreclipse and she said

I would like to see what Kaname and Zero do to each other when they're are drunk. And have Yuki be watching in secret. Aeonreclipse

Me: vary nice.

Kim: yes bunny bring now the drunk position.

Bunny : Ok

Bunny push the bottom and 2 small bothers come down

Kim and me: thank you

Bunny: anytime

We go to zero and kaname and make them drink it And suddenly they where wobbly me and Alyssa move them in to a room.. Bunny put up the be Tv and we watch….

2 hours later

Alyssa: ok this is just weird I thought they would fight

Kim: I know I never thought zero would do that!!

Me: no guy should do that!!

Yuki: I think is sweet this is the only time I ever seen them like this they are so cute…

We all looked at Yuki like she is crazy

Me: what ever just get them out of there and give them tesses to wipe their tears am tried of watching this/

Emma comes and gives them something for the drunkenness and then comes back out with them they have mo memory of what happen

Kim: the next one is from Fuku meow meow…


Me: very nice I like every evil not even I can bear rhat song for too long.

Kim: you kidding this is nothing I love that song and the pick bunny who wouldn't ware it?

Alyssa: lets just do this ok

Take zero and kanaem to the room and put the music lode

Me: lets sit and watch see who loses first…


Me: I cant believe that having gone crazy

Yuki: I know I hate this song!! Even when me and zero where little he would always watch it would drive me crazy I could have nightmare of that stupid Barney!! I saw he was gay why ease would he be that stupid color!!

ME: I know how you feel Yuki I hate him too but we must be strong he is no longer on Tv so we are save from the evil barney!!


Kaname: HAHAHAHAH!! I cant hander this anymore I hate this someone let me out of here!!!

kaname states to hit the door

Me: looks like zero wins!!!!

We open the door to find that zero was singing to it and Kaname in the corner sucking on his thumb

Me and Yuki: KANAME!! ARE YOU OK?

Kaname: make it stop make it stop mommy!!

Kaname then looks at us and jump at us and hugs us for drear life..;

Me: there there don't worry he wont get you now

Yuki: ya we are here kaname…

10 minter later after kaname brake down

ME: OMG you look so cute!!

Kim: ya kaname pink really is your color

Zero: HAHAHA you look so stupid

Alyssa: he's right you know I feel so bad for you, you look like a loser

Me and Yuki hit them with hammers

Me and Yuki: you guys are so mean Kaname look great!!

Go and hug kaname

Alyssa: ok this next one is from okami no kidzukare

I think a fanfic about Yuki and Kaname's date would be awesome. My votes and dare are the same as last time. However, if Zero refuses the dare he has to dance to the Caramelldansen song.

Me: Will since Zero did do the dear I guess he don't have to dance and the fanfic will be out soon we just have to finish it will be called Yuki and Kaname's date!! Look for it every soon..

Kaname: hay how would you know what happen on our date?

Me giving him an evil smile: wont you like to know.. Kim read the last one

Kaname: hay you don't answer my question!!

Kim with kanaem yelling in the background : this come from Beautiful feather

Okay I love this show, so funny! Okay, first off I have to say That I love Akatsuki! Everyone always forgets about him and that makes me really sad :( Well, for fun I would want to see two things happen to complet my life...A) Kaname and Zero being tied to each other for 24 hours (hands attached to each other )B) And the second would be to have Akatsuki pick a flower and Aido to use his ice power to have it frozen forever!Thank guys, please keep going!

Alyssa: will we can only realy do one of these dears so we will do the one with Kaname and Zero being tied to each other for 24 hours hands attached to each other and the other one we will do when we come back with the others.

ME and Kim both tie them up while they yell and try to fight us but lose and then thought them in the room

me : Ok that all for to day and please remember for who you want to be the host for next time you can pick from Shiki, Yagari toga, Asato Ichijo

Kim: that right you get to pick who you want so come and vote for who you want we will come back and tell you who won and you can think of questions to asked and then bring them in!!

Alyssa: here are the polls so far

8 for kaname

6 for Ichijo

2 for the headmaster

9 for zero

2 for Aido

2 for kain

2 kim

0 Ana

0 Alyssa

ME: come on and vote we cant let zero win!!

kim: that all of now remember to review!!!

Alyssa: and vote for who you like best!!

Yuki: we all hope you like this show for today.


Me: and more question and dear as will!!! it can be anything that you little heart wants!!

Yuki: Come back and see who wins!!!

All 4: we do now own vampire knight chess Nazi out !