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They're unhappily engaged; he's a wealthy bachelor interested in what he can't have; she's in love with her best friend's fiancée; he'll never have a chance with the woman he loves; she's never made a choice on her own, but as their lives collided, some turn better, some turn worse.


Gaara/Ino/Sasuke, Sasuke/Hinata/Naruto, Shikamaru/Temari, onesided Naruto/Sakura, onesided Sakura/Sasuke



Bittersweet, you're gonna be the death of me

I don't want you, but I need you

I love you and I hate you at the very same time

It was a sunny day. A little too bright for his liking, but nonetheless, it was better than getting his pants soaked in gross precipitation. The corner of his lips curved up in distaste at what was called "Paradise City" by the Five Countries.

Apparently, his sister met some guy here and now they're getting married in his hometown.

What an obnoxious place.

And with that thought, his face contorted into a form of pure disliking as he strolled down the street…that is, before he stopped abruptly as a scream resonated and a flower pot smashed in front of his feet. Barely missing his head by half a foot.

Who the fuck?

Tilting his head towards the flats above the expensive retail stores, he raised his eyebrow at the open window as another scream was heard. This time, it was coherent.


A slight smirk appeared on his chiseled features as other bystanders heard the commotion. The voice was definitely a woman's; an angry woman. And she definitelyhas a colorful vocabulary.

Kind of reminds him of his engaged sister. Maybe it is his sister. And maybe they'll cancel the engagement so he can go back to Sunagakure and continue with his monotonous life in the monotonous company.

There was an inaudible reply from a lower voice. Though, not hysterical. Must've been the 'Cheating Piece of BEEPBEEP'.

Maybe he'll read of the unknown guy's death tomorrow in the paper. That would make his morning. Hell, it'll make his week. Noticeably, he heard a door slam and a racked sob from upstairs. It has been quite a morning for him, actually.

The security guard standing in front of the store shook his head at him.

"It's been like this for a few weeks. They've been engaged for two years now, on and off because of him."

So the whole area knew about them.


See what I want so much, should never hurt this bad

Never did this before, that's what the virgin said

We've been generally warned, that's what the surgeon says

God talk to me now, this is an emergency

She sniffled and shook uncontrollably as the door slammed shut, signaling her fiancé was no longer in the premises. Sinking to the ground, she pulled her legs towards her chest.

Their petty argument had started with passive anger, escalating to her crying, and then throwing…and when she ran out of things to throw, it was screaming profanities at him. And it always ended up with him leaving for the next few days or so.

How did it come down to this? She was working too much? Too much that he had to cheat on her with her best friend?!

Brushing back a stray strand of blonde hair, she stumbled over to the open window…the window she had thrown her fiancé's beloved plant out.

Peering over, she strangled a, "I'm so sorry!"

Usually, no one would look up. Not anymore. But she did this to make herself feel better, and to make sure she hadn't hurt anyone either.

Though, out of the ordinary, as she apologized, someone below looked up at her.

Aquamarine eyes met teary sky blue.

Her breath hitched into a slight gasp upon eye contact. And suddenly, she felt so small in his gaze, her messed up blonde hair, puffy red eyes and dark circles beneath them.

His expression glowered at her; she couldn't tell if it was amusement or repulsion. But, all she knew was, with his bright red hair, he wasn't from the city.

An unreadable face, blank eyes that pulled you in, bright red hair that contrasted with smooth, pale skin; this guy was the walking replica of her fiancé from another country!

Speaking of her fiancé, she felt her heart clench again. It hurt. It really hurt that he wasn't even subtle about it. And it hurt that she knew she wouldn't be able to let him go.

She didn't want to think of him anymore!

The tears welled up as she stammered, "I-I'm s-sorry!" Before ducking back into her apartment.

Ino didn't want to care about him. She didn't want to worry how his health was for staying up late and working on projects. She didn't want to!

He can go to hell, for all she cared.

And yet, it hurt like a thousand pins running through the center of her.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to kill her?

And you mixed them emotions with tequila

And you mixed that with a little bad advice

On one of them bad nights

You have a bad fight

Glaring at the valet, he grabbed his own keys and headed towards the black benz as he threw some bills on the counter. All he wanted was some quiet and she had to bring up that pink abomination.

It had been onenight, one mistake! He had told her to come to the party, cancel the business trip. So what about her job? He had enough to support them both and more.

Peeling out from the structure, he rounded towards the street, passing by the smashed plant. Stopping abruptly at the red light as his tires screeched, he scowled at the oblivious pedestrian. The guy had the nerve to turn and look at him with dull, uncaring eyes too!

His ebony eyes narrowed at the disinterested redhead that glanced at him and kept walking.

Who the fuck does the punk think he is?

His engine roared as soon as the light changed and he sped off, towards a certain, loudmouthed blond that was the current fuel of his fiancée's fire.

Naruto didn't haveto tell Ino about that night. He was drunk. Ino was out of town and Sakura offered to take him home. How was he supposed to know that monstrously strong girl was going to make a move on him while he was under influence?

And how dare the blond go and tell his fiancée too. It was Naruto's fault the pink haired girl was even at party. She usually came only with Ino. And as much as those two were best friends, it didn't stop Sakura from hitting on him every chance she got.

His grip tightened on the steering wheel.

He loved her. Loved her so much that it was surreal. That all he wanted to do was keep her at home, away from everyone, away from reality. Away from his family.

His cell phone rang from where he tossed it on the passenger seat. Reaching over, he didn't bother to look at the caller ID, "Uchiha speaking."

"Hey Sasuke," The voiced purred in pure delight.

If his mood can get worse, this was definitely it.

"What do you want, Itachi?"

The other man chuckled, "Now why would I ever call you for fun?"

Sasuke sighed; he wasn't in a mood to play mind games at the moment.

"Then, what do I owe this call for?"

"They want to see us. You know? Dinner, family, the whole shebang." Sasuke swear he could hear his older brother snicker from the other end.


"You know why. Anyway, tomorrow, 5pm. Home. See ya."

Somehow, his brother's answer made his heart sink. It was about Ino. Again.

He was too tired. Too tired of arguing with anyone anymore. He can't keep battling with both sides all the time.

Pulling into the parking lot of another apartment complex, he groaned, tilting his seat back.

I'm sorry

You know, domestic drama and shit

All the attitude

I'll never hit a girl, but I'll shake the shit out of you


Bittersweet : Kanye West (I had to skip a lot of the explicit lyrics)

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