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Part III: Beggin'

Beggin', beggin' you
Put your loving hand out, baby
Beggin', beggin' you
Put your loving hand out, darling

Riding high, when I was king
Played it hard and fast, 'cause I had everything
Walked away, wondering then
But easy come and easy go
And it would end

Tucking his phone away, Uchiha Sasuke sighed. He was nervous, actually, a little more perturbed with a side of annoyance at his current predicament. Apparently, being 24 years old and running the family business was still not enough to satisfy his mother, Uchiha Mikoto, concerning the fact that, yes, he was able to make intelligent decisions.

His call log consisted of only one number, when dialed, took him straight to voicemail. It seemed like she wasn't going to call him back anytime soon either. With a last deep groan, expressing his sentiments loudly, Sasuke looked up and locked eyes with the woman across from him as his family, and hers, beamed happily beside them.

"Ah, Hiashi," Uchiha Fugaku proudly stated, "This is my youngest son, Sasuke."

The brown haired man stared stonily at him before he sniffed, quite snobbishly, accepting Sasuke's outstretched hand.

Sasuke could hear Itachi snicker from beside him, tempted to strangle his older sibling on the very spot. If it weren't for the red-eyed man standing next to him, Sasuke would've never known about this…occasion, and thus, would not been subjected to this kind of scrutiny. He had been tricked, to show up at home and then subsequently kidnapped into attending...this.

"This is my eldest daughter," Hiashi introduced, almost dragging the pale woman up to meet him, "Hinata." She had a mousy resemblance; her face was tilted down, eyes fluttering in every direction before hesitantly locking in his.

Upon her introduction, she bowed deeply, stammering quite loudly at first before she realized her mistake, "N-NICE…to m-meet y-you."

"My pleasure," Sasuke replied robotically, taking her hand as instructed before and placing a kiss. The dark haired woman squeaked, nearly yanking her hand away from his grasp as her face flushed. Sasuke nearly sighed at her actions. This woman was too timid for him to tell her off like he usually did with the other fiancées-to-be that his parents roped in.

Lifting his arm up, he signaled to escort the Hyuuga heiress, who blushed prettily and accepted the exchange.

All he wanted to do at this moment was to go home, find Ino, and apologize. Their engagement was going to work. They were going to get married. Sasuke was going to make her happy.

Wasn't he?

"I have a good feeling about this arrangement," Itachi smirked, as the group made their way to the reserved table, earning a glare from Sasuke, "You're tired of loud women, aren't you, little brother?"

So ah, any time I need ya, let me go
Any time I feed ya, get me low
Any time I see ya, let me know
But I planted that seed, just let me go

I'm on my knees and I'm beggin'
'Cause I don't want to lose you
I got my arms so spread
And I hope that my heart gets fed
Matter of fact, gonna beg

"I-INO!" Temari screeched in horror, "Let's get you—oh what the hell—NO, girl, let go—"

The younger blonde was completely absorbed in the moment, ignoring the throbbing pain shooting from her left hand, up her arm. Bits of glass littered the table area around her as she continued to clutch the remnants of her wine glass. Her pink lips were pale, thinned into a straight line as she stared straight ahead.

"How'd she get herself drunk before the main entrées arrived?" A redheaded woman whispered to a brown haired man beside her.

Blue eyes flashed in the other woman's direction, slamming what was left of her shattered wine glass on the table, "I'm not drunk!" Blood trickled down her hand as she stalked out of the restaurant, disregarding the other patrons staring at her fearfully.

Temari sighed loudly, "Gaara, take care of this," And without making sure whether her little brother agreed or not, she ran out after the younger woman.

"She broke a wine glass with her grip," Kankurou whistled as he grinned after the two blondes left, "Feisty!"

The redheaded male waved for a waiter to clean up the mess. "Wine glasses aren't hard to break," Gaara stated blandly as he stared at the bits of glass. He wouldn't deny the shock he got from her actions. But so to say, it was more like he was astonished, a little intrigued. She had the same temper, same expression in her eyes as the first time they had locked gazes.

"Hmph," The other redhead at the table sniffed, "She was talking just fine, and then she went incredible hulk on us." Karin played with the tablecloth as she eyed the bored man across from her. "Ne, Gaara, what did you think of th—"

A high pitched scream sounded from outside, causing the three, and others in the bar area of the restaurant to look up in alarm.


Three pairs of curious eyes looked on as Temari ran after the rampaging pale woman, whose left hand resembled a punctured tomato.

"W-What is she doing?!" Flabbergasted, Karin could only grip onto Gaara, who pulled away, eyes glued on the lithe woman.

"She's heading towards that group…" Gaara mumbled as he watched intently at the unfolding scene.

I need you, to understand
Tried so hard, to be your man
The kind of man you want in the end
Only then, can I begin to live again

An empty shell, I used to be
Shadow of my life, was hanging over me
A broken man, but I don't know
Won't even stand the devils' chance to win my soul

The two older women of the group had looked up, in horror, at the sight stalking angrily towards them. Scratch that, Mikoto realized, the Yamanaka woman was beyond angry. She looked furious, homicidal even. And that's when her younger son took notice of the irate and possibly, irrational blonde stomping behind him.

Sasuke opened his mouth, but no sound came out. Her eyes told him. Shut it. And he obeyed.

Mikoto realized her son wasn't going to summon a backbone, "Excuse me, but this is a priva—"

"Shut it, you old hag," The command rolled off her tongue easily, evenly. Itachi raised an eyebrow at the frightening aura undulating from the blonde.

Ino lifted her left hand, shakily, pointing the bloody finger at Mikoto, "I've had enough of your stupidity. Family heir? Inheritance? Nobility?"

Blood was dripping down from the shards embedded in her hand, her voice stayed leveled, "I don't understand this kind of bullshit you people deck yourselves in, but I think it's high time you realize that the self-proclaimed pedestal you put yourself on has wedged itself so far up your ass—"

She thwarted Sasuke's attempt at calming her down, "—that, honestly, I think the little stone plinth has dislodged your brains. So why don't you all stand up—"

"Ino, that's not necessary right now," Sasuke cut in, desperately trying to break her attention on his mother, who at the moment was red in the face, extremely livid. On the other hand, amusement danced on Itachi's expression as he realized Ino's attention was now focused on his younger brother.

Blue eyes froze over, icily staring down the dark haired man, "No, it's not necessary. Nothing's ever necessary to you except when your family calls and you're there on your hands and knees."


"Don't you 'Ino' me," She winced as she pushed him away with her bloody hand, words tumbling out of her mouth, "Sleeping with my best friend. Did you think I really wouldn't find out? I probably wouldn't be this pissed off if you had just come clean! Did you think I was stupid?! I knew also, every time your family calls you, it's for another arranged marriage!"

Ino paused, the message was definitely not getting across to him. With that, she stalked over to the long haired, quiet woman at the corner of the table. Leaning down, she sneered, "Goodluck with him." The other woman whimpered, scooting away from Ino.

Sasuke pulled her by the arm, "What the hell are you saying! Go home; we'll talk about this later!"

"There you go again! Why don't you just say 'Stop, Sit and Shut up'! I know you want to say it! My opinions don't matter to you anyway!"

"Ino, look, you're causing a scene."

"AND WHO'S THE CAUSE OF ME CAUSING A SCENE?" He didn't understand. He didn't sympathize with her pain. It had always been like that, he would work out their problems on his own, not willing to share his thoughts.

Go home? What was she supposed to do, follow instructions like a good girl and sit and wait for him to finish eating dinner with a woman that could very well become his prospective wife? Their engagement, Sasuke's and Ino's, had meant nothing to everyone else. They trampled on it, Sasuke treaded on her. It wasn't fair. She was always the one ending up hurt, always yielding to his needs, and his family's needs. Ino tried, so hard, to fit that mold of the perfect wife Mikoto wanted Sasuke to have. To fit the description of the woman Sasuke tried to make her into.

And why? To satisfy his family. His pride.

If she didn't, if she ran with what she had, then she would've lost him, so she hid that part of her. The ambitious, carefree, wild 'Ino' to become the tame, considerate, flawless 'Ino' he had wanted to show off to his mother. But that still wasn't good enough. That damned woman was still trying to take him away. And everyday, Ino would wake up and worry, worry that he would just disappear.

She didn't want this. No, not anymore. She didn't want to live with this pain, this uncertainty, that anytime; he would be taken from her. Ino would rather just…not have him at all in the first place and protect herself.

She grabbed her left hand, pulling on the object and wincing as she had shoved the glass shards further in.

"Sasuke," She whispered. It hurt.

That's when he noticed what she had done before, "No, look. We'll talk this out, okay? No, no. Ino, wait!" She pulled out of his grip, dropping the bloody object on the table. This was no longer a rash decision on her part, but something that had been brewing in the depths of her mind. It wasn't okay to say it—say that she had actually been prepared for this day. The day where he would leave her or she would give him up—either way, she was going to lose him.

"This no longer belongs to me," Ino fixed on Mikoto, "Aren't you happy?" The older woman flinched, unsure of what to reply. "I withdraw from this game of yours. I'm giving you back your son." Ino would cry later. She already knew it, but she wasn't going to breakdown in front of these people. He had his own life, one that had been written out for him, and didn't include her.

"Ino, you can't do this!" Sasuke grabbed the ring, pulling at the blonde, "You think you can act selfishly like this?!"

She scoffed, tugging away from his grip, "I thought you'd be used to selfish, arrogant women by now. I mean, look at your mother."

What we doing? What we chasing?
What about 'em, why the basement?
Why we got good shit, don't embrace it?
Why to feel for the need to replace it?

Ya' on a runway track from the good
I want to paint in the pictures any way we could, react
Like the heart in a trash where you should
You done gave it away, ya' had it till you took it back

The blonde reassured her decision. Why wait and heartache over something that would never happen? She couldn't live with the insecurity. They weren't going to work out. She had known that since they first got together, but she loved him. Childish fantasies and hopes had kept her hanging onto the threads of their relationship, but all that was in vain.

Ino turned the corner and checked behind her. Sasuke hadn't followed her when she stormed out and down the street. It was over. She'd done the thing she'd feared the most in the last few years. Ino had left him before he would leave her. And yet, there was no satisfying feeling to it—not that she was expecting any—but there was just this emptiness.

Sinking to her knees, she let out a shaky sigh. Her phone slipped out of her pocket and onto the pavement. Her right hand trembled as she reached for it, dialing the first number that came to her mind.


The other line was quiet as Ino sobbed and laughed at the same time, ending up with choked noises, "He's gone. He's gone." She repeated over and over, countless times. There was no reply for awhile as Ino cried. Only when the blonde had quieted down, did the other line speak up calmly.

"Where are you right now?"

Ino wailed, stumbling over her words.

"Don't…Don't move. I'm coming to get you."

She fell back, leaning against the wall on the semi-busy street. Her heart was pounding, the noise around her disintegrated to a loud buzz. Tears streaked her face, staining her shirt, but she was no longer gasping for air. Her left hand was immobilized, the glass shards were embedded so far in, she was going to have to get it surgically removed. But who cared? She wasn't getting married anymore—not like there was that high of a chance before--but now, her left hand was empty. There was no need to look at it, no need for anyone to gaze or comment on her left hand. The ring was gone. Everything she had built disappeared within those few minutes.

And now she was left, sitting on the ground, alone, with a battered hand and a broken heart.

Staring blankly across the dimly-lit street, she saw a stream of smoke, a puff and a mop of red hair. Her vision was blurry, and she hoped, that it wasn't Temari's brother. No one, she didn't want anyone seeing her right then. But no matter how hard she tried, the tears still soaking her cheeks as she thought of Sasuke and what she had done, Ino couldn't take her eyes off the loitering figure across the street.

Ino didn't know how long she sat there, but footsteps that came towards her had stopped before it passed her, unlike the others. The blonde didn't have to look up; she knew too well who it was. A pair of arms encircled her and she broke down again.

"I'm sorry."

She covered her face as tears rolled down; a choked laugh emerged from her throat. There was an odd throbbing feeling as she said that, the words leaving a bittersweet taste in her mouth.

"I forfeit."

"…Doesn't count…" A sad smile greeted Ino's blurry vision, "I lost years ago."

But I keep walking on, keep rocking dawns
Keep walking forward, now the court is yours
Keep browsing halls, 'cause I don't wanna live in a broken home

I'm fight hard, to hold my own
I just can't make it, all alone
I'm holding on, I can't fall back
I'm just a con, 'bout to fade to black

End: Part III

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