Diagnosis- Love
By: xBuffyxSparrowx
Rating: R
Pairing: Dr. Cox/OC
POV: 1st person
Category: General, Romance
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Scrubs, although if I did life would be so much more fun. I'm also giving you fair warning as to the fact that this is one of my very early attempts at writing, and there for horrible in so many ways. The character is pretty Mary-Sue, there's a lot of angsty drama and a lot of plot holes. Still, I got bored and felt the need to put this out there.
Summery: Working in a hospital is never easy, but things seem to get worse when your past comes back to haunt you and you find yourself falling in love with a coworker all at the same time.

Everyone looks forward to their first day at a new job and especially if you're doing something you love. The reason why you spent countless years in college not wrapped up in partying just to have this chance. It's a wonderful feeling that you get when you walk into the building knowing that you're about to make a difference in the world. That is, of course, until you realize that your boss is an obnoxious ass hole and even worse than even you're most terrifying of nightmares.

Welcome to my life. My name is Lucy Graham, Dr. Lucy Graham to be exact, and I've been a resident at Sacred Heart Hospital for thirty-six minutes and seven seconds. I'm an average looking woman of thirty two, with my black hair cropped to just above my shoulders and blue eyes that tend to catch people's attention. My body type is slim, in shape and while I'm no Pam Anderson, I get by with what I have. Thanks to growing up in a home with five, count 'em FIVE, older brothers, I have a personality similar to many males in today's society and only revert back to my natural state of estrogen when in a panic.

Before Sacred Heart, I worked in County General up until about a month ago when I quit my job in order to escape from my past and the people haunting it. Now here I am, soaking in the understanding that my coworkers are idiots, the chief of medicine, Dr. Kelso, is down right evil and the man forced to show me around on my first day has an ego the size of the Milky Way.

Dr. Cox isn't what one would call unpleasant, but that's probably because 'unpleasant' isn't strong enough of a word. I've come to discover that he has an almost dictator like relationship with the staff here, ruling by fear and degradation that has quiet simply never worked on me. I will say one thing for the man, though. He isn't exactly hard on the eyes. His body, from what I can tell, is in perfect shape and his face is full of expression. With hair that is a medium brown, cut short with the slightest curl and penetrating eyes, he is very attractive. That is, of course, until he opens his mouth.

"Girly! Pay attention," he yells out at me, snapping his fingers.

"Why? Are you going to talk about something other than yourself?" I reply while faking a sudden interest.

For a single moment, the world seems to freeze as many of my coworkers stop to look in our direction. As quickly as it stopped, the activity starts up again to leave only him with a smile on his face that doesn't reach his eyes. He's about to respond when the beeper on his hip begins ringing loudly, echoing down the hall. A groan of disgust escapes his lips as he reaches for the source of his aggravation and he quickly reads the page before glancing back at me.

"You, follow," he commands before striding down the busy hall.

Since I seem to have no other option, I do as he says and am quick to walk beside him with my chin held high. We enter a room where an elderly woman lies in her hospital bed appearing to be asleep. I reach for her chart only to have it snatched away.

"This lovely gomer is Mrs. Thomas. Age 74, symptoms numerous and complicated. She just got back from surgery to repair a clogged artery and remove what's left of her appendix after it went 'pop'."

"Everyone loves a double whammy," I say absent mindedly as I examine her monitors. "Well her vitals are strong, heart rate expectedly high after the stress of surgery. Blood pressure's normal, breathing stable. Her blood thinner should be reduced to speed up healing, but other than that everything seems fine."

"Congrats, Captain Obvious. Now tell me, if she seems fine then why was I paged?"

"Probably because your crack team of surgeons didn't get to her before the burst appendix caused an infection inside her abdomen. Be sure to give them all new spandex for me, Sarcastic Boy."

I leave him alone then, too annoyed to deal with anymore of his cynical bull shit and push the nearest resident in to assist him. The spineless creation of choice was Dr. Dorhean, or J.D., and he seemed just all too happy to be of service, especially since this is probably his only chance to suck up to the arrogant bastard that rules him. I watch through the window and J.D. runs around like a puppy trying to please its master and for a moment I think I'm going to vomit. For the briefest of moments, Dr. Cox catches my gaze and I can't stop myself from noticing that he appears to be staring at me. Heat floods me in all the wrong places, forcing me to turn away to hide my embarrassment and when I finally dare to glance back he's no where in the room.

"Where the hell…?" I mutter.

My pager rings loudly, drawing my attention to my hip where the words 'lose something?' flash up at me. An explicit curse tumbles from my mouth as I respond with 'nothing I'd lament being rid of' before listening for Dr. Cox's own pager to go off. The beeps come from behind me where I turn to find him leaning against the wall looking very amused.

"I hate you more now than I did ten minutes ago, just so you know," I tell him, barely able to hide the smile forcing its way onto my lips.

"Thank God, because my day is just not complete until someone is miserable."

"You're a prick!" I laugh, just as Dr. Kelso happens to be walking by.

"We try to keep our cursing to a minimum around here, Dr. Graham," Kelso points out with a sneer.

"Oh bite me."

Before the old geezer that has the displeasure of being my boss can reply, I've already began making my way down the hall as the roaring laughter of Dr. Cox follows me. Soon his overbearing presence is back by my side as he escorts me onto our next patient. The day passes quickly, it's events going something like this: rounds, ignoring Dr. Cox, lunch break, fighting with Dr. Cox, surgery prep while ignoring Dr. Cox, watching Dr. Cox fight with Dr. Kelso, proceeding to fight (yet again) with Dr. Kelso, and finally yelling at J.D. for continuing to be a spineless creation. All in all a very productive shift. Finally, though, it's time for me to go home and pass out until next year.

The sun had set hours ago, leaving the parking lot dark and creepy. Have you ever had that feeling of impending doom? When you just know something bad is about to happen and there's nothing you can do about it? That's me times ten. As a doctor, you're always evaluating the risks of your actions and naturally that has a habit of carrying over into your every day life. The risk of walking to my car: absolutely none. The possibility of something bad happening to me while I'm walking to my car: about one in five.

Despite the fear and impending doom in my gut, I notch my chin up a little higher and make my way to my '67 Ford Mustang. I love that car, but I despise my parking spot of choice. My step falters and my heart begins to race when a flash of movement catches my attention. Remember that inevitable doom feeling? Oh yeah, I'm terrified by this point in time, but that doesn't stop me from telling myself that it is all just my mind playing tricks. I'm about to continue to my car when my 'figment of my imagination' pops out in front of me, his face clear even in the darkness.

"Jacob," I whisper, his name alone sending shivers of terror down my spine.

During my internship at County Medical three years back, Jacob had been one of my first patients and we seemed to hit it off nicely. He was the definition of tall, dark and handsome with beautiful baby blues and he was also very sweet and funny. The perfect guy right? I thought so too. It's funny how quickly things can change. The first time he hit me was right after the hospital's annual Christmas party where he decided that I was spending a little too much time talking with one of the male nurses. Afterwards he cried and begged until he finally convinced me to forgive him. He swore to heaven and hell that it would never happen again. Things got progressively worse until one final night when I finally couldn't take it anymore. I broke off the two and a half year relationship, changed my number, moved and quit my job in order to escape. Guess my freedom was short lived.

"You ran away from me, Lucy, but I found you. I'll always find you," he says, his blue eyes menacing.

"What are you doing here, Jacob? I told you it was over," I reply, backing away slowly. "Just leave me alone."

"Now you see, I can't do that."

He grabs me roughly by the arm, twisting it around my back to cause pain to shoot up the offended appendage. I whimper quietly as the tears sting my eyes and his warm breath can be felt against my throat. His closeness makes me want to gag, but I concentrate on keeping myself quiet. Screaming only makes it worse.

"We said forever. Remember, Lucy? But you left me, you stupid bitch. Now you're going to pay."

He shoves me to the ground and I hit the pavement hard, tiny rocks digging into my palms and knees. Before I can scramble to my feet he's there on top of me, flipping me onto my back. Fists fly, mostly making contact on my face and stomach and I can do little to block the blows. After a while he stands in order to send a very few precise kicks into my sides and my ribs break painfully. Blood is trickling out of my broken nose and split lip to coat my face and scrubs as he continues to do me harm.

I'm vaguely aware of my purse laying by my head and the glint of metal in the moonlight. Using what little strength I have left, I reach for the knife that I've always carried on me just in case. I strike swiftly, cutting into his Achilles tendon until he collapses to his knees while screaming in agony. With renewed energy, I scramble to my feet and make a mad dash into the hospital where I find Dr. Cox talking with a nurse I recognized to be Carla.

"The look on his face was priceless, but she… She was awful and bitchy, I mean really. Pray she doesn't come back," he says to Carla, his back to me.

"Maybe you should pray a little harder," I gasp, my cracked ribs making it painful to talk.

"Oh My God, Lucifer. Don't bleed on the floor, will ya?"

"Bite me, Cox," I reply before turning to Carla. "There's a guy outside that needs some help."

"What happened?" She asks, rushing out from behind the counter.

"I kind of stabbed him."

It takes her about three seconds to run outside while I sway dangerously on my feet in front of Dr. Cox. My breathing is labored; my body in agony and it strikes me funny that this doctor hasn't even made a move to help me. The laughter comes loudly, hysterically and the look of confusion on his face only keeps the giggles coming until I notice the droplets of blood beginning to stain the linoleum beneath me.

"Sorry about the floor," I whisper, all traces of my previous giddiness gone.

A sudden rush of warmth and darkness takes over me as I fall unconscious, unaware of the strong arms suddenly around me.