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Continued from the last chapter...

Sasuke's lips came crashing onto Sakura's for a kiss, but it wasn't the type of kisses that she was used to from him. This one was rough and hungry. One that obviously led to more than just kissing and that was shown as he pushed her down onto the floor of the cave, him looming over her.

'It's…It's just like the dreams' Sakura thought in the back of her mind, trying to organize all of her thoughts. 'What should I...'

Sasuke came down for another mind blowing kiss and now, Sakura couldn't even think straight. She felt his hands start on the zipper of her shirt and he slipped the garment off of her and his thumb began to draw lazy circles on her bare skin causing a shiver of pleasure to run up her spine.

All of it felt so good to Sakura but at the same time, she felt wrong.

She'd never imagined that in a cave was when her first time would be. She felt Sasuke's hand start to travel to her bra, and she felt like everything was going way too fast for her.

She wasn't ready this.

She wanted to stop.

"No," she said, pushing against his chest. Scrambling out from under him, she grabbed her shirt off the floor before throwing it back on and zipping it up. Sasuke wasn't looking at her but was focusing on the fire that was warming the cave, but she knew that she'd hurt him. "I'm sorry," she whispered, turning and running out of the cave.

Outside, it was pouring and she was instantly soaked but she kept on going.

She couldn't stop.

She had to get away from him to organize her thoughts, knowing if she was too close to him that she would give in, letting him do whatever he wanted with her and that was dangerous. Peering over her shoulder, she looked to see if he'd followed and didn't know whether to feel happy or sad when she saw no one there.

Suddenly, she felt a small rock slice into her foot and she stopped, letting out a hiss of pain. Spotting a boulder that was slightly shielded by the rain, she limped over to it so she could sit and expect the damage. She saw that the rock was stuck in her heel and blood was running down her foot, mixing with the mud that her feet had picked up. A couple tears fell from her eyes, adding to the mess that was her foot.

'What have I just done,' she thought, more tears leaking out. 'What if he hates me now?'

A rustling sound came from her right and she looked up to see Sasuke, emerging from the trees. Quickly, she looked away and wiped her eyes, not wanting him to see that she'd been crying.

"What happened?" he asked, nodding towards her foot.

"I didn't have shoes," she explained.

Gritting her teeth, she pulled the stubborn rock out and started to heal it. She peeked up at him during the process to see that he was studying her and she looked back down, not daring to meet his eyes. When she was done, she stood, and walked awkwardly over to him, not wanting to step on anything that would reopen the skin her foot.

Sasuke looked at her and sighed. "Get on," he commanded, motioning for her to climb on his back so he could give her a piggyback ride.

"Wh-What? Are you sure?"

"You'll just get hurt again without shoes," he explained.

Sakura nodded, understanding but was still hesitant as she climbed on. Together, they started back the way they'd come.

"Are you mad at me?" she whispered into his ear.


"…You promise?"

He nodded slightly.

"You swear?"


"You really mean it?"

She heard Sasuke let out an irritated sigh and she buried her face against his back.

"Sorry," she apologized, not just for annoying him but also for everything that had happened that day between them. "I'm sorry."

- - - - - - - - -

Sasuke was avoiding her and it was really starting to piss Sakura off.

The morning after the incident, Sasuke hadn't seemed different to her. In fact, it seemed like nothing had happened between them and she would of and Sakura would of believed that too if she hadn't seen the kiss marks that were left on her neck when she saw her reflection when she was washing her face in a nearby river.

It had been a week since that day, and the only time she's seen him was when they were forced together because of a mission which had been terrible. During it, Sakura had slipped and had felt herself about to go down when he'd grabbed her arm, pulling her back to her feet.

"Thanks," she'd mumbled, brushing the hair out of her eyes to look up at him.

Suddenly, they'd both had seemed to notice how close they were and the fact that he still had a grip on her arm. Quickly, he let her go, like it burned for him to touch her.

"Let's go," he'd told her coldly, turning and walking away from her.

She'd nodded feeling hurt and followed.

The rest of the mission had been spent awkward silence and when they'd gotten back to Konoha, he hadn't even offered to walk her back to her place. Sakura had had some pretty bad missions in her lifetime but that one certainly topped on her list of sucking. Even though it had been so bad, she wondered if it hadn't been for the mission if she would of seen him at all.

The thing that had been bugging her the most though was that she almost regretted stopping him that day. For the past days, she'd been going over 'what ifs' in her mind.

What if she hadn't stopped him? What if they'd gone further? Would he be avoiding her like he was now?

She couldn't take the self torture of wondering anymore. Getting off her bed, she grabbed her shoes before leaving her apartment.

She had to know the answers to her questions.

- - - - - - - - -

Sakura stood outside Sasuke's apartment, feeling like a complete idiot. She'd been like that for about ten minutes, trying to summon up the courage to knock on his door but had yet to do it.

'Come on!' she told herself while hugging her jacket around her form. 'It's just knocking on someone door. It's easier than a mission! What's wrong with you?'

Still, she didn't move. Thinking about it and actually doing were two different things.

Letting out a sigh, she gave up and started back down the walk, feeling ashamed at herself.

When she was about ten feet from the door, she heard the sound of a door being opened and someone asked quietly, "Why didn't you knock?"

Glancing back over her shoulder, she saw it was Sasuke who'd asked the question. He was standing there, leaning against his door with his arms folded across his chest.

She felt her whole face go red as she asked, "How long were you watching me?"

He shrugged. "A while."

Sakura wished that she could just disappear right then and there.

"What did you want?" Sasuke asked when she didn't say anything.

She bit her lip, all the things that she'd wanted to say to him, flying out of her head. "I umm..." she trailed off.

He waited for her expectantly.

"You see, I just came by because I...I just want to know why you've been avoiding me."

He looked down so that his bangs blocked his eyes from her. "No reason," she heard him answer.

Now he was just lying to her face.

"There has to be a reason!" she said angrily. "A guy just doesn't start avoiding his girlfriend because of no reason."

He didn't say anything.

"Is it because I wouldn't…sleep with you?" she asked.

"Hey!" a woman shouted, sticking her head out from a window above Sasuke's apartment. "There are kids up here!"

Sakura felt her face flush bright red again and she mumbled out an apology. Satisfied, the woman left them alone, and Sakura shortened the space between her and Sasuke, not wanting to their conversation to be overheard again.

"Why are you avoiding me?" she asked again.

"…I can't hold back when I'm around you," he answered after a brief moment of silence.

"What?" she surprised.

He met her eyes but didn't repeat what he'd said and he didn't have to. She understood the reason now. He was avoiding her for her own sake. She felt a tiny stab of guilt in her heart because she'd been causing him so much trouble.

Reaching up, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly. "You don't have to anymore," she whispered, pulling back slightly to say those words before kissing him again only more passionately. At first he wasn't responsive but then she felt his arms wrap around her waist and she was dragged into his apartment, the door being kicked shut behind them by Sasuke. He began to pull at her jacket impatiently, and she helped, shrugging it off. It landed on the floor in the hall, instantly being forgotten.

They continued down the hall to his room, kissing feverishly the whole time and when they reached his bed, the fell back on it, him on top of her. His fingers started to fumble with the buttons of her shirt but in her opinion, it was taking too long and she began to pull it up over her head. She managed to get it off thanks to his help and it landed in one of the corners of the room.

His hands instantly stated to run over her bare stomach, creating shivers of pleasure wherever they went and causing her to let out moans of pleasure, but she didn't feel like it was very fair. He had his still had his shirt on and she wanted it off. She began to tug on it, and getting the message, he stopped his attack on her briefly to discard it. It joined her own in the corner.

Pleased, she smiled and started to run her hands over his chest, tracing some scars that he'd received from past battles. She loved his skin. To her, it was like a drug and she was now addicted to it.

Her bra was the next thing to go and at first, she felt the need to cover herself with her arms but Sasuke stopped her before he could. He caught them and held them above her head before starting his attack on her chest. Moaning, Sakura tipped her head back, the feeling of being self conscious long forgotten.

After a while, she felt his kisses begin to start to dip lower and lower until he was at the waistband of the black skirt that she'd chosen to wear that day. Releasing her wrists, he unbuttoned it and slid it down her legs slowly, creating goose bumps as it traveled.

She tugged on his own pants, letting him know that she wanted them gone too and he obliged, kicking them off.

He started on her underwear next, pulling them off and discarding them quickly.

He looked her over taking in her in with his eyes and she started to feel uncomfortable again. She'd never allowed anyone to see this part of her before and she felt so vulnerable. Turning her face away, she tried to hide the blush that began to stain her cheeks, but it all went out of her head as she he came up to kiss her. His hand began to travel up her inner thigh and she gasped into his mouth at the feeling.

They couldn't wait any longer. Both wanted the other so bad.

With her help, they slid of his boxers so now they were both naked to each other. He looked up at her face, wanting her to know that he would do anything without her permission. Nodding slightly, she showed her permission and he pushed in, letting out a groan.

Sakura on the other hand shut her eyes tight and dug her nails into his shoulders, trying to not let out a cry at the pain that had started.

It hurt.


But still, she was happy. This was what she wanted. What she'd always wanted; to be with him.

Above her, Sasuke waited with the last ounce of patience he had left until she was ready.

When Sakura felt the pain begin to die down, she experimented by shifting her hips, a slight pain coming from it but also a hint of pleasure behind it. Sasuke took her movement as an invitation to continue on, and he started to move, pulling out before thrusting back in. Sakura gasped, loving the feeling and began to match the pace he'd set. The pain now was gone, replaced by a fluttery feeling starting in her lower stomach.

Soon the room was filled with moans and panting as the couple continued with their lovemaking.

Sakura came first, whispering his name over and over and he followed soon, burying himself against her neck. They stayed like that for a moment, both trying to catch their breath and their hearts pounding fast in their chests. Pulling out, Sasuke collapsed next to her, and pulled her towards him. Burying her head against him, Sakura smiled in bliss. "Sasuke," she whispered. He let out a slight grunt to show that he was listening. "I love you."

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