Author's Note: I hadnt posted a story in a while so I thought I'd try something different. This is actually my first time posting a story about an original Power Rangers team. It was orginally meant as a parody but I think it turned into something a little more. Let me know what you think.

Power Rangers Wave Strike

One day a group of college students were on vacation in Florida. Their names were Tyler, Mark and Kevin three friends from high school that were attending college in the fall. On thier way to Cancun they made a stop at Sea World. Kevin had red hair and was about 20 years old. Mark, 21 was African-American with long dreadlocked hair and Tyler,19 had black hair with blonde highlights. The trio of friends were watching Shamu preform when an earthquake struck the park at first no one knew what was going on when from outside the arena a gaping hole opened from underground and shook the water park violently as they looked up a giant monster had arisen from the hole in the earth it looked like a giant fish monster with red scales and a white face with fins and glowing eye eyes, with him a crew of undersea humanoid monsters had arisen with him one of them looked like a eel with chalk-white skin and no nose he wore around his body a green cloak made of what looked like seaweed or moss the monster wore a green loincloth and carried with him a trident. Several other monsterous beings accompanied him on either side.

"What the hell is that?!" said Mark.

"I dont know!" said Kevin.

"I am Vexmore and I here to conquor your world!" the eel-being announced.

"That answer your question?" said Tyler.

"And now you'll be my first victums. Feel the wrath of the underwater kingdom!" he yelled shooting a blast of energy from his trident.

The beam was headed towards the trio. The animal trainer spun around and produced a device and fired it at the crowd. The beam teleported the audience before the creature could strike.

"What? No!" Vexmore yelled.

While the crowd was teleported safely out of the stadium Kevin, Mark and Tyler found themselves teleported into a lab beneath the stadium.

"Where are we?" asked Mark.

"No idea dude." replied Tyler.

"I'm the one that brought you here." the mysterous trainer replied.

The trio spun around to see who it was.

"No way." replied Mark.

"Are you kidding me?" said Kevin.

"Is that who I think it is?" asked Tyler.

"David Hasselhoff?" they said in unison.

"Yes its me." Hasselhoff replied.

"What are you doing here? And why are you training killer whales?" asked Kevin.

Hasselhoff laughed.

"I assure you that's just a cover job, what I do in real life is much more important." he told them.

"Like what?" asked Mark.

"Saving the world." Hasselhoff replied.

"What do you mean?" said Mark.

"The reason I brought you here is to becoming the newest incarnation of the Power Rangers." he revealed to them.

The trio stood around stunned.

"Power Rangers? I think your wet suit's a little too tight. We cant be Power Rangers." replied Mark.

"But you are." he said.

"We cant be Power Rangers, we're just a bunch of college kids. We dont know anything about fighting monsters." Kevin told him.

"My associates have been keeping a close watch on you, some of your teachers in high school actually work for me. Over time they discovered that you three posessed certain virtures that co-incide with being a Power Ranger." Hasselhoff told them.

"I always knew my gym teacher looked at me funny." commented Kevin.

Mark and Tyler laughed at his remark. A loud explosion could be heard above thier heads as tiny pieces of debris rained down from the ceiling.

"We need to hurry, there's people in danger." Hasselhoff told them.

"Well what do you think guys?" asked Kevin.

"What choice do we have?" asked Mark.

"I saw we go for it. Its not everyday you get recruited by David Hasselhoff." Tyler told them.

"Or become a Power Ranger." replied Mark.

"That too." said Tyler.

"All right then its settled, let's go save the world!" said Kevin holding out his hand. Mark and Tyler piled on hands and pressed down and up.

"All right, let's move team!" Hasselhoff told them.

"This way!" he lead the newly recruited Rangers down a dark hallway into the inner sanctum of the base.

"Do you think Pam Anderson's down here?" asked Kevin.

"She better be if he's draggin us down here!" replied Mark.

A while later the crew found themselves in a large command center and low and behold Pamela Anderson was sitting at the controls wearing a white nurse's uniform with a short skirt.

"David--I mean Commander Hasselhoff we got big trouble." she said turning in her seat.

The guys stopped short upon seeing her.

"Oh hello." she said.

The guys immediatly looked up at the ceiling and uttered simotanously.

"Thank you God!"

"Cadets, this is Dr. Pamela Anderson she is the head nurse of the base." Commander Hasselhoff told them.

"She can take my breath away anytime." replied Mark.

"Enough gawking you can dream about her later. Right now we need to get you guys into costume." Hasselhoff told them.

"Well I'll be seeing you." she said getting up.

"No, no, no, no, no! Wait! Wait, wait, wait!" the guys all yelled.

Pam Anderson stood in place as Mark smiled at her in a dreamy fashion.

"Cadets these are your new Typhoon Morphers." Hasselhoff gave them a set of handheld morphers that resembled the Overdrive Tracker.

"Tear It Up, Wave Rangers! is the access code, spin the disk across your arm and you will become the Wave Strike Power Rangers." he told them.

Each of the boys took a morpher from his hand.

"Kevin your quick wit and flame red hair you are the Red Wave Ranger. Tyler with your humerous demeanor and charm you are the Blue Wave Ranger. And Mark you will command the powers of the Black Wave Ranger. From this on you are the Wave Strike Power Rangers, defenders of our world." Commander Hasselhoff introduced.

"How do you know we're the right guys?" Mark asked.

"Because your destined to save the world. I have full faith in my sources they havent failed me yet. I know it seems like a lot to ask, but trust me when I say you have what it takes to become Power Rangers." David told them.

"I just hope your right." said Kevin.

"For your sakes, so do I." The commander thought.

"All right guys, its time to go to work. Suit up!" He told them.

The Rangers nodded and went to the center of the room.

Hasselhoff turned to his assistant Ms. Anderson.

"Did I make the right choice?" he asked.

Pamela only shrugged at her commanding officer.

"I guess we'll find out." she told him.

The three Rangers stood in the middle of the command center.

"Ready!" said Kevin.

"Ready!" said Mark and Tyler.

The three opened up there morphers and placed them on their left arms.

"Tear It Up, Wave Rangers!" they yelled running the spin disk across the length of thier arm.

After the disks activated three streams of water shot from the disk and began to rotate activating the change sequence. The Rangers were met with a tunnel of water that spun around them and submerged them turning them into the Wave Power Rangers. Thier suits came forth as they rose out of the ocean cyclone standing on top thier helmets came together completing the change.

The Rangers immediatly teleported to the surface where they went to take on thier adversaries. Vexmore turned around to see three individuals in brightly colored suits. Each suit had a blue tidal wave design taking up the left side of thier uniforms in the upper right chest was a small eight point star-like compass symbol the star was silver with a black oval in the background. They had colored gloves and boots with black wrist bands and legs bands and wore gold belts with a blaster on thier hip. Thier helmets resembled sharks with large opaque visors in the shape of thier mouths complete with fins and gill markings.

"Who are you?" asked Vexmore.

"The guys that will stop you." Kevin said.

"Defender of the sea, Red Mako Ranger!" he cried.

"Captain of the deep, Blue Hammerhead Ranger!" cried Tyler.

"Warrior of the abyss, Black Icytho Ranger!" cried Mark.

"Protectors of the planet, Power Rangers Wave Strike!" they cried together each one striking a pose.

"Not a bad entrance, but let's see good you guys really are." said Vexmore as he and his troops were ready to attack.

"Sure hope we're ready for this." said Kevin.

Author's Note: All right and there you have it the new Power Rangers Wave Strike team. I bet youve never seen The Hoff and Pam Anderson in a Ranger fic. hahaha. Anyway I'm not sure if I'll continue this story or not but it was pretty fun to do. Will Mark remain as the Black Ranger? Will they win thieir first battle? Do they even stand a chance? You may have noticed that there weren't any girls in the new team. Well that may change one day when I decide to update it. So let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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