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Power Rangers Wave Strike

Chapter 4

Hell Night

"You know? You saw me morph?" he asked.

"I didnt see you morph but I saw you unmorph after the battle." she told him.

"Oh this is not happening!" He slapped his forehead.

"Tyler I'm not going to tell anybody." she told him.

This didnt calm his fears as he sunk into a nearby chair.

"The guys are going to kill me." he said still reeling from the shock.

"Tyler its all right, I promise I'm not going to tell anyone." she reassured him.

"I hope not." he muttered.

"So what are you going to do?" she asked him.

"Find a hole and bury myself." he replied.

"Oh come on. Hey I think I know what'd make you feel better. How about if I took you out? My treat." she said.

Tyler only looked at her.

"Come on it'll make us even. After everything you've done to keep the city safe you deserve some time off. Its the least I can do." she told him.

"Well, all right I guess." he muttered.

"Kay." she reached into her purse and pulled out a card.

"This is my phone number, pick me up at 7." she told him.

"Yeah all right. I'll see you there." he said in better spirits.

"Cool, I'll see you then." she stood up and kissed his cheek.

"You look good in blue." she told him.

"Thanks." he said.

"I'll catch you later Tyler." she said as she walked off.

"Yeah...sure. Oh man what am I going to tell the guys?" he said to himself.


"You did what?!" Mark yelled, the enraged Black Ranger could be heard from outside.

Inside he had his teammate in a headlock and was down on one knee strangling him with Tyler trying to escape.

"I didnt know she was back there I swear! It could have happened to anyone!" he managed to choke out.

"Yeah anyone like you!" Mark yelled.

"Hey! Hey! Easy. I want a piece of him too!" said Kevin.

"Come on knock it off you guys." Commander Hasselhoff said coming into the room and breaking up the fight.

Meanwhile a mysterous Silver Ranger stands over the city having watched the previous battle. This new Ranger wore a suit that was different from the Wave Rangers' uniforms. Instead of a tidal wave, the new Ranger's chest symbol was a small blue oval with three triangular swirls rotating outward at various points and resembled a hurricane patter with a smaller design inside the first. He wore a gold belt and had golden stripes going down each arm. His gloves and boots were white with gold arm and leg bands. Another thing that made his suit unique was a large blue shark design on the back of his suit. The helmet itself was silver with a gold band across the back, even more unique was the T-shaped visor the mysterous Ranger wore.

"These new Rangers are pathetic, maybe its time I whip them into shape." The mystery Ranger monolouged.

A while later back at the Wave Strike base David managed to talk to the Rangers in a civilized manner. The team sat on a couch while Hasselhoff talked to them from another chair in the main room.

"Look everyone makes mistakes and there have been plenty of Rangers in the past that have revealed themselves to the public intentional or not." he told them.

"So what do think I should do?" Tyler asked.

First off, you should keep your promise of going out with this girl." Hasselhoff told him.

"What? Are you serious?" Tyler asked.

"Believe me if there's one thing I've learned its not to incur a woman's wrath. A woman can hold a grudge for a long time if you manage to piss them off and sometimes it comes back to bite you. I know it may seem like alot, but for the time being we need to keep a low profile, so its better just to go along with it." he told Tyler.

"Is it all right if I speak to you in private?" he asked.

"Sure. Kevin, Mark could you leave the room for a minute?" David asked.

"Yes sir." Kevin said as he and Mark proceeded to do so and left.

Once the doors were closed Hasselhoff leaned forward to hear what he had to say.

"So do you like this girl?" he asked.

"Well...yeah kind of. I mean I thought she was kind of hot when I first met her." Tyler admitted.

"Where did you meet her at?" asked David.

"At the mall, we played a couple games and I was starting to get into her. We went out to the food court, that was when the attack started. I was the only one out there and I got thrashed a couple times by the bad guys before Mark and Kevin saved me. After the battle I went back to the mall and ran into her, and said she saw me demorph afterwards." he explained.

"I see. So it sounds like you really have feelings for this girl." David said.

"Look, I'm sorry that I screwed things up for you guys." he apologised.

"Its ok, it was going to happen sooner or later." he assured him.

"So what now?" Tyler asked.

"The ball's in your court, you have to decide what happens next. Its only fair to warn you that what you do next may affect the entire team." Hasselhoff told him.

"I never wanted to be a superhero." Tyler said.

"I know, and I'm sorry for forcing it on you guys. I cant imagine what it must be like for you guys." Hasselhoff said.

"Does it get any easier?" Tyler asked.

"In time some of it will, but it depends on the additude. People create thier own challenges whether they know it or not, only you can determine how tough it will be. You might be surprised by how this whole thing turns out." Hasselhoff told him.

"Your right and thanks. Now if you'll excuse me, I got a date tonight." Tyler replied.

"Good luck tonight." Hasselhoff told him.

"Thanks I'll need it." he said.

A while later he pulled up to Kristin's house in a blue '95 Camero. He climbed out of the sports car and made his way up the stairs to her two story house. As he knocked on the door an older man in his 50 answered the door. He was bald and wore a dress shirt and tie. Tyler assumed it was her dad.

"Hey I'm here to pick up Kristin." he said.

"Come on in, she's expecting you." He said letting him in.

"Thanks." Tyler said coming in.

"Kristin has been talking about you nonstop. I'm Ted Kline by the way." he introduced.

"Hopefully she hasnt said too much." he though.

"So then what's your name?" Mr. Kline asked.

"Tyler Hart." he answered.

"Its nice to meet you." Mr. Kline shook his hand.

"Are you ready?" Came Kristin's voice.

Tyler and Ted looked up and saw Kirstin wearing a blue and white striped strapless top with a blue ribbon in the middle and denium shorts.

"Wow." Tyler said.

Kristin's dad wasnt as thrilled at his daughter's attire.

"You ready to go?" she asked.

"Yeah definantly." he said. Tyler wore just a blue t-shirt and black cargo pants.

The young girl met up with Tyler after saying good bye she was out the door. Kristin's dad gave Tyler a look as he made his way out. Tyler shut the door relieved that he didnt have to deal with him anymore.

"Oh wow is this your car?" she asked as they made thier way down the stairs.

"Yep, she's all mine." he said as they made thier way to the car.

"It looks great." she said.

"Thanks." he said getting in. Tyler started up the car and took off.

Mr. Kline watched from the window and closed the curtain once they left. Making thier way up the street he couldnt help but gaze at her legs, damn they looked great. Kristin giggled.

"You better watch the road." she said.

He looked up and saw a stop sign fastly approaching and hit the brakes.

"Sorry." he chuckled.

"Its all right." she said.

He hit the gas and started up the road again. They came up to another stop sign one block later and stopped and then headed up the northeastern road onto the main highway where he stopped at another stop sign and then a light a short distance away. He made a left hand turn and raced along the highway. A while later they pulled into a restaraunt parking lot.

Some later they left the restaraunt with stomachs full, it was then the mystery Ranger decided to make his move. As they made thier way to the car the Silver Ranger approached them with arms crossed.

"Hello Blue Ranger." he spoke with a gravelly voice.

People in the immediate vicinity ran. Tyler turned his attention to Kristin.

"Who is this guy?"

"I have no idea, I never told anyone I swear!" she pleaded.

Tyler took two steps towards the new Ranger.

"Who are you? How do you about me?" he asked.

"I'm the Typhoon Ranger. I've been watching your little team for a while now. And I have to say I'm disappointed by what I saw the last few battles." The Typhoon Ranger said.

"What do you want?" Tyler growled.

"To see if you guys are worth my time." he said drawing his sidearm.

The Typhoon Ranger's weapon looked like a sawed-off shotgun. It was silver and had gold colored barrels. Tyler's eyes widened in suprise he's actually going for it.

"Typhoon Blaster fire!" he yelled.

The Typhoon Ranger fired his rifle at them. The beams hit around thier feet a flurry of explosions surrounded them. Tyler spun around and shielded Kristin from the blasts as fell to the ground. The Typhoon Ranger raised his rifle to his shoulder relenting his attack. The Silver Ranger chuckled watching them like helpless dogs. A low growl escaped the Blue Ranger's lips as he laid on top of Kristin.

"Kristin get to safety, I'll handle this guy." he told her.

"You cant!" she said.

"I'm not going to let him get away with this. If this guy's looking for a fight, I'm his man. Get to safety." he told her once more.

"OK, be careful Tyler." she said getting to her feet and made a break for it.

Tyler stood up and faced the Typhoon Ranger.

"Your going to wish you never met me pal." he said taking his morpher out of his pocket and flipped it open.

"Tear It Up, Wave Ranger!" he yelled and rolled the disk.

Skipping the morph Tyler went directly into Ranger mode ready to battle. He drew the saber from his back and pointed it at the new Ranger.

"Perfect now we're getting somewhere." The Typhoon Ranger brought forth his new weapon an axe.

"Let's get it started!" Tyler said.

"With pleasure!" Typhoon Ranger said.

The two Rangers went at each other in the parking lot Typhoon Ranger was the first to open up and swung his axe at Tyler. The Blue Ranger counted it with his sword and held it off for a time. But the Typhoon Ranger punched him in the chest and sent him flying across the parking lot and went after him. He swung his hatchet over his head again as he dropped in on the Blue Ranger Tyler held out his sword crossways and blocked it again. Typhoon Ranger grabbed him and threw him to the other side of the parking lot and chased after him again. He kicked at him while he was down but Tyler did a backflip getting back to his feet now able to fight him once again. The new Ranger didnt give him much time to react and drew first blood striking him across the chest with his axe. Tyler yelled as sparks flew. The Typhoon Ranger got him again with a horizontal slash across the stomach. Tyler was hurled backwards but rebounded off the back of an SUV and got his first hit slashed him across the stomach with his sword. The Typhoon Ranger groaned in pain as he staggered back a couple steps. The Blue Ranger flew at him and thrashed his sword back and forth. The Typhoon Ranger managed to counter him with his axe and kept him at bay. The Silver Ranger grabbed him by the back of his jersey and slammed him into the back of another SUV. The alarm sounded after he hit the pavement. The Typhoon Ranger stood over him.

Just as he was about to claim victory a barrage of lasers rained down on him causing him to jump back. Kevin and Mark had just arrived on the scene in morphed form and put themselves infront of Tyler.

"Tyler are you ok?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, watch it this guy's pretty tough." he said being helped up by Kevin.

"We figured that. Where's Kristin?" Mark asked.

"I sent her away." he told him.

"Good job." Mark told him.

"Well, well I was wondering when you guys show up."

"Who is this guy?" Kevin asked.

"He's the Typhoon Ranger. He wants to see if we're worth his time." Tyler informed them.

"Heck of a first date." replied Mark.

"Tell me about it." Tyler scoffed.

"And unfortunatly for you, it'll be your last date." Typhoon Ranger said.

"Your going to pay for that!" Tyler pointed.

"Let's just see how tough the Wave Rangers really are." said Typhoon Ranger.

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