Crimson Midnight

Disclaimer: I don't own Daughters of the Moon. These are just random scenes that are based off ideas I had that might have occurred during and after the Atrox's defeat; of course, some are made up and some are scenes that replace previous ones. Have fun.

I. Serena always did have his heart




Vanessa gazed at Stanton, unconvinced by his halfhearted lie about his inability to love. An ominous cloak of darkness wrapped around her body, consuming her thinking process momentarily—it was an emotion of a dangerous premonition, as if something terrible was stirring from Adamantis's seething words. She glimpsed at Stanton, wondering if his sharp senses had caught onto the threat trailing on the wind, but he remained stoic, jaw locked, as he listened tensely to Adamantis's speech. Vanessa, too, listened intently, awaiting the outcome.

"Catty believed she was deceiving me," Adamantis went on "I let her think she had, of course, because that gave me time to wander about her mind and visit all her memories. You can't imagine my surprise when I discovered memories of you with Serena."He studied Stanton "The Prince of the Night still feels love. After I realized this was true, I went along with you deception as well, because I knew I could use your secret to my advantages one day."

"Like now."

"Precisely,"Adamantis replied. "This love of yours makes you risk your own existence time and again in order to ensure Serena's safety."

Stanton's knuckles were bone white as he clenched his fists, his fingers curling into his palm. Vanessa shifted her feet, not understanding the exact notion behind his speech about Stanton's love for Serena, but the threat was very much evident. Stanton could attack, but his stature remained rigid, azure eyes hardened into cold stone. Neither she nor Stanton could comprehend what Adamantis was building with his menacing yet flat talk.

"What are you—?" Vanessa began, but Adamantis continued, not tearing his malicious stare away from Stanton.

"She shares your heart." Adamantis's lips curled into a smirk as he corrected, "No, she has your heart. All of it, I suppose. It's a pathetic and delicate aspect of her—and you, seeing as you have her heart—that gives you the vulnerability you have at the moment. I've never understand how mortals could easily submit to a diminishing state of mentality simply because their beloved"—he rolled his eyes and sneered—"died. How pitifully weak-minded and weak-willed humans can be."

Vanessa rubbed her arms anxiously.

"Your words are no threat," Stanton finally spoke, strong voice firm; however, a tremor of fear seemingly crossed his eyes. She chewed on her bottom lip, and glanced at Serena's expressionless stare; eyes glazed over with a trance-like coloring that turned her emerald eyes into a clouded, dull green. "You can't do me any harm," Stanton added tightly.

"Stanton," Adamantis chuckled darkly, shaking his head as if speaking to a naïve child, "I don't need to touch you to harm you."

Stanton now appeared extremely confused, but a dark, horrified emotion locked onto his face, and before Vanessa could react—before she could choke out a scream or charge forward—, Adamantis had jerked his arm to his side, where Serena still sat, and Vanessa could only see the dangerous gleam of a dagger's edge thrust forward. Vanessa's swallowed the heaviness in her throat and her knees began to shake violently when Serena gasped, awoken from her trance, and stared, stunned, at her chest.

Adamantis tilted his head and stepped away slightly. "You have his heart," he explained thinly, repeating his previous words, "I think it's time I destroy it."

Vanessa, falling onto her knees, crawled desperately toward Serena—Adamantis shifted away from her, grasping his robe and moving it away to allow her to move toward her friend—as she fell to the ground, her grim fingers clutching the end of the dagger… now lodged into her heart. Her eyes were terrifyingly distressed. Before she could tear out the dagger, Vanessa clasped her hand, stopping her. Serena gazed up at her with shocked eyes; her eyebrows furrowed in sheer pain. It was a reaction, but Vanessa was quick to think, despite being pained by the situation.

"N-No," Vanessa warned, numbed from the brutality at what had occurred. "It will only begin to… bleed more." Heaviness draped over her eyes, tempting the tears to fall. "I d-don't want you to bleed to…" Death, she finished solemnly in her head. Stroking Serena's soft curls and scanning for something—a cloth, maybe—to press against the wound, Vanessa managed to lock eyes with Adamantis. He gazed down at her for several minutes, darkly amused by the horror on her face, before his eyes traveled across the room.

"Bastard!" Vanessa cried. He paid no notice, and she followed his gaze. She could feel the numbness now invade her chest, spreading. Everything about her felt hollow, and nausea consumed her stomach. She wanted to hack and cough. Stanton stood were he was before, but his once devoid expression was now replaced with unbearable pain; eyebrows pinched together, mouth slightly open. His arms visibly quivered, his flesh ghostly pale. Vanessa could almost decide that he was on the verge of collapsing.

"This seemed the only way of destroying you," Adamantis explained malevolently.

Vanessa stared back down at Serena, unable to bear Stanton's pain. "Serena," she whispered, but now, dread engulfed her at the sight of Serena's mouth—Serena, who was clutched in her arms. A thick ribbon of crimson blood streamed down her jaw, dividing at the end of her chin—one drop remaining on her collarbone while the other still slid down her chest.

"V-Vanessa," Serena whispered, voice raspy and broken.

She leaned forward, straining to hear. "What?" Her bottom lip quivered as she chocked out a sob, several tears now slipping down her cheeks. "Please don't leave me," she croaked, body undeniably numb. "Not you, too."

"Sorry," Serena managed to say, a cracked, withered smile on her face. Before Vanessa could say more, she was roughly shoved out of the way, and Stanton had tenderly wound his arms around Serena's back, holding her up. His hands trembled as he swept his fingers across her cheek. Blood smeared onto his fingertips, and he gazed at it for several prolonged moments, seemingly not comprehending. Serena closed her eyes tightly, and Vanessa could tell how much pain was trained onto her expression.

Adamantis sighed, exasperated. "I didn't expect her to cling to life for such a long time."

"Serena," Stanton murmured, "Please…"

Adamantis scoffed and opened his mouth to speak again, but a spear of vicious energy barreled into his chest, causing him to stagger back. Vanessa stared at the fury on Stanton's face, which, when he gazed back down at Serena, turned into the same layer of terror and grief. His once blue orbs were a perpetual black, and she could have been easily lost in the depth of sorrow in them. Her heart beat wildly.

"It's as if I've derived a scene from some wretched romantic tragedy scene," Adamantis sputtered, as he leaned against the wall, still affected by the energy, "I didn't expect so much sadness." A mock smile played across his face.

Stanton ignored him. "You can't," he murmured, staring at Serena.

"Stanton," Vanessa whispered, reaching forward, "I need something to cover the wound." It was the only offering of hope she could give him, for he couldn't seem to concentrate. But she couldn't voice her thoughts. She couldn't handle telling him that Serena would be dead in seconds, the blood pooling from her mouth hinting to internal bleeding… her heart was stopping. As a human, Serena wouldn't be able to live.

He snapped his head up, outrage in his eyes. "Don't think that," he sneered, eyes narrowed. "Don't—"

She covered her mouth, chocking back another sob, when she noticed Serena's—who had slowly closed her eyes seconds ago—chest stop rising; her body still. Stanton, perplexed by her horrified expression, began to understand. Staring down, he slowly gazed back at Serena. His arms shook uncontrollably and his fingers trailed under her eyes.

"She's dead," Vanessa whispered, eyes widened, "She—"

"She can't be!" Stanton shouted, whipping his head around to glare venomously at her, before turning back to Serena. After she remained lifeless still, the comprehension of what had happened steadily eased onto his face. Jaw clenched, Stanton didn't kneel anymore. No, instead, his knees buckled and he pressed Serena against his chest and buried his face into the curve of her neck. Vanessa rested a hand on his shoulder, and she couldn't tell if he was whimpering, crying, or just about ready to scream.

"Have I destroyed you now?"

Vanessa gazed across the room, where Adamantis was situated, apparently awaiting an answer. Something akin to a heartbroken, torn scream tore from Stanton's throat, causing Vanessa to cry out a sob in reaction. After that, silence reigned, with Stanton still holding dearly onto Serena, and Vanessa watching the scene, mouth open in disbelief at the notion of Serena dead… and Catty.

Serena and Catty.

Catty and Serena.

"I take that as a yes."

Adamantis chuckled.

Next Up: Catty could have sworn the portal was still open.

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