Ok so my computer died about three days after Lizzy and this is the first chance I've gotten to post anything, however this is not MY computer its my dads so I dont have my stuff on here. So i wrote this little story, as for "a world of possibilities" i do plan to finish it but i want to rewrite it somewhat and i cant get into my harddrive just yet but as soon as i can i promise to start updating that. Anyways Happy holidays and happy new year...oh and i dont own anything but the plot line.

She walked through the crowded room with butterflies in her stomach. She could feel him, should could always feel him, she would always be able to feel when he was near. She quietly giggled to herself as she looked at her surrounding. Four years ago she would be ecstatic to be here, among famous movie producers, directors, actors, singers. Four years ago she would be one of the desperate wanna-bes trying to impress the right people with the right outfit and laughing at all the right times. But that was then, now, now was different, she was different. She no longer cared about the latest fashions or impressing people. She risked her life every night for these people, she owed them nothing. It was easy to see that Buffy wasn't there to impress them, dressed in blue jeans, some chucks, and an AC/DC t-shirt; it was quite obvious that she was the odd ball out. Right now though she could care less, because right now she was sitting at a piano bench looking for him. She knew he was here, although she just hoped he was trying to help someone and that he wasn't here on a date, that would surely kill her. She was caught between two very different feelings. One being that the only thing she wanted was to see him, the other dreading the thought that he would be in the same building with her.

So she sat at that piano bench and tried to remember why exactly she was here. She was here because she lost a bet to her aunt that's the last time I bet on the Steelers against the Patriots, even I knew the patriots would win. She thought. She was a fan of both teams but caught up in the heat of an argument with her aunt Lisa, she just went for the opposing team, agreeing that if she lost she would do one favor with no questions asked. Of course she didn't think her aunt would have her perform a song at a big Hollywood party, she didn't even have a song ready. She couldn't think of anything since he left. She couldn't even come up with the lyrics. She would be winging it and praying that she could do it.

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