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Sara sighed unhappily at seeing the piece of cloth stuck to the underside of the car. What could be one of the few traces left by the perp, and oil was dripping all over it. And from the looks of the fabric, it was caught pretty securely. By the time she got it out…


Sara lifted her head up immediately at the sound of Catherine's voice, forgetting for a moment that she was lying underneath a car. She banged her head rather spectacularly into the exhaust pipe. Letting out a curse and a pained groan she slid out from under the car and looked up at the woman who haunted her dreams.

Trying and failing to look nonchalant, Sara cleared her throat. "Yes Catherine?"

Catherine smiled sympathetically and kneeled down on the floor so she was eye-level with Sara. She reached out and wiped away some of the grease that was covering the fast-forming bruise on the younger woman's forehead.

Sara, for her part, tried desperately hard not to lean in to Catherine's touch too obviously. During the aftermath of their last major blowout, Sara had let some of her skeletons out of the closet for Catherine to see, and since then, they had developed a steady friendship. Increased physical contact was part of that new relationship.

For Sara, it was a mixed blessing. As much as she loved being able to say more than five words to Catherine without shouting, it was much harder to avoid her feelings for the blonde when they weren't at each other's throats.

"Are you okay?"

Much harder. Sara could count the times she had heard that wonderfully gentle tone of voice before last February on one hand. It was one of the many little things that were slowly allowing Catherine to worm her way into Sara's heart.

Tearing herself away from her thoughts, Sara mustered up a smile. "I'm fine. It didn't really hurt that badly." Liar. "Did you need something?"

Catherine nodded, still keeping a concerned eye on Sara's forehead. "Yes, actually. Are you doing anything tomorrow—ah, today?"

"No," Sara blurted out far too quickly. She prayed that she wasn't blushing as badly as the heat in her cheeks indicated. Catherine really didn't need to know how eager Sara was to spend more time with her.

"Would you mind doing me a huge favor then? I promised Lindsey that we'd have our new Christmas lights up and on the first night of December, but I don't know the first thing about them. Do you think you could come by and help me?"

Sara smiled and nodded, barely thinking about it. As if she'd say no to a chance to help her Cath out. "Sure."

Catherine sighed in relief and tugged Sara into a brief hug. "Thank you, Sara. I was worried I'd have to be up on the roof all day playing the clueless parent." With that Catherine exited the garage, leaving Sara to slide back under the car.

She had just managed to get a good grip on the oil-drenched cloth when her thoughts caught up with what Catherine had said about being up on the roof. The cloth promptly fell from her grasp as she stared blankly into the air.

Wait. What did I just agree to do?