S J Smith

Disclaimer: Oh, boy, do not own.

Fandom: Simon & Simon. Does anyone remember that series? grin

Rating: Anyone can read but suggestive mannerisms.

For heral. Happy Yule.

The sneeze was long and loud, followed by the honking of someone blowing his nose. "Dis is tebbible," A. J. moaned.

"It's just a seasonal cold," Rick said, passing over a new box of tissues to his brother. As usual, A. J. had taken things to the extremes: heating pad, ice pack, hot tea, ice water, orange juice, chicken soup and more pills than Rick had fingers.

"Bud I hadda date," A. J. whined, snorting into another tissue. "Danks."

"No problem." Rick eased away from the sofa to lean against the door jamb. "So, a date, huh? Who's the lucky lady?"

Cough. "Bredda." A. J. took a sip of orange juice, making a face, then swallowing more.

"Bred…oh, Brenda." Rick thought for a few seconds. "You mean the one with the," and he curled his hands up in front of his chest, bouncing them up and down.

"Yeah." A. J. peered around his clutter, a dazed expression on his face.

"And the," Rick inscribed an hourglass shape in the air.

"Huh? Yeah, yeah." A. J. nodded, barely glancing up. "Habe you seen my eye drops?"

"Right there, buddy." Rick helpfully crossed the room, picking up the little bottle and sticking it in his brother's hand. "Look, you know, just to make sure that Brenda's not left high and dry, how 'bout I take her out tonight?" He gave A. J. his most sincere look.

A. J. completely missed it, tilting his head back and putting drops in his eyes. "Huh? Oh." He lowered his head, blinking and wiping his eyes. Maybe it was the blurry vision. Maybe it was the medication in his system already. Maybe he was too worn out to realize what he was saying. Whatever it was, A. J. nodded a little lopsidedly and clutched at his head. "Ow. Ow. Yeah, please. Tell her I'm sorry an' I'll make it up to her."

Rick nodded. "You just get better, buddy, and I'll take care of Brenda." He managed to keep the grin off his face until he got out of the room. Yeah, he probably ought to feel bad for doing that to his little brother but A. J. was strong; he'd cope.

At least until he got well enough to realize what just happened.