Zelda placed her hand on graceful hand on the doorknob hesitantly. She opened the door a crack, to reveal a dark room. She stepped inside swiftly and closed the door behind her. The room was rather spacey, but had a stuffy feel to it. A bed sat in one corner, along with a chair nest to it. Old letters were strewn across a mahogany desk.

Zelda walked over to the chair, and sat down. Many of the residents of the smash mansion had fallen ill. They could not compete in the matches, and couldn't even leave their beds. Zelda watched the sickly face of the man in the bed, whose raspy breaths were the only noise in the room. The man had blue hair, which was plastered to his face. His eyes were closed, and his face was unnaturally pale.

His eyes slowly opened, revealing cerulean eyes. They looked over at Zelda, and then closed again.

"Marth, are you feeling any better?" Zelda asked kindly.

Marth just made a low grunting sound.

"Would you like to know the outcomes of the most previous matches?"


Zelda began to recite what she had seen during the matches, while the sick swordsman listened patiently. He nodded every now and then, showing that he was paying attention. Zelda finally finished with the conclusion that Link had won the most matches. Marth made a noise which was supposed to be a chuckle, but came out as a rasp.

"Send…my regards to…him…" Marth said weakly.

"I will…" replied Zelda as she watched him carefully.

"I wish…I could have been there to…see it. Link is an experienced warrior, and a pleasure to watch."

"You are also good in the ways of the sword," Zelda said as she took a wet clothe and placed it on his forehead.

"Nu…" was his reply. "I…wish…"

Marth coughed, the action racking his whole body. Zelda placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She noticed that his face had been getting paler and paler each day, and it worried her. She placed a cool hand on his burned cheek, making him flinch away. She pulled the blankets up closer around him.

"You have very…cold hands…princess…" Marth said shakily.

"No, you just have very hot cheeks."

"Was that a…compliment?"

Zelda smiled.


Marth felt himself being pulled into a deep sleep. Zelda suddenly bent down, and kissed his forehead. She left quickly afterwards, her face a deep shade of red. Marth smiled, but was so far into unconsciousness, that he wasn't really even sure that it had even happened.