Hello. This is a MAD LIB that will brain wash you. I will caps all the word that were added. It's a Naruto one so enjoy

Naruto and friend's deep sea adventure

GARAYA and OROCHIMARU were deep sea diving for MAKE OUT PARIDIES II and had little luck finding it. Then a PORPUS came and GASHED OROCHIMARU and he was in pain. GARAYA watched in AMAZMENT as OROCHIMARU was bleeding from his BOOB. TSUNADE came with DRAGON FIRE JUTSU and killed the PORPUS. ITACHI found MAKE OUT PARIDES II in a CARD BOARD BOX about 69 hours later. All but OROCHIMARU were happy. OROCHIMARUS body was FUCKED in LOATION and was remembered for all of 1 NIGHT and then JUFAR came and CO-DA-GRA TSUNADE and stole the riches. ITACHI died later from a KNIFE TO THE ASS and was robed also. GARAYA was later convicted for 69 accounts of man slaughter and was sentenced to 33 months in ITACHIS MOM'S BED or until he kills him self. Sadly to say ITACHI'S mom was dead so they sent him with an old TOM BOY BIKE and to get FUCKED hard for 6011.5 days. It toke him 13 weeks to kill him self by JUMPING INTO A SPIKE BED and was never seen again. JAFFAR came and started FUCKING every dead body and stole more stuff. He was then shot with a DILDOE and beaten to death with MATT DAMEN and was sentenced to gay sex with MICHLE JACKSON for 69 hours or suicide.

Ok if your gonna hound me for spelling things wrong death to you but I have bad handwriting and I really have trouble reading it so I am working on my writing so SHUT UP AND GO HOME