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I guess this will be the last time I go in. I have to make sure that any link there might be between me an the Big Guy will not fall into the wrong hands. – Any hands but mine, actually.

Strange… Nothing has changed in here, but it seems different. Bigger, somehow, empty and – sad, listening to my steps, waiting for the sound that will never come… Since when have I become so damn touchy? Nonsense, it's just a building, an empty building!

I've never been this far in. He always "greeted" me in one of the first rooms with an insult and a smile. Well, couldn't really be sure about the smile, but isn't that the way a man greet his favourite nephew?

An office – clean lines, everything in its place. Something He would like. A private console for private documents. This is what I came for wasn't it, so why can't I just get over with it?

I take a deep breath and sits down in front of the blank screen. I catch a glimpse of my on face reflected on it and for some reason, I have to look away. – There's the start button. That's what I looked for, it has to be.

Of course is the first sign of life coming from this thing an instant demand for an access code. He was always straight to the point, so why shouldn't his machinery be? Speaking of machinery, I wonder how much he had…. Yeah, me and the rest of the galaxy. Keep your mind on the code, Jix!

No, it can't be that simple…. Not after all these tries. But then they say that the best place to hide is right under your enemy's nose.

Let's see… Ships design, droids, battle plans – so He did have hobbies -, Nubian art – well, why not? – Skywalker – big file – and me – good… No porn? – now that's something. I've been in at lot of personal data and there is always a few more or less dirty pics, but not here. I always knew that my Uncle D was special.

I guess this Skywalker is special too. Maybe it's finally time to find out exactly why.

A son! Who would have thought? At least now I know why He gave me such a "family feeling" – Uncle Daddy. Maybe there is a right receiver of most of these data. Maybe I could make sure that he will receive them. It is, after all, a family matter.

Deleting…. Soon all evidence of the person why used to sit here will be gone. This console, office will be empty – like me….