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"Phone Talking"




Yagami Raito was a genius top of his class even. He was patient he was kind. He never rose his voice or got into fights. Some would even call him perfect. It definitely wouldn't be a long shot. But, even he had to deal with traumatic events. For example, yesterday his parents and sister were murdered, and he couldn't do anything.

Of course he wasn't even there. He and the rest of the class were taking an exam to determine their classes for next year. When he got home there was no 'tadaima' (1) or question of how well he did on the test (top of the class 100 in every subject) only dead bodies and blood, lots and lots of blood.

And you see he also had a teeny tiny superiority-complex. That being said he dealt with said traumatic situations differently than most kids his age. Because had it been a normal six-year-old they probably would have screamed to the high heavens, hyperventilated, panicked, try to commit suicide, something. But, Raito was no ordinary boy, so instead of all those things, he merely walked over the bodies, picked up the phone and dialed 9-1-1(2).

"Hello" answered whoever picked up.

"There's been a murder at 2317 Sakura Creek Dr. Please send help," stated Raito in dead monotone.

"Of course someone's on their way right now" The voice replied.

And so, Raito went out to wait on the front steps. It wasn't until he heard the sirens that the gravity of the situation crashed down on him. His parents were dead. He was alone. An orphan.

When the paramedics finally rushed in Raito was in shock though he hid it well, merely watching what the men in white were doing and never interfering. Finally, after all the bodies were cleared out a detective came to question him.

"Raito-kun if you would please follow me"

Raito snapped out of his trance and followed the man.

"Raito-kun if you could please tell me what you saw when you got home. Take your time, but you don't have to answer if you feel uncomfortable." The man said.

"It's fine" Raito replied, "When I got home from school I saw them…dead"

The detective was slightly taken back by his tactlessness.

"W-well then do you have any idea who could've done it?"

"My dad is-was a detective." He stated as if that explained it all.

"Why yes, I know that but do you know anyone in particular who disliked your parents?" He persisted.

Raito took a deep breath like he was talking to a toddler instead of a full grown man.

"My father put people in jail so yes many people disliked him! What do you want me to name every criminal who has it out for him!" Raito chided himself for getting angry.

"Now, now Raito-kun calm down. I meant no offence. I merely thought that, since according to your file you helped your father with many cases, you may have noticed something…off. Did you ever sense anyone at work who felt hostile towards him, anyone jealous of his position?" The detective inquired.

"I'm not psychic, nor am I very empathetic, so I wouldn't know. I only help him at home. He never took me to his office."

"I see. Well then, I can tell you're very mature for handling this so well. Most kids your age would be crying their eyes out!" The detective shivered like he had dealt with those kids. He gave Raito one last look and left. Raito didn't have much time to himself before social services came in.

Raito actually wished he could be like most kids especially right now. All he wanted was to curl up in some corner and brawl maybe even throw a fit, or go into denial, but as Raito was reminded of for the umpteenth time today; He wasn't normal. So, he just prepared himself to deal with where ever the System decided to put him.

A new voice called his name from the other side of the table, "Raito-kun"

Raito looked up at the lady trying desperately to keep his indifferent mask up, "Hai?"

"Well, we need to find a safe place for you to stay. Do you know of any relatives?" She spoke in a little kid voice.

Raito felt nearly all of his despair turn into annoyance at the tone of her voice. 'Talking to me like I'm some baby! Calm down Raito, deep breaths!'

"No neither of my parents had siblings, my grandparent's are dead, and my god parents got hit by a car… It was on the news last week." He said it all in an icy monotone hoping to get the whole 'I don't want to be babied' message across.

"Oh you poor baby!" She exclaimed obviously not getting the point, "Oh I promise I'll find you the BEST place to live for being so strong!"

And Raito nearly gagged, but ended up gasping for air instead since the crazy social worker was currently suffocating him to the point of turning blue.

"Kari let the poor boy go. I don't think he wants to join his parents just yet," called a voice in the doorway.

The woman pouted but eventually let Raito free.

"So Kent what are you doing here I thought you only worked on special cases." The woman asked.

"Exactly. You see I believe I know exactly where this boy should go."

"Oh! That's wonderful! Where?"

"Wammy's House"

The women, Kari, gasped, "You really think…he…but they…"

The man sighed and decided to explain slowly, "Have you seen his grades?"

"Top of his class…but-" She was cut off.

"Have you seen his standardized tests?"

"Yeah…but!" She continued to protest.

"Then you know he's a perfect candidate!" He exclaimed.

The lady slumped giving up, "He'll grow up too fast…"

"Kari," he spoke, "he's already had to grow up."

She sighed, "I suppose, it's decided…Wammy's House"

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1-Tadaima means 'Welcome home' or some thing along those lines.

2- Emergency number.

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