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"Phone Talking"




Mikami Teru was quite bright and more mature than your average 10 year old. So when someone broke down the front door he hid like most kids. But, unlike most he brought a cell phone with him. And as he called he didn't freak out. In fact he prided himself with being apathetic.

"Hello," came over the phone.

"There's a robbery in progress at 4634 Moon Water Rd."

"Someone's on their way."

With that he hung up and started to count the lint on carpet. 'One, two, three…'

When he heard sirens on the horizon, he deemed it safe to come out.

The house was trashed and his mom lay dead on the floor. Now anyone remotely normal would have some reaction. Fortunately Teru wasn't normal. He learned that little fact after his father died. He never reacted to anything since that day. So, all he did was sit down in the kitchen and wait for the police to arrive. Not that it really mattered they were too late anyway. Mikami waited for what seemed forever. He was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, being in the same room with a dead person and all. He was almost relieved when he heard another voice.

"Oh my gosh! You poor boy!" came for the door.

He was almost relieved until he actually heard her.

"Oh honey come here! Let's get out of this place."

Mikami twitched. 'She's babying me!'

He was dragged from the house by the crazy lady. He only managed to peak inside to see the detectives do their jobs. Time moves very slowly when some lady was cooing at how brave you are. So, it seemed like an eternity before one of the detectives came to question him. He was so grateful someone took him away he decided to actually be agreeable.

"Mikami-kun if you could follow me"

He followed. They finally settled down on the bench in front of the house. Mikami refused to call it home.

"Ok," the detective started, "Could you tell me exactly what happened."

He took a deep breath and began, "I had just gotten home from school. My mom was wrapping Christmas presents in the living room. I went into my room, and the door slammed open. I heard a scream, my mom, so I hid in the closet, with my cell phone of course. I called 9-1-1 and, yeah."

The detective nodded and struggled to keep his notes straight.

"Well then, from your testimony and the evidence it seems the intruder forced his way in. Typical robbery…Did you happen to catch a glimpse of his face?"

Mikami thought for a moment, "No I didn't, like I said, I was in my room at the time."

The detective jotted that down.

"Okay can you tell me what your mother's occupation was?"

"She was an accountant…"

The detective looked puzzled, "We found some rather expensive items. Was there anything out of the ordinary going on?"

To be truthful Mikami had lost most contact with his mom if he could even call her that anymore. So, he opted to tell the most technical truth.

"Nothing from what I could tell…"

Another note in the detective's pad.

"Well you've been a great help. I'm glad you handled this so well. It kinda reminds me of that Raito kid…" Well see you around kid…or not…you never know. He left Mikami to his thoughts.

'He said Raito…as in top student Raito?!'

Oh, yes he had heard of Raito. Who hadn't? Mikami had been top before Raito started school. He was second now, but bore no grudge toward the kid. All he had to do was try harder. He was broken from his muse by a shrill voice.

"Look at you! All brave and strong! Just like Raito!"

'Raito! Him again! I wonder what happened.'

Mikami finally decided to look at the woman addressing him. It was the same lady from before. She, no it was his social worker!

"Mikami-kun, I know answering all those questions was scary, but I'll make it all better!!" The sugar in her voice could give L cavities.

He decided to silently fume. 'No need to get angry. Especially at this loud, sugar-coating, pest of a-'

"Well then on to business!" Her tone nullified the words, "Do you have any known relatives?"

He thought about it for a while before answering, "My…nope, no one."

The woman looked near tears, "POOR BABY!!"

Even had he been expecting it, Mikami could never have dodged the incoming hug. He felt the air throbbing in his lungs as he struggled to keep it in. Luckily he was saved by someone in the doorway.

"Kari, how many times do I have to tell you we take kids away from abusive places?"

The crazy lady, err Kari, looked indignant, but released the breathless boy.

"Well Kent, seeing you twice in two days how…pleasant…" For once her words weren't sweet.

"Hmmm you know I always figured you had a thing for shota, working with kids and all. But, suffocating them! Who knew you had an SM fetish!"

Kari turned beat red, "Why you, you!!"

Kent looked amused, "How articulate…"

She went to retort but got cut off.

"This isn't what I'm here about. Though instigating you is a perk. I'm here because this little boy is another Wammy candidate!"

The women looked surprised, "You mean him too!"

The man sighed obviously the woman never learned. "Yes him too. Do you not look at peoples records?! He's only one point behind Raito!"

The forgotten Mikami perked up at the mention of Raito. He had been paying attention all this time and had come to a couple conclusions.

Something requiring social services happened to Raito.

Wherever Raito was going so was he.

"-if we send him there he won't have a proper childhood!"

"The population oh Wammy's is far less than that of normal orphanages!"

"But-" She started.

He cut her off, "He will get more freedom, and he will have a better education!"

Kari slumped in defeat, "Fine…two for Wammy's House."

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