Ok so i decided that i wanted to do a long story and after several hours of thinking i finally thought of a good plot. Each chapter may take a little longer but don't worry though, I'll still be submitting small stories in between. I was so sad when Jazz died in the film, so in this fic i decided to let him live. I love his lines "Come on, Decepticon punk!" and "What's crackin' little Bitches?". The personality he learnt off the internet makes me giggle on numerous occasions and he also a fun character to write about.

So there you have it! I'll shut up and let you read. Enjoy ;)

"Sam was running down a busy high street. As in, people fleeing for their lives busy. Everybody wants to get their hands on the All Spark which is miniaturized in Sams hands. He continues to run against the on-coming traffic, as missiles, bullets and giant metal parts fly over his head. As he ran, he felt an odd presence behind him and he looked round briefly to see Starscream transforming into his robotic state. Several cars exploded and some were thrown in the air as Starscream began to attack. Sheltering out of site near an abandoned taxi, Sam feared that he might be crushed. The protection of Ironhide and Ratchet was gratefully accepted, but every time a missile from the large Decepticon hit them he flinched, watching as they flew backwards and smashed into the ground. Trying to move away from the advancing Decepticon, Sam shuddered as he heard Ironhide groan as another missile impacted with him. The continuous fire of a machine gun erupted from Starscream. He struck Ratchet hard, knocking him down. As Ratchet got up, Starscream transformed back into a jet and sped into him, knocking him down once again. He stood up when all was clear, only to see Ratchet unable to stand and Ironhide falling to his knees in pain.

"Sam! Get to the building!" Ironhide shouted, more concerned with Sam's safety than the condition he was in.

Sam nodded and sprinted back down the high street. The peace didn't last for long though. Megatron came soaring down from the sky and transformed onto oncoming traffic.

"Give me that cube, boy!" He roared, picking up the car nearest to him and tossed it behind. He then began to advance towards Sam, crushing several vehicles with each step. Sam looked round at the giant robot, but didn't look back round again in time to notice the large range rover that skidded to a halt in front of him. He bumped into it, flipping over then falling on the floor. The All Spark impacted with the ground and sent off an electrical beam that brought life to all metallic things it touched..."

Sam had recently began to recall the events that had only happened a few months ago through his dreams, often waking up sweating. At one time he dreamt of Bumblebee's capture, hearing all the terrified whines that came from his guardian and the desperate look in his eyes that said 'Sam! Please help me! Please!'. His Dad had woken him up, telling him that he had been shouting and thrashing about.

As he woke from his current flash back, Sam came to realize that his head had connected with his bedside cabinet and he had ended up on the floor in a small pool of blood. Grunting, he sat up and untangled his legs from his bed covers. He touched the throbbing side of his head and let out a yelp when he saw blood on his fingers. He got up and ran into the bathroom, turning on the light. He looked in the mirror and saw that he had a large gash near his right eye. He soaked a flannel with hot water then wrung it out slightly before pressing it onto the wound. He hissed slightly at the stinging before unraveling some toilet paper to clean up the mess. After the floor was cleaned to his satisfaction and his bed covers were tossed back onto the mattress, he got a large band aid from the bathroom cabinet and placed it over his now clean wound. He had a feeling his head would be throbbing all day. He looked over to his clock as gasped when he saw the time as 10:45am. He was supposed to set off 15 minutes ago to meet up with the Autobots. He shoved on a pair of clean boxers, jeans and a pair of trainers then made his way out the room. He grabbed a shirt from his Mum's laundry basket and wiggled into it. He raced down the stair case and picked up his house keys and wallet, shoving them in his pockets.

He ran out the front door, slamming it behind him and set off to the place where the Autobots always met up, the overlook.

"Why does the boy always insist on being late?" Ironhide grumbled

"Be patient my friend" Optimus insisted "He will arrive soon, I'm sure of it"

"It would be much easier if Bumblebee brought him along when he left. He has a tendency to show up half way through meetings and it's starting to fry my circuits" Ironhide retaliated angrily

After another ten minutes of running, Sam finally reached the corner of the overlook. As he got closer he heard a little of the groups conversation and slowed down to listen. "Ironhide you know full well that i can't being him with me. If he ever-" Bumblebee was cut off by Ratchet "Shh! I've picked him up on my sensors"

Sam took it as an opportunity to show himself and came into view of all the Autobots.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late, i had a little accident back home and-" By that time they had all noticed the large band aid on his head and his yellow guardian panicked, and was on hands on knees in front of him.

"SAM!" He boomed a little too loud for his comfort "What happened to your head?! Are you ok?" He reached out to touch it but Sam put his hands up and stepped back.

"It's ok Bee, really! I just hit my head that's all"

Bumblebee resumed his sitting position, but couldn't take his optics off Sam's head. As Optimus spoke, he noticed that Sam winced every now and then. Further into the discussion, he found Sam's hands twitched whenever he winced and began to worry. He was about to intervene when suddenly his sensors picked up an intruder, who was slowly advancing towards them.

"Intruder located 50 meters in the south east direction. High possibilities of it being a surviving Decepticon due to the metallic aroma" Bumblebee interrupted.

Jazz growled and stood up sharply, while Sam jumped out of his skin and looked behind him. Had he been followed? "Lemme get my hands on the bastard n' teach it a lesson" the silver bot snarled

"Steady Jazz. We'll wait till it gets closer before making a move. For all we know it might not even be an enemy" Optimus chose his words carefully. Jazz grumbled, but followed his leaders instructions and sat back down.

"Bumblebee, I need you to read out the distance every few minutes. On my signal, we'll strike" Bumblebee nodded and the Autobots continued their conversation. Sam on the other hand couldn't concentrate on the topic. He kept looking behind him every few seconds and grew nervous.

"45 meters"

"31 meters" "Advance speed increasing"

"17 meters"

"12 meters"

"Wait for it" Optimus whispered

"9 meters"


"5 meters"

"Autobots move out!" He shouted and transformed his right hand into the red and blue sword. Ratchet and Ironhide got up quickly and revealed their cannons ready for an attack. Bumblebee put down his head armor and stood in front of Sam protectively. Jazz growled and leapt into the bushland that hid the intruder from sight. A few moments later there came a loud whine and the Autobots prepared for a large Decepticon to jump out into view and attack. But instead, a green bot slightly taller than Jazz leapt out unarmed. It saw the other Autobots then froze. But it's red optics were soon drawn to Sam who was staring at it from behind Bumblebee's leg. Before it could make a move, Jazz leapt up behind it and slammed it onto it's front, holding its arms back and pinning it to the ground.

Ironhide aimed his right arm at the bot and his weapon began to charge. The bot looked into Sam's eyes desperately. Sam gasped and ran out to it.

"No Sam!" Bee shouted, reaching out to grab his human but missing by miles

Sam stood in front of the pinned bot, faced the Autobot's and held out his hands in front of him defensively. All of them seemed to be in shock. Bumblebee's optics twitched and he focused on the small struggling bot.

"Don't hurt it!" He shouted. Ironhide let out a grunt and retracted his cannons.

"What is wrong Sam?" Optimus questioned, returning his sword to a robotic hand.

"Well for one thing you don't know whether it's on our side or not" He said. He turned to Jazz and gave him a look.

"What?" He snapped

"Release it Jazz" Came Optimus

Jazz mumbled something about Decepticons and beatings before letting go of the green bot.

"Yeh, but if it turns outta be dangerous I wont hesitate to kick it's ass" He grumbled while walking over to the other Autobots.

Sam watched as the bot slowly got to it's feet and looked up into the red optics that had pleaded him for help.

"Thank you, master" It spoke.

Interesting cliff-hanger, ne? 8D