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Bee couldn't take it. The image of Sam impacting with his bonnet was burned in his mind and it was making his spark ache. He raced down the free way at a speed well over 100mph, weaving his way in and out of the other vehicles. He didn't care about the human authorities that he flew past; he just wanted to get away. Bee scanned the forest and came across a well hidden clearing a couple of miles away. When the time was right, he swerved into the road barrier, smashing straight through it and down the rocky slope. He dodged the trees and boulders that obstructed his path and as he neared the end of the slope, he transformed into his robotic state a little too fast, ending up facing the wrong way. He dug his feet into the earth and tried to grab onto something solid in an attempt to slow down. But as he skidded down the remainder of the slope, he failed to notice a large rock he was heading towards. Bee managed to turn round, but a little too late. He tripped over the rock and was flung into the air. Spinning in mid air, Bee tried to focus on a landing spot but he was moving too fast and he shut his optics before pummeling into the ground, creating a small crater. On impact, Bee let out a yell and his system shut down briefly before coming back on and sending a sharp of pain through his entire body. He opened his eyes and stared up at the sky, only just realizing it was night. He turned over so he was knelt in the creator, his upper body supported by his hands on the ground. He glared bitterly at the floor before proceeding to punch it repeatedly. His emotions were conflicting violently.

Bee was hurt because Sam had decided to have another Autobot by his side.

Distraught because he had hit Sam.

Angry at himself for not being able to control his emotions.

Ashamed because he shouldn't of hit Sam in the first place.

And most of all, he felt scared. Scared of Sams current condition. Had anyone found him? Was he slowly bleeding to death in the road? Was he.. Dead? Scared of what the other Autobots would think when they found out. Would they all shun him? Would he loose his position as a guardian and be banished from Earth? And if so, would, Primus forbid, Skyshard take his position?

Bee couldn't think properly. Guilt tore through his whole being and clawed at his spark with razor sharp blades. He didn't know what to do. He was stuck between the decision of running away or going back to Sam and accepting his fate from Prime. He gave the ground one final pounding before getting up and clambered out of the slightly deeper crater.

"What am i supposed to do?!" He shrieked to the stars, but of course there was no answer. He sighed and was about to transform when he realized where he was.

"Isn't it peaceful here?" Sam sighed happily as he leant back against his guardians large foot. It had been a week since the battle with the Decepticons and Sam and the Autobots were taking time off to recuperate. Bumblebee had just had his legs reattached, all thanks to Ratchet. It had taken the medic five working days to put them pack together and then several hours to attach them back to Bee's frame, not to mention they were in a pretty bad condition so Bee was more than pleased with the finished result.

"I haven't felt at ease like this for what seems a few million years." Bee murmured.

"That long huh... Holy crap, i wish i had your lifespan." Sam snerked. His guardian emitted a low chuckle before looking out at the scenery in front of them.

They both sat under a large oak tree, Bee leaning gently against it. A good thirty meters ahead of them was a grand lake. The water reflected the night sky, which remained undisturbed until a light breeze swept over it surface, slightly distorting it's mirrored image. The sky itself was clear and beautiful. The moon was at it's fullest and the stars sparkled at their brightest as if to say "Hey! Look at our beauty". Behind the pair was an even grander forest, arranged with many types of trees and other greenery. After sunset, the forest had come to life, filling the scene with chirps from birds and the occasional shuffles of animals. There was a quite rustle from the tree Bee leant on and an owl flew out and perched on his shoulder armor. Not wanting to startle the creature, he watched it preen its feathers from the corner of his optic. He didn't mind when it hopped on top of his head and pecked him a few times. He found the creatures curiosity somewhat amusing. After a few minutes of no movement, the owl leapt off his head and took off, flying away. Sam looked up and watched as the bird flew over the lake and out of sight.

"Yes," Bee spoke gently, "the inhabitants of this planet live together in harmony, creating tranquility with everything else."

Jolting suddenly from his flashback, Bee murmured something about his behavior being stupid and quickly transformed into his vehicle form. He steadily made it back up the slope. Upon reaching the top, he quickly swerved back onto the highway, ignoring the horns and shouts of the other drivers he nearly collided with. He was going back to Sam, no matter what the consequences were.

Skyshard sighed as he drove down the streets of Tranquility. He knew he shouldn't be driving around at this stage because he was unable to project his holo-form successfully. But one, it was pretty late so not many people were around and two, he needed to find out where Sam had gone and traveling around in his robot form would of just slowed him down. He felt slightly relieved as he picked up Sam on his sensors, but then a wave of insecurity washed over him when he failed to detect Bumblebee's presence. He knew he had stirred things up when he made his sudden appearance at the Autobot meeting, but he never thought he would have drawn Bee and Sam away from each other. Now feeling guilty, he sped towards the location marked as his creator.

After ten minutes of weaving his way in and out of the streets, Shard finally managed to locate the avenue where he had picked up Sam. Turning into it, he noticed a form lying on the roadside and as he approached it, he found that it matched the location on his sensors. He shrieked, immediately transforming and running over to the body.

"Sam!" He yelled, bending down next to the body. He gently nudged the boys right arm and the lack of response caused him to panic. He noticed a large wound on Sam's head and his badly distorted thigh. He trembled slightly and turned on his comm. link.

"Are their any Autobots in the location Tranquility?" He practically shouted down the link. The line buzzed for a moment before it picked up two responses.

"Prime reporting, who-"

"Who the slag is this?!" came the blunt reply from everyone's favorite medic.

"This is Skyshard. P-please i need help!"

"How did you access this link, Skyshard?" The leader questioned

"I'll explain later, but please! It's Sam he-"

"Why am i not hearing Bumblebee report the incident?" Ratchet snapped

"I cannot confirm Bumblebee's location, but i need imme-"

"He should be with Sam. So why-"

"STOP INTERRUPTING ME!" Shard shrieked "Sam's in trouble! He's lying in the road unconscious, bleeding from the head and his thigh is severely out of place. I'll sen-"

"Coordinates received." Optimus replied, and with that the line went dead.

Shard focused his attention back on the bleeding form in front of him. He let out a pained noise, similar to Bumblebee's when he was being captured by Sector Seven. He didn't want to pick up Sam. He feared he would provoke his injuries or even... kill him. He searched through his data banks to see if he could pick up anything about human medical procedures he'd found over the internet. His search was suddenly interrupted a few minutes later when he heard Sam coming to.

Sam grumbled and his eyes half opened. He wished he hadn't of woken up, his head was throbbing like hell. He shifted his eyes to right and saw Shard standing over him, his optics glowing a concerned deep red.

"Sky...shard?" He groaned.

"Yeh it's me Sam, j-just don't move okay?"

Sam was about to ask why when he felt something wet on the side of his face and he frowned, bringing a hand up to touch his forehead. He froze. The plaster, which hid his injury from earlier, had gone and replacing it was a deep laceration, almost four times the size of the one that was hidden. He suddenly recalled getting slammed into by Bee and passing out on the curb. He looked to his left and saw a huge pool of blood surrounding his head and shoulders. He let out a yell, in turn scaring Shard and causing him to shriek. He attempted to sit up, only to collapse back to the floor when an agonizing wave of pain shot from his right thigh. It doubled when his head once again impacted with the curb and Shard whimpered when he noticed the blood flow more freely from his head.

"S-sam. Please stay still. I've summoned help. It should arrive soon." The bot said nervously, kneeling down next to his creator. Sam grunted in reply.

"Who did this to you..." The green Autobot murmured. He was startled when Sam spoke, not expecting a reply.

"W-was Bee... unin-tentionally" Sam replied weakly.

Skyshard froze, optics wide. When Sam's words settled in his memory core, his optics turned a threatening shade of ruby. He abruptly got to his feet and swore uncontrollably in cybertronian. He stomped towards the nearest tree and shrieked at it, before uprooting it and holding it above his head with two arms. He was about to throw it at the nearest car, when he suddenly saw a vehicle swerve into the street. His optics immediately scanned it.

"Bumblebee." He hissed, turning to face to approaching Camaro. Bee transformed, almost tripping, and ran towards the still, but alive form in the road. He had almost made it to his human, when something collided with his side, sending him flying into a nearby Porsche. Bumblebee groaned, shifting the weight off his body and standing to see who the attacker was.

Skyshard growled menacingly, making his way to Sam's side. He stood in front of the boy protectively.

"Back. Off." He hissed, locking optics with the yellow bot and glaring intensely.

Bee ignored him and began to approach the pair. In return, the smaller mech snarled. Once hidden spikes suddenly jutted out all over his body and he hunched over flexing all his claws.

"You did this to him. Come back for another round you twisted son of a glitch?" Shard spat. Seeing as the insult hadn't affected the approaching bot whatsoever, he decided to throw another. "Or did you just come to watch in content as he slowly bled to death on the floor? You slagging psycho."

Bee came to a halt a few meters away from the pair and glared at the defensive bot. "There is no way that i would hurt Sam intentionally. For one thing, I am his guardian and-"

Skyshard snorted, "Some slagging guardian you turned out to be!"

Bumblebee growled, his 'wings' twitched irritably.

"I didn't mean for this to happen. Now if you would kindly-"

"Step out of the way?" Shard interrupted. "There's no way I'm letting you come anywhere near Sam." And just to prove his point, his higher arms transformed into two rather large cannons.

"You'll have to get through me first."

Bee had had enough. His facial armor slid into place and his right arm was replaced with his usual cannon. Shard took this as a challenge and leapt at Bee. There wasn't enough time to dodge him, Bee found out when Skyshard slammed into him digging his claws in. Bee fell heavily into his back and tried to pry Shard from him as he began to viciously tear into his torso with his bladed claws. Managing to get a grip on his cannons, Bee threw the smaller bot off sending him flying into a nearby tree. He scrambled to his feet, ignoring the thick cables that were sparking and leaking energon. Shard's spike extensions retracted and he dropped from the tree, groaning as he landed awkwardly. He was halfway through standing up when he was grabbed by the neck and hauled up, then slammed into the tree. He looked up and glared into Bumblebee's fiercely burning optics. Bee brought his cannon up to the smaller bots head and charged it up. Shard panicked and started to claw and the larger bot's hand in an attempt to make him let go.

"This ends. Now." Bumblebee growled, aiming his cannon. Skyshard shrieked and shut his systems down, preparing for the worst.

"NO!" Came a strangled yell. Bumblebee was grabbed from behind and pulled away from Skyshard, evidently releasing his grip on the bot. His cannon was jerked towards the sky and it fired, the imminent BOOM sound trembling the ground. His arms were then pinned behind his back and his legs kicked away, causing him to tumble helplessly to the floor. He struggled, but was pinned down by the weight of a foot. He looked over his shoulder to see Ratchet glaring down at him intensely. He looked round the medic to see Optimus approaching. Optimus took one look at Skyshard, whose optics were glitching as his systems came back online, then at Bumblebee. He muttered something inaudible and looked down disappointingly at Bee. He had obviously got the wrong idea, thinking the yellow mech had attacked Skyshard.

As his vision began to return to normal, Shard focused on the two new figures in front of him and gasped.

"Y-you! Please help Ma-Sam. He's over there!" He slowly stood and lifted a lower claw, pointing towards the direction of the injured boy. Ratchet immediately released his grip on Bee and ran over to where Sam now lay unconscious on the floor, with Shard follow him tout de suite. Ratchet carefully bent down next to Sam and ran a medical scan.

Optimus stared down at Bee as he slowly sat up on the road. The smaller mech hesitated for a moment and looked over his shoulder before shuddering and averting his gaze. Bee brought his knees up and wrapped his arms around them, staring blankly into the distance.

"Bumblebee," Came the gentle voice of the Autobot leader, "can you tell me what happened?"

Said mech slowly shook his head and curled up tighter.

"I'll tell you what happened!" Shrieked the smallest mech, stomping over, "This, son of a glitch," he pointed at Bee accusingly, "Ran Sam over because he was pissy about him creating me. He even came back to do it again!" Shard snarled.

"I did not!" Bee whirled round and glared at raging mech, "And for your information, I wasn't pissed at Sam. I was angry with you, and I still am! If you hadn't of shown up, none of this would've happened! Why weren't you sunk like the rest of the other slagging Decepticons?! It would of made everyone's lives much easier!"

"Fact is I'm not a Decepticon you idiot." Shard snapped.

"Yeh? Well looks are deceiving."

"Fuck you. Oh, and you still haven't explain why you purposely mauled Sam."

"I didn't hurt him on purpose!" I- i..." Bee trailed off, "When you appeared and announced Sam created you, i felt confused and hurt. It's always just been Sam and me. We've always been a part of each other, our destinies are bound together, he's always been, mine..." His voice trailed until it almost became inaudible.

"So you were jealous?!" Shard blinked.

"If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it out of you." Bee shot back.

"You couldn't touch me with a homing missile you fucking-"

"Alright that's enough." Optimus snapped at Shard's language. "Bumblebee, please explain how you ended up hitting Sam."

"I, uh… We had a big argument over the current Skyshard's sudden appearance. He stormed off and well I was hurting... really badly. I still am… I guess I just lost it. I took off in the direction Sam was walking and well, he didn't move out of the way in time." Bee averted his gaze up to his leader. "Optimus, sir, I didn't mean to hit him. It was an accident, I swear to Primus. Please, you have to believe me…"

"I'm not the one who will need convincing, Bumblebee."

Said mech let out the alien equivalent of a miserable sigh and eyed Ratchet warily. Now finished analysing the results of his scan, the medic stood up and motioned for the leader to come over.

"How did the scans come out Ratchet?"

"According to the x-ray, his pelvis is fractured in two places, thankfully nowhere near his sacrum. But if they had been any closer, he could have been paralyzed from the waist down." Ratchet paused as he heard Bee whine from behind, "Also, he has a rather deep gash across his forehead. I fear he may suffer from brain damage when he regains consciousness, but it's best if we get him to human doctors, immediately."

The leader nodded, and Ratchet transformed into an ambulance.

"Optimus, I trust you. Please load Sam in as gently as possible." Ratchet said, popping open his back doors. After the boy was safely strapped in (With a little help from Shard), Ratchet took off, the other vehicles following closely behind.

"Skyshard activate your hologram, the humans will get freaked out by a bike that's driving itself." Bee grumbled. Shard started up the hologram, but it quickly flickered and shut off.

"Can't activate it properly. Tell ya what, I'll just stay hidden seeing as it's the middle of the night."

"Cocky little-"

"Shut up. We're in a busy residence." Ratchet growled. After a silent five-minute drive, they ended up at the hospital. Optimus and Bee pulled up at the emptier spaces towards the back of the car park whilst Ratchet drove up into the ambulance lane, with Shard following behind.

"Skyshard what are you doing? Get out of here before somebody sees you."

"But why?"

"Because this is where the humans unload the ambulances, not a free parking slot. Now move!"

Shard grumbled some inaudible, but never the less followed Ratchet's orders and pulled up beside Bumblebee.

"Get out of my parking spot."

"It's big enough for the both of us." The bike revved.

"Yeh, but according to human law, its one vehicle per space. So move before I pop open my door and do it myself."

"Primus…" Shard sighed, reversing and turning into the next vacant space. After around ten minutes, Ratchet pulled away from the hospital entrance and stopped in front of the other Autobots.

"How is he?" Bee asked nervously.

"From what I've heard, he's lost a lot of blood and has been rushed straight into surgery. The only thing we can do now is hope he will pull through." Ratchet sighed warily.

"Then it's best we leave and let the human doctors help Sam." Optimus concluded.

"I'm staying here." Bumblebee demanded.

"Me too." Came shard shortly after. Bee growled in annoyance, but all three mech's ignored him.

"Then it's decided. We'll rendezvous at set coordinates tomorrow. I have some important thing's I need to discuss with you all. Oh, and can you two at least try to get along. It seems that neither of you are willing to leave Sam so you have to at least try."

Both mech's grumbled in reply and the leader took it as his opportunity to leave, Ratchet following closely behind. After a few miles of silence, Optimus emitted a low chuckle and spoke up.

"You know, they remind me of-"

"AGH! Don't even mention those trouble making hooligans! I've had two million years of peace, do not bring their memory back to haunt me." Ratchet growled.

"Are you sure you don't miss them?" Optimus teased.

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

Optimus snorted in reply and shook his head slightly.

"The absence of their presence has been a blissful relief. Though I do feel sorry for whichever medic they ended up with." Ratchet grumbled disdainfully.

"Primus, don't we all." The leader sighed.

"Optimus?" Ratchet's tone was suddenly serious.

"Is something wrong?" He inquired.

"There was something else."

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