Beauty is the Beast

Chapter1: Arrangements

"Father, Mother, how could you! I absolutely refuse and you can't make me!" yelled the pink haired princess. Sakura was beyond angry, she was furious, which was quite the understatement as she stared her parents down.

Her parents may be the King and Queen of Fire country, but she was the princess dammit! King Haruno-san winced slightly at his daughters temper; honestly, she was in more ways like her mother than she'll ever know' he thought as he peeked at his wife from the side. Unlike the King, his wife was completely composed and matched her daughters glare with an equal, if not stronger look of her own.

The Queen had always been this way; determined and rigid. Sakura had grown up being constantly reprimanded by her mother on what it meant to be a true princess of Fire Country.

Etiquette, ballroom dancing, sewing, singing, her mother forcing her through constant harp lessons, making her play until the tune was perfect.

During one lesson Sakura refused to play any longer when her fingers began to bleed from continues hours of plucking away at the instrument.

That night Queen Haruno made it clear that if Sakura ever wanted to leave the study she would continue to practice until Sakura's mother found her melody worthy of a Haruno.

No, there weren't many Mother-daughter moments between Sakura and the Queen; and judging by the looks they were shooting at each other now, there probably never would be.

"It is not something you can just refuse." Her mother said icily. "It's already been confirmed and it's part of your duty as a Haruno princess."

"Then maybe I don't want to be a Haruno princess!" Sakura retorted. "I'd rather die than marry that filth Uchiha Itachi!"

Uchiha Itachi was the eldest prince of Lightening country. His parents and her parents had wanted to combine their kingdoms for some time now and marriage had been the more logical solution.

Sakura couldn't stand Itachi. The times he had come to the castle on business treaties with her father, he had stared at her like she was something to eat; his eyes were full of lust as he looked her up and down.

Sakura could still remember those eyes every time she thought of Itachi (times when she thought of how much he disgusted her). Just the thought of him made her shiver in fear; even more when she thought of marrying him.

"Sweetheart, I'm afraid this is the only way to ensure the safety of our kingdom. War is approaching quite rapidly and our shinobi are on the rare side". Her father explained gently.

Although Sakura appreciated her fathers attempt at a negotiation which was more than she could say for her mother, but that didn't mean she would accept it openly.

Staring into her parents eyes and reading their gazes, she realized that there was only one way that she could ever hope to get out of this. Although it was quite beneath her, not only as a princess of Fire country, but as herself as a person (not to mention her ego would take a major beating), she saw no other way.

Mustering up the best four-year old puppy dog look she could, she dropped to her knees, clasped her hands and gazed at her parents in desperation. "Please, oh please, if you really love your only daughter, you won't force me to marry that egotistical bastard!"

Sakura studied her parent's reactions and saw success with her father as his mouth dropped a little as his eyes began to water.

Sakura inwardly smirked at her father, to easy'. However the smell of victory was quickly stifled when she caught sight of her mother's stone cold eyes and fierce frown. For once in Sakura's life, she wasn't going to get what she wanted.