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The air was cold and the wind began to pick up just as Sasuke stood up from where he had been previously sitting. Sakura looked up at him as he swiftly brushed his trousers, leaving small clouds of dust behind.

"We should get going, it's already dark, and my brother will be wondering where you've been." He said with a twinge of bitterness, yet his features remained impassive.

Sakura sighed as she stood up, brushing the dust and sand grains of the back of her pants. She felt disappointed, after all that they had talked about today she felt for sure that she had managed to break down that wall of his; yet looking back up at his face, she could once again see that he had put his emotionless mask back on.

"Yeah, I guess so" she said none too happily.

Sasuke then led the way back up toward the horses away from the bank. It was pitch dark and Sakura cursed at the fact that she couldn't see a damn thing. Reaching her arms out in front of her she felt her way back toward the horses, barley seeing Sasuke's raven spikes in the night.

After taking a few steps she cried out when her foot tripped on something in the darkness and flailed her arms helplessly, hoping to catch herself before she fell.

She cringed as waiting for the impact of the rocky terrain, only instead she felt a pair of muscular arms circle her waist. Looking up she could see the silhouette of Sasuke's face inches from her own.

She thanked kami that it was dark enough so he couldn't see the rouge blush creeping to her cheeks. Immediately her thoughts went back to that night, his lips brushing over her skin sending instant pleasurable goose bumps throughout her body. How she wanted to taste those lips again, it wasn't until now did she realize how much she had been yearning for the feeling of his lips against hers, since that night.

"You should learn to be more careful" he whispered against her face, Sakura shivered when she felt his cold breath against her cheeks.

'Is he deliberately trying to drive me crazy?' she thought incredulously.

"I'll keep that in mind" she said back to him.

It was suddenly all she could handle. Without even thinking of the consequences, she reached up and gave him a deep kiss. Sasuke stiffened a little, surprised and taken back by her actions. He didn't respond, but he also didn't pull away, Sakura thought afterwards.

Pulling back she slowly opened her eyes, hoping she wouldn't regret what she has just done. Just as soon as she had, she felt him slam his lips back onto hers and she immediately returned his kiss with just as much passion as he was enforcing.

She sighed as his lips slanted over hers and she quickly opened her mouth when she felt a persistent tongue prodding at her lips. She reached her fingers up, tangling them into his raven spikes as he circled his arms around her waist tighter.

They stayed this way for a time before she felt the nagging need for air finally reach them both, and they pulled away from each other, breaths wasted. She looked up at him, his eyes held the need for more as his lust continued to feed him and she knew that his gaze matched her own.

Before she knew what she was doing she wrapped her arms around him and buried her head into his chest which smelled comforting like cinnamon and musk. Suddenly she then felt the waterworks come as she hide her head deeper into his shirt trying desperately not to alert him that she was indeed crying.

Sasuke stiffened a minute before he hesitantly returned her embrace, placing his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling her scent.

"I'm sorry Sasuke, it's just… it's not fair. I didn't ask for any of this, I'm not ready to be married, plus my husband being Itachi doesn't make things any easier, I hate him" She wept.

Sasuke sighed into her hair, he couldn't believe he had let it get this far, it was only making things harder. But he couldn't help it, somewhere along the way (although he hated to admit it) he had developed feelings for this girl, this girl who just happened to be his brother's fiancé.

Pulling away from her, he saw that her cheeks were streaked with tears. He was surprised by himself when he leaned down to gently kiss her tears away before he slowly began kissing down her neck. He pulled her close to him when he felt her shiver against him. She hooked her arms around his shoulders and leaned her head back to give him better access.

Picking her up by her hips he walked a few feet before gently setting her down on the sand. Moving his hands down her sides he lifted her shirt up rubbing his hands over her flat stomach. She then kissed him roughly on the mouth sending pleasurable shivers down his spine. Grabbing a hold of her shirt he lifted it over her head easily before tossing it on the sand a few feet away.

Pulling away he looked at her face, looking for permission. She gazed back up at him with want and passion in her eyes before she nodded for him to continue.

He reached behind her back to unclasp the latch to her bra before taking it off completely. He knew he would regret what he was going to do later, yet not for his own sake. All the possible consequences of his actions were forgotten and compared to nothing to the woman who was now in his arms.

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